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Four Letter Code ZARA
Federation Status Member
Planet of Origin Zaran II
Encountered Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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"Patience is important both in war and in life."
a Zaranite proverb.
The Zaranite are a hunting species, one who has learned to harness their aggressive natures and control them. One aspect of this is the fact that they work so well together that when they were conquered by a more technologically superior species they were able to eventually overthrow and defeat them. Unfortunately they do not always work so well with others. Still this has not stopped them from being strong supporters of the Federation and Starfleet.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Firus Sector (coordinates A24-0002-1298)
  • Proper Name: Byrdica
  • Star: It orbits a class A (Light Blue) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 83 million km
  • Companions: 3 other planets. It is the 1st planet in the system
  • Moons: it has 6 moons.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Zaran II
  • Diameter: 21,509 km (13,365 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.07 standard gravity with a density of 3.5
  • Axial Tilt: 26.3% with moderate seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 421 days
  • Rotational Period: 29 hours
  • Classification: L
  • Surface Water: 52%
  • Atmosphere: 1.32 is a standard pressure with 48% nitrogen, 34% carbon dioxide, 13% oxygen, 5% trace chemicals
  • Climate: Temperate with large polar caps.
  • Terrain: It has vast undulating plains, some deserts and vast forests.
  • Population: Just over 3 billion


They have a history of peaceful coexistence which went hand in hand with their struggle for survival. Advances in technology were a matter of increasing their survival chances. Eventually they advanced to the point where survival was no longer the most important factor in their daily lives.

Zaranites were first encountered by humans in the 2070s, and soon came under control of a group known as the Totality, human fugitives from Earth's World War III, who used superior technology, eugenics and mental weapons to control them. The Zaranites used a special oneness-mind to fight back against the human oppression.

The Federation made diplomatic first contact with this race in 2257. As a Federation member, they had a delegation present during Earth's "Whalesong Crisis".

In 2274 a Zaranite microecologist named Havzora was part of the Federation team on the planet Mestiko working to restore that planet's ecosphere.

By the 24th century, Zaranite weapons research was a valuable asset to Starfleet. However, petitions for an all-Zaranite starship crew were denied due to their belligerent tendencies.


They have the council of 5 who are chosen to serve the people for 5 years.


Zaranites are Semi-Humanoid and have shiny light-brown skin and breathe carbon dioxide. Zaranites always wear a heavy metallic mask with twin air hoses leading to a small environmental backpack, when in class M environments. They virtually always wear heavy robes in public.


Zaranite individuals have two hearts, one of which can stop from time to time. In this near-death state they meditate on choices made in life. Most people believe they are fluorine breathers, requiring them to wear gas masks and protective suits in Earth-like environments. They also breathe oxygen, but inhale fluorine-rich microorganisms (like Benzites), which they need as other humanoids need base minerals in their diets.

The females are known to have psionic powers for hunting, healing and mating, which enable them to attract males by arousing hormones in both sexes. The arousal of hormones means that a life-bond is formed between a couple. A bonded female is capable of making a joined mass-mind between members of a hunting group, and special hunting parties can form a greater mass-mind called "oneness", equivalent to a nation.


They are a very calm, stable people who can deal with incredible amounts of stress with no side effects. In fact they appear to be as emotionless as Vulcans but like the Andorians who hide their emotions from strangers, the Zaranites seem to conceal their emotional state from other species. In truth due to the masks, protective garments and other cultural differences this is all an illusion. Most species just cannot notice or understand the outward signs that would normally reveal their emotional state.


Zara is the name of their creator/observer. He/she respects perseverance and the will to survive. Once a year the entire species take one day and meditate on the challenges and difficulties that they have had to overcome in their life. During these 29 hours they will not eat, drink, sleep or move from their position for anything. This one day of worship is also a test of their abilities to survive.


They have a strong history of oral histories that still survive today. Many of these stories detail the trials and difficulties of survival for their people in the early pre-industrial ages.


They are a very hard working, self reliant people who work well with others. Regardless of their radical physiology they still take a very active role in the Federation and Starfleet. Crime is almost unknown on their home world and they live peacefully with each other. The community as a whole comes first as they work together to make things better for their community.


While they did have music prior to making contact with other species they did not have any of the other art forms. Now they have poetry, sculptures and paintings. At the same time music is still the more common form of artistic expression. Just now days that have many more musical instruments and forms of music to experiment with. Strangely enough a slightly modified version of the Terran bagpipes has become one of their favorite new instruments.


Zaranites are a hunting species. Their civilization is based on elaborate hunting practices. In Zaran's harsh environment, there is no native industry or agriculture, only the hunt of predators, led by females, though Zaranites may also hunt their females.

Zaranites have special necklaces symbolizing their social states and family relation.


They are slightly behind the majority of Federation member worlds in most fields except that of artificial environment technology and self contained artificial environment containers and suits.


They have a completely self sufficient economy but they do export numerous devices and parts used in creating unique environments for plants, animals or species that need to be provided living space away from their native environments.


They never had a military of their own. However since joining the Federation some have enlisted in Starfleet where they have served with honour. The Zaranite homeworld is out of the way from usual Federation traffic lines. The nearby Marie Celeste sector is known for unexpected disappearances, possibly due to pirates.

Federation Intelligence Files

Two Zaranite Federation counselors were at Kirk's trial in 2286. See file # ST4-2286-4517 and as Camp Khitomer attendants in ST6-2290-1426.


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