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Four Letter Code DABH
Federation Status Friendly
Planet of Origin Romulan Star Empire
Encountered CHA: "Gravity of Loss"
T/E Rating T4
Current Tech Level N
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"We are the Dark, leave us in peace."
a Dabh'aelisu request.
The Dabh'aelisu are a sub-species of the Romulans who have been hunted and killed for the crime of being genetically different, born with abilities that the government consider to be potentially threatening to the social stability of the Empire. Just like the Chalchaj'qmey, Debrune, Garidian, Rekarian, Reman, and the Watraii they are considered to be a sub-species of the Romulans who are themselves considered to be a sub-species of the Vulcans.

The Dabh'aelisu have been also called the Dark by the Romulan authorities who seem to act like they believe that they are either cursed or possessed.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Errët Sector (coordinates B24-0006-1300)
  • Proper Name: Chalvern System
  • Star: It orbits a class M (Red) star
  • Distance from Star: it's orbit is approximately 37 million km
  • Companions: It is the only planet in the system

Home World

  • Proper Name: Shinraka
  • Diameter: 11,090 km (6,891 miles)
  • Gravity: 0.91 standard gravity with a density of 5.8
  • Axial Tilt: 15.3%, with normal seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 302 days
  • Rotational Period: 21 hours
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 43%
    • Atmosphere: 0.98% is a standard pressure with 74% nitrogen, 26% oxygen, 2% trace chemicals
    • Climate: Mainly a tropical, semi-tropical world.
    • Terrain: It has vast jungles, rain forests with scattered dense swamps and massive mountain ranges with rocky hills.
    • Population: Just over 38,000 settled with the majority in their new capital and the rest scattered around in a few smaller communities.


No one is sure when they started to evolve but the "Dark" (Dabh'aelisu) are an evolved genetic offshoot of the Romulan race. This genetic alteration has resulted in an evolved state of enlightenment that has resulted in the development of a higher level of perception, telepathy and in rare cases other mental abilities which their Romulan counterparts do not accept or condone. Due to these telepathic abilities they have been outlawed by the Romulan government.

Because of this they have had to hide their existence from the rest of Romulan society. This resulted in the development of an underground society hidden within the complex and extremely rigid social structure that the Romulan people and government had developed.

Few records are available to the Federation but it is believed that they have been hunted and terminated whenever they were discovered for more than 300 years. The earliest data known that seems to confirm this is of a state ordered execution of a whole family of cursed mind leeches in 2019.

Finally in 2381 the Romulan government was able to use advanced scientific scanners to detect and uncover the identity of anyone even faintly showing the altered genetic protein marker that identified all members of the Dabh'aelisu.

The Tal Shiar hunted them like they were the plague, scanning any and every one everywhere. Arresting any and all persons who showed the altered genetic protein marker that identified them as being members of the "Dark".

This might have been the end of the Dabh'aelisu except that in 2379 a Romulan by the name of Sharik went to Earth where he was educated. When he returned to Romulus the death hunts were just starting. He wanted to help his people escape from the persecution of the Romulans and Tal-Shiar. As a result he started to organize them and teach them the values and beliefs that he had learned within the Federation. In the process he became their leader.

Sharik assembled the few remaining Dabh'aelisu in the Capitol to make their escape on a Romulan scout ship, the D'haraza. Among the handful of Dabh'aelisu with Sharik were Ael Khellian (female) and Rhian D'Heyahh (male). Both are of important lineage and in their mid-twenties and both of them are Dabh'aelisu who’s abilities were strong, strong enough that they were able to hide their telepathic abilities in the Capital.

After meeting each other, they fell in love and embraced their heritage, and were destined to become the parents of the first pure Dabh'aelisu, Terrh D'Heyahh, the beginning of the Dabh'aelisu race.

The Dabh'aelisu populace on the scout ship claimed sanctuary within Federation space and were placed under the protection of the USS Challenger and the USS Thunder who escorted the scout vessel to Federation space.

Following this amazing escape a large number of Dabh'aelisu were able to steal other vessels and make their escape to Federation space as well. This massive exodus had been planned by Sharik and was carried out by a large number of his followers. The vessels they used were for the most part old relics that had seen better days. However the shuttles and small cargo carriers that made up the majority of this fleet were able to successful make the trip to freedom.

Besides the scout craft one other Romulan military vessel was used. It was a decommissioned frigate class troop transport that was salvaged from the military graveyard in the Volu'inu system. It was used to make another daring escape, freeing over 4,000 Dabh'aelisu prisoners from the prison colony on Zeta Pictoris III before making the mad dash to freedom.

While this was occurring the Federation council was debating about what to do with the Dabh'aelisu. Finally they agreed to offer them sanctuary and selected 10 possible locations for them to form a colony. This list had both occupied and unoccupied worlds on it. At the last minute one of the 10 was changed to Shinraka. The reason for this last minute change is sealed under Federation executive order 65932-95275.

In 2384 after much consideration and debate the Federation agreed to allow the Dabh'aelisu to start a colony on the planet, Shinraka.

Sharik is now the Dabh'aelisu Ambassador to the Federation, and Rhian is the Dabh'aelisu Senator, taking on the task of getting Shinraka and its people ready for admission to the Federation of Planets.

Following the Hobus disaster more than 8,000 Dabh'aelisu were able to escape from within the borders of the Romulan Star Empire. It is believed that this may be most of those who still survive and that any that still resides within those borders are incapable of escape.


