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Four Letter Code PHYL
Federation Status Members
Planet of Origin Phylos II
Encountered TAS: The Time Trap
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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"All live is precious, regardless of its origins."
a Phylosian proverb.
The Phylosian are a species of intelligent, sentient plants that consider the preservation of life to be the moral obligation of any and all intelligent species.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Bolarus Sector (coordinates B26-0001-1297)
  • Proper Name: Phylos Magia system
  • Star: It orbits a class A (White) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 35 million km
  • Companions: It is the 2nd of 14 planets in the system
  • Moons: it has 1 moon.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Phylos II
  • Diameter: 19,904 km (12,368 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.02 standard gravity with a density of 3.6
  • Axial Tilt: 3.3%, with no noticeable seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 382 days
  • Rotational Period: 23.1 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 58%
  • Atmosphere: 1.09% is a standard pressure with 73% nitrogen, 26% oxygen, 1% trace chemicals
  • Climate: Mainly a semi-tropical world
  • Terrain: It has vast amounts of lush vegetation, rain forests and jungles.
  • Population: Just over 3 billion


Their early history was one of gradual evolution from simple plants to sentient, intelligent plants capable of moving from place to place. During all of this they lived in perfect peace with one another. Content to dream, discuss and develop their minds, theories and ideas. They had no concept of violence, no need for most technology and their world provided all they needed for both survival and their continued evolution.

Then one day a strange metallic device landed near one of their smaller settlements. It poured pollutants into their atmosphere and opened up to reveal strange looking creatures that walked up right but did not appear as anything they had ever imagined.

These individuals were Orion pirates who set up camp. Intrigued by their presence a couple of individuals from the settlement approached these aliens, seeking to make contact. What happened next was completely unexpected.

The Orions captured and chained their welcoming party, then set out to find more. They attacked the settlement, captured a dozen more individuals and slaughtered the rest setting the entire area on fire. Only two members of the community survived to spread the news once the pirates had left.

Word spread across their world, debates sprang up everywhere and with it the understanding that theories and ideas would need to be tested and constructed. New technologies would be needed, metals mined and facilities built to create all these new devices.

In twenty years they transformed their world, created energy production facilities that were pollution free, designed underground production and manufacturing plants, refined and designed better and more efficient automated mining robots.

When the Orions eventually returned after 23 years their ship was warned off and when that failed to have an effect they targeted it and destroyed it. At some point following this incident the Phylosians decided that they had a moral obligation to enforce peace throughout the galaxy. As a result they set about the task of building a large fleet of warships. However before they could complete the fleet and use it something happened.

Stavos Keniclius, a Human scientist who had fled from Earth during the Eugenics Wars visited Phylos in search of what he called a perfect specimen. However, Keniclius was a carrier of a non-native, staphylococcus strain of bacteria that nearly destroyed all life on Phylos.

He worked to save the Phylosians from his disease and thanks to his work during the Eugenics Wars, he was able to create many clones of himself, in an attempt to undo the damage he caused. Fortunately he was able to slow the transmission of the disease and greatly delay the eventual death of those infected. Unfortunately by the time that he had been able to do so almost half of their total population had been destroyed by the disease. As a result the Phylosians eventually nicknamed Keniclius, "the Master."

When it became known that Keniclius had the same goal of imposing peace throughout the galaxy with a master race of clones, the Phylosians agreed to help him in acquiring the perfect specimen to copy.

When the USS Enterprise visited Phylos in 2269, Stavos Keniclius 5, the fifth clone of the original Stavos Keniclius, chose Spock as the perfect specimen. He cloned Spock, creating Spock 2. However, the galactic chaos that Keniclius had hoped to combat no longer existed, thanks to the work of the Federation. Keniclius decided to give up the plan to create the army of clones, and instead planned to work on the problem of saving the Phylosian species. Spock 2 also remained behind to help Keniclius with this task.

In 2288 a final cure for the disease was perfected. Unfortunately by this time only about 1/10th of their total population remained. At this time Keniclius destroyed all of his cloning technology as well as his notes and files. His desire for galactic peace had been tempered by his continued contact with the clone of Spock.

