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This is a project under construction for the practical purpose of establishing where certain sectors are on the map.

Earth is located according to the offical Star Trek Star Charts, the complete atlas of Star Trek, written and illustrated by Geoffrey Mandel right on the border between the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. As best I could determine it is also right on the corner where 4 Alpha sectors and 4 Beta sectors touch.

So for all practical purposes Earth technically could be considered a member of all 8 sectors. The distance from the Galactic core as close as I could determine it is 1298 sectors where each sector is 20 lightyears cubed.

So Earth would be considered to be at the following quardinates. Where A or B indicates the Alpha or Beta quadrant. The first number represents the distant from the top of the galaxy to the bottom keeping in mind that a galaxy is shaped like a plate. The second number is the number of sectors away from the Alph/Beta border. The 3rd number is the number of sectors away from the Delta/Gamma border.

A25-0001-1298, A26-0001-1298, A25-0001-1299, A26-0001-1299, B25-0001-1298, B26-0001-1298, B25-0001-1299, B26-0001-1299

My best guess is that realistically the galaxy is about 500 to 1,000 lightyears deep based on the data I was able to find. However I will be useing 30 sectors (600 lightyears) as the depth where Earth is. They will be numbered from 11 to to 40 as the closer to the galactic core the deeper the galaxy gets. There it will be considered to be 50 sectors deep (1,000 light years).

Earth is between sector 25 and 26 for the purposes of this project. The Federation would be between sector 20 and sector 30.

This will make the Trinity Sector located at B25-0005-1300 Serellan Sector located at B26-0005-1300 and the Jenatris Cloud Sector located at B24-0005-1300

Par'tha Expanse

The Par'tha Expanse is at the far end of the Jenatris Corridor and mostly in the Alpha Quadrant with just a small section in the Beta Quadrant. It is more coreward than most of the Federation and technically under it. The closest edge would be at A28-0001-1296 extending down to A33-0004-1289 and across to B30-0002-1294.

B29-0001-1296, A30-0001-1295

Alpha Quadrant

Beta Quadrant

Delta Quadrant

Kana Kavali Sector, Akritirian

Gamma Quadrant