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Four Letter Code ZEVI
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Zev V
Encountered DS9: His Way
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N-
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"Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it."
a Zevian saying.
The Zevian are a harsh, stoic people, use to hardship, hard work and deprivation. They serve a dictatorship, one where obedience is mandatory and compliance the norm. No one can be trusted, informants and secret police could be anywhere and yet they have a strong sense of community, working together to survive. They tend to be a bit standoffish with other species.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Aduh Juma Sector (coordinates A23-0004-1299)
  • Proper Name: Zev Osk system
  • Star: It orbits a class B (Blue-White) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 52 million km
  • Companions: It is the 5th of 13 planets in the system
  • Moons: it has 4 moons.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Zev V
  • Diameter: 21,309 km (13,241 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.03 standard gravity with a density of 3.4
  • Axial Tilt: 11.9%, with normal seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 486 days
  • Rotational Period: 27.8 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 51%
  • Atmosphere: 1.08% is a standard pressure with 73% nitrogen, 25% oxygen, 2% trace chemicals
  • Climate: Mainly a cool temperate planet with harsh winters.
  • Terrain: over half of the land mass has been converted to farms or living facilities.
  • Population: Just over 14 billion


Their early history shows that they developed into a feudal society. One where a class of nobles owned everything and the people worked in the fields, barely earning enough to survive. In many ways the people were little more than animals, the property of this or that noble who could do and use them in any way that they chose.

When these nobles fought it was the people who did the fighting, never the nobles. Even once they had eventually developed into an industrial society the nobles still owned everything and the people did the work. Less than 1% of the population owned everything on the planet while the rest of the population worked long hard hours in terrible conditions just so they could earn enough food to survive.

Under these harsh and sadistic conditions it is no wonder that the people would occasionally rise up only to be brutally and systematically hunted down and exterminated like vermin.

Most of the population never received any education and technological advances were glacier slow being developed.

Eventually the people rose up again in 2132, only this time they hunted down and slaughtered the nobles. Every single one regardless of age, sex or health just like the nobles did to them. They had learned their lessons well.

Now that all the nobles are dead they formed a government that slowly developed into a unified planet wide government. One that worked for the common good of all the people but which did so in a very draconian way. Compliance was mandatory and free will was ruthlessly stamped out.

Under this new government technological advances were more rapid, education was available to all and those who showed an aptitude for it were given no choice but to pursue higher levels of education.

Eventually they developed space travel and made peaceful contact with various close by species. However they maintain a rather standoffish attitude and have resisted all efforts to establish any long term form of alliances or partnerships.

During the Dominion War the Breen and then later the Cardassians both attempted to invade this system. In both cases they were driven off with extensive loses on both sides.


The current government is controlled by a tribunal of 5 individuals. One is the head of the Secret Police. The 2nd is the head of the Military and the 3rd is the head of the War Fleet in space. The 4th is the Chief Advisor and the last one is the head of this tribunal and selected the same as his chief advisor by the most powerful and influential members of the government. All of whom have achieved their positions by hard work and strength of character.


They appear to be typical humanoids with a flat, narrow face. Most of them have weathered features with work lines. Most men only have a partial ring of dark or grayish hair that they keep cut very short around the mid point on their heads. Women tend to have a full head of hair but it is thin, almost sparse. They can have a wide range of body shapes, types and heights.

Men wear heavy duty clothes designed to keep them warm and last a long time while doing hard work. These are mostly in earth tones, browns, blacks and grays. Women wear the equivalent kind of clothes in look and color but if they are going to be indoors or working in doors then it could be a dress instead of pants.


As with most intelligent humanoid species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. Under the old government the people were left to suffer and die if they became sick or ill. Under the new government everyone has access to free medical assistance regardless of the medical issue.


They are a very stoic people, very use to hardship and the draconian authority of the government. As a result they tend to be very reserved, even cold with strangers and able to handle stress and pain fairly well. However it is not unusual for someone to become mentally ill and suffer from a number of different phobias, ailments and major psychotic problems.


They have never been allowed to develop any form of religion. Under the nobles this was felt to be a dangerous practice as it might give the people hope and distract them from the daily labors that took up almost all of their waking hours. Under the new government it still has been discouraged as an illogical waste of time and a possible source of social unrest.


They have many fables, myths and legends that all seem to teach a lesson. Normally these lessons have to do with the need to work long and hard if they want to provide for their families.


They have a very ridged society with everyone knowing their place. Now days the government determines what an individual will do for the rest of their life while they are still very young and attending school. Under the new system females can and are employed in any and every field of employment that men are. There is no distinction made between them when it comes to work.

Their cities and all other communities are well laid out with adequate water, transportation, heating and power available to all. There is little crime and a universal education and health system.


Only the nobles had time for any artistic endeavors and while most of their art in all its forms did survive the revolution all of it has been placed into various vaults and locked away for safe keeping.

The current government has encouraged the development of music and sports as a way to keep the population happy but these are the only acceptable forms of artistic expression. All others are discouraged except for government funded statues of important revolutionary individuals who decorate every park, major public market square and government facilities.


Very few were ever allowed to develop under the rule of the nobles and these are currently the only acceptable ones allowed under the new government. In most cases these all have to do with courtship, arranging marriages, marriage ceremonies and celebrations, deaths and the birth of new citizens.


They have managed to come fairly far in the last 300 years since they had their revolution. Now they are considered to be slightly behind the least advanced Federation member world.


They are mostly independent and self-sufficient and seem to be determined to maintain this fact. They have turned down a number of very profitable trade offers and what little off world trading they do is for certain materials and occasional luxury goods that they deem necessary for their industrial complex or as rewards to certain key individuals with in their highly structured society.


They have a very large military with more than 5 million men and women serving in the land forces, another 2 million men and women working aboard military vessels and transports designed to transvers the various oceans and seas and another 1 million serving on various space craft, all of which are war ships of one kind or another.

War Fleet

They have a surprisingly large fleet of ships and while they are not pretty and mostly designed to be functional their very presence has deterred most other species from attempting to take an aggressive stance with them. However during the Dominion War the Breen and then later the Cardassians both attempted to invade this system. In both cases they were driven off with extensive loses. The Zevian warships may have been outclassed in both cases but they made up for it with determination and sheer fanatical devotion to duty. In both cases a number of smaller Zevian warships simply rammed into much bigger enemy ships resulting in both vessels being destroyed.

Secret Police

The peace is kept by a semi-military force known as the Secret Police. These men and women have wide ranging powers and authority. They can search anywhere, enter anywhere and arrest anyone they want, anytime they want and never need to justify their actions. This force is believed to be about 3 million strong with 2 million being undercover working in various jobs and facilities, always watching and reporting on those around them. The rest are in uniform and constantly on the go ensuring the public conforms to the rules and supports the government in all ways.

Re-Education Centers

While it is not unheard of for people to be arrested and never seen from again most of them are sentenced to work in various Re-Education Centers. These facilities are always in the most unhospitable locations on the planet and the labour their occupants are forced to perform are extremely harsh, difficult and demanding. In most cases being sentenced to work in one of these facilities is a life sentence as normally no one is ever released from them.

Federation Intelligence Files

In 2374, Zevian authorities requested information on a smuggling ring from the security office at Deep Space 9.


Both Memory Alpha and Memory Beta were used as a reference as well as the TV episode DS9: His Way.


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