The Phylosians continued to develop, concentrating most of their intellectual ability into medical research. By the time they applied for admission into the Federation in 2342 they had doubled their own lifespan and expanded their understanding of medicine to that required for a number of other sentient life forms.

Since their admission into the Federation they have concentrated most of their off world efforts into medical research and the offering of humanitarian aid where ever it may be required.


While they do not have a capitol city or government buildings they do have a gathering place, the Valley of Serenity. This large, lush valley on their equator normally has between 10,000 and 50,000 Phylosians in it. All of them can take part in any and all debates, discussions and vote when needed. The valley is off limits to all aliens.


Phylosians are an intelligent, sentient plant species. They have multiple tentacle like arms that are very slim almost vine like, damp, light green and leaf-like. The bottom half of their bodies from the chest down tends to be a darker green color and has a more coarse, rough exterior. They typically have 4 legs but in some cases they could have less or more.


Since they are a species of intelligent, sentient plants their entire physiology is completely and radically different from most intelligent humanoid species. While they do have a very complex internal system they do not have specialized organs. They also do not have any hormones. Instead they have complex and unique chemicals and enzymes.

They have always had a long life span but thanks to their greatly advanced medical science they have been able to greatly extend that to the point where it is not unusual for one of them to exceed 300 years of age.


They are a mentally stable species with no known mental issues except in the very old. On top of that they seem to have a deep seated belief that they have the moral obligation to help those in dire need.


Due to the importance of the Valley of Serenity to them as a species, both as a gathering place for political debate and discussion it is also the believed origin location of their species. As a result it holds significant spiritual importance to them as a species.

As a result almost every one of them will visit the valley many times during their long lives and when they do they can often be found gathered in small groups and locked into silent meditative contemplation.


According to their ancient legends their species evolved and developed into an intelligent, sentient species in the Valley of Serenity.


They have clean, quiet cities with services, and infra-structure available to all of their people. Everyone is considered equal and the only crime is that committed by aliens visiting their world. Greenery and plant life can be found almost everywhere and most buildings have a thick coating of climbing plants over most of their exterior surfaces.


While they are a very intelligent species they do not seem to have much interest in or appreciation of most forms of artistic expression. What they do enjoy are debates and discussions of all kinds and based on just about any topic you could imagine.


Unlike most intelligent species they do not seem to have developed any customs. Most experts believe that this is most likely due to the fact that they are sentient plants who evolved with different values and social norms.


While they are basically equivalent in technology in most fields to most of the other Federation member worlds they do excel at all medical fields of study and endeavors. In fact they have one of the best medical universities located with in the Federation.


They have the ability to be completely self-sufficient but have developed a large trade system which is dominated by their export of medical supplies, equipment and most notably medicine. They import a lot of raw resources as well as certain high tech devices they cannot provide for themselves.


At one time they had started construction on a large fleet of warships. Now all of them have been either converted over into hospital ships or used to transport humanitarian aid.

They have no military forces but have constructed a very impressive and some would say excessive number of automated satellite defensive systems. Added to this is a small force of planetary police who have been recruited from other Federation member worlds to deal with any problems caused by other species visiting their world.

Federation Intelligence Files

As a people, they intended on enforcing peace on the galaxy. These plans were delayed by the arrival of a Human Augment scientist in the 21st century. The bacteria he brought nearly wiped out the Phylosians. He stayed on the planet to assist them.

With the help of this Augment's fifth clone, they were going to try again in the 23rd century, but were dissuaded by Spock 2, the giant Spock clone.

Phylosians were among the spacefaring races who became trapped in Elysia, inside the Delta Triangle of space. A Phylosian had a seat on the Elysian Council.

In 2294, a Phylosian sexually propositioned James T. Kirk in the Flag and Grog.

Mot considered Phylosian space as a possible (and incorrect) destination for Jean-Luc Picard and Data, who Mot gave Romulan hairpieces to in 2368. Mot ruled out the Phylosians, describing them as "vanquished".


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