Since being granted the planet of Shinraka as theirs to colonize they have managed to establish their own independent government for the first time in their history. While it is loosely modeled upon the old Romulan government it has a number of important differences.

The first is that the highest office is that of Senator. Below that is a council called the Senate which currently has 10 elected representatives who advise and council the Senator.


For the most part the Dabh'aelisu are almost undistinguishable from other Romulans. However the following has been noticed in the offspring of two mated Dabh'aelisu. Their children tend to have pale to white hair and range in height between 5’9” and 6’3” and are healthy, athletic and fit individuals. They also tend to all have red eyes. This last may be due to the environment and amount of work required from everyone in the primitive settlements they have established. It is believed that the life span of these children will be slightly longer than that of their basically Romulan parents which is under normal conditions approximately 250 years.


As with most intelligent humanoid species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. They are typical humanoids with most of the physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most humanoids.

Other than the altered genetic protein marker which identifies them as Dabh'aelisu they basically have the exact same medical needs and history as any other Romulan and to a lesser degree their Vulcan ancestors.


As a species they still seem to suffer from the same mental illnesses that affect the Romulans. The only real difference is that some of their more gifted telepaths seem to suffer from unusual mental problems ranging in severity right up to catatonia.

Besides this they are all taught a new moral and social code that is more in keeping with the basic ideology of the Federation than it is with that of the old Romulan Star Empire.

ESP Ability

What makes them different from most Romulans is that they have a slight genetic twist that allowed for the development of a higher level of perception, telepathy and in rare cases other mental abilities.



While most of them have been raised on different worlds or in different colonies only time will tell if they develop some form of spiritual belief that will belong to the majority of the colonists.


They have a wide range of literature from a number of different species and coming from just about every corner, colony and world with in the old Romulan Star Empire. Only time will tell how this material will factor into their development and future.


Since establishing their colony they have spent most of their time building, planting and working towards establishing all of the necessary infrastructure needed for survival.

So far they have educational facilities for primary through to advanced university level teaching as well as a central hospital and medical system capable of serving the entire colony including the outlying minor communities. A central power supply that is both safe and capable of handling 5 times its current demand.

The rest is either still under construction or waiting funding. As for crime it has not been a real problem but they have established a small police force to ensure that it does not become one.


Since the creation of their colony they have been busy working on building, planting and survival. There has not been that much free time to spend on different forms of artistic expression. Only music which only requires some instruments and knowledge of how to play or sing seems to be currently wide spread.


Since settling on the planet Shinraka the colonists who come from just about every world and colony with in the old Romulan Star Empire have been more concerned with survival and building than with their olds customs. Especially as many of those customs are a complete mystery to most of their fellow settlers.

However it is evident that just as with any other colony they will eventually develop their own customs and celebrations. In fact they already have with the creation of their first holiday, Foundation Day which celebrates their arrival and landing on Shinraka for the first time.


Their colony on the surface while primitive in many ways does have replicator and transporter technology. Over 50 ships capable of landing on the planet’s surface, landed and were cannibalized for parts, supplies and transformed into temporary housing and government structures.

They have a small R & D facility housed in one of the larger vessels but located in the farthest community from the capital.

For the most part they have the knowledge and skills needed to use, create or maintain, repair most of the technologies that were available to the Romulans prior to the Hobus disaster.


So far they have a struggling economy with very little for them to export except for raw materials. They would import much more than they do but lack the finances with which to buy most of it.

On the plus side they have over 30 small freighters that are still in good condition. This far exceeds their own requirements and for now the majority of them have been put to use transporting goods and passengers for other worlds and species. This income is used to purchase much needed supplies for the colony.


They had no military of any kind prior to the Hobus disaster as they relied on the Federation for protection.

Following the Hobus disaster and the removal of most of the Federations military support the Dabh'aelisu were able to cobble together a token force that they hope will be able to protect their small colony.

The core unit of this force is the small obsolete space station that the Federation had transported to a gyo-synchronous orbit above their colony. It allows them to repair, build and support their small fleet of ships. It also has upgraded defensive capabilities. A going away gift from the Federation and Starfleet, added on just prior to their forces being removed.

They also have the Romulan scout ship, the D'haraza renamed the “Dark” which has been updated and improved by the Federation. It is now combat capable but still essentially a scout ship with advanced sensors and scanning capabilities. It needs a crew of 150.

The Romulan troop transport that was used to escape was taken to Starbase 118 and given a complete overhaul and upgrade. It is now considered a cruiser with Starfleet quality defensive and offensive capabilities. These systems while advanced are common knowledge to Romulan intelligence services. It requires a crew of 300 and has been named “Deliverance.”

Added to this are about a dozen large, long distance shuttles and another dozen long distance courier vessels that have decent shields and weapon systems.

Federation Intelligence Files

The USS Challenger first encountered them when a small band of them were fleeing from the Romulan Star Empire on the Romulan scout ship, the D'haraza.

The Federation provided the planet on which they have settled and the initial provisions and equipment required by them in order to successful develop that colony. They even supplied Federation protection prior to the Hobus disaster to ensure that they would not be attacked by the Romulan Star Empire.

Since the Hobus disaster the Federation has determined that the Dabh'aelisu are no longer a concern of the fractured Romulan Empire and have removed most of their military support.


This is an original Starbase 118 species created by the crew of the USS Challenger and expanded on by them and the crew of the USS Challenger-A.

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