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Four Letter Code YASS
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Bagaran
Encountered USS Hallmark near Cardassian space
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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"We live to serve, surrender to the inevitable."
a Yassengoro greeting.
The Yassengoro are a species that had built one of the largest military empires in known space, spanning more than 2 quadrants in the process but as with any civilization that grows too big, too fast, it has since splintered and disintegrated into numerous smaller regions. However even these smaller fragments can often be expansionistic and dangerous.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Delta
  • Location: Elezaar Sector
  • Proper Name: Basaki system
  • Star: It orbits a class A (White) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 68 million km
  • Companions: It is the 4th planet of 11 in the system
  • Moons: it has 3 moons.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Bagaran
  • Diameter: 23,055 km (14,326 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.02 standard gravity with a density of 3.1
  • Axial Tilt: 13.8%, with normal terran seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 583 days
  • Rotational Period: 28 hours
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 58%
    • Atmosphere: 1.08% is a standard pressure with 73% nitrogen, 25% oxygen, 2% trace chemicals
    • Climate: Mainly a temperate planet with small arctic and tropical zones.
    • Terrain: A mix of all types of terrain with rolling plains, hills and woodlands over part of it being the main type.
    • Population: Just over 13 billion with another 10 billion scattered across a number of colonies and a couple sectors

Colony System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Bra Kino Ivis Sector (coordinates A25-0007-1299)
  • Proper Name: Fral Nivar system
  • Star: It orbits a class K (Orange) star
  • Distance from Star: it's orbit is approximately 83 million km
  • Companions: It is the 3rd planet of 8 in the system
  • Moons: none

Colony Planet

  • Proper Name: Nova Goro XXIV
  • Diameter: 22,420 km (13,931 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.05 standard gravity with a density of 3.3
  • Axial Tilt: 06.6%, with minimal seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 532 days
  • Rotational Period: 26 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 62%
  • Atmosphere: 0.92% is a standard pressure with 72% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 3% trace chemicals and 1% contamination
  • Climate: Mainly a temperate planet with numerous mountain ranges.
  • Population: Just over 30 million


Early Years

The Yassengoro first originated in the Delta Quadrant. When intelligent life first evolved it was in hostile conditions that made survival both difficult and precarious. However they survived and grew, eventually developing into a peaceful agricultural society when the planetary conditions improved. For close to 2,500 years they lived in peace, slowly expanding to cover most of their world.

Then due to factors that have been lost to time they fragmented into eight different factions, which eventually resulted in a civil war that spanned more than 2,000 years. Much of their history from this time has been lost. As the war progress it became more and more brutal with whole communities being wiped out.

This civil war came close to destroying them as a species and the end result was a militaristic culture. The peace that eventually resulted was not due to any formal arrangement or negotiated peace treaty. It was just that there were no longer enough troops or technology available to allow them to continue to fight.

This fragile peace lasted for close to 500 years as they rebuilt their industrial and agricultural infrastructure. Unfortunately the peace was not to last and another brutal civil war broke out.

Fortunately this one lasted less than 250 years this time and resulted in the creation of the Yassengoro Confederacy. Over the next 900 years they were able to maintain a relatively peaceful society. Every once in a while a rebellion would break out but they would be brutally and savagely put down.

Into Space

It was at this time that they developed space travel and started to explore space. Over the next 1,200 years they expanded by conquering or colonizing a large part of the Delta Quadrant. They even crossed over into the Gamma Quadrant and continued to expand their empire.

It was this expansion into the Gamma Quadrant that resulted in their first contact with the Borg. At first they were able to avoid open conflict with them but this soon ended and open war between them began. Unfortunately it was almost too late as a large number of their people had already been assimilated. As a result the Borg already had a detailed image of their technology and infrastructure.

Over the next century the Yassengoro lost almost all the territory that they had gained to the Borg. Just over 80% of their total population was assimilated. Fearing for the first time that they might become extinction, the Yassengoro built and sent out numerous colony ships. These headed away from Borg controlled space and spread out across the galaxy, seeking and colonizing a large number of systems.

Contact with some of their colonies was lost. Others traveled deep into space and settled in regions unknown to them. Colonies were lost. New ones were founded and always they continued to explore and search for new worlds to colonize.

Unknown Contact

In 2358 the S.S. Tarabithia detected the distress signal from an unknown vessel and responded. They arrived in time to see a Cardassian cruiser fire the final shots that destroyed the ship. The Cardassian vessel then fired on the S.S. Tarabithia. They defended themselves and were able to destroy the damaged Cardassian ship.

They scanned the debris looking for any survivors and were surprised to discover an escape pod with what looked like a 9 year old human boy. The only survivor of the unknown vessel was eventually adopted by one of the Russian officers onboard. He claimed to not be able to remember his own name and the crew named him Alexander. After the adoption he became Alexander Gregovich.

First Contact

In 2376 confirmed first contact was established between the USS Hallmark (Sovereign-class) and the scout vessel Return. Now a Lieutenant, Gregovich was serving on the Federation vessel. At first it seemed to be a peaceful meeting as Captain Edward Johnson communicated with the alien captain, Brekia. However, upon finding that Gregovich was onboard, communication was cut off and the Return opened fire on the Hallmark.

The smaller vessel was deceptively strong and severely crippled the Hallmark. Requesting assistance, the USS Defiant and USS Endurance (Sovereign-class) arrived. USS Defiant received heavy damage with a crippled warp drive. The USS Endurance had to be evacuated due to reactor containment failure that was corrected in time. The Return was eventually destroyed but not before being able to send out a deep space transmission.

Second Contact

Just over a month later the USS Hallmark ran into another ship similar to the one they had destroyed. It was floating, dead in space. Life support was on minimal and it had sustained extensive structural damage. All attempts to hail the ship were met with silence. Finally they sent over a search team to examine it. The enemy crew were not so lucky. All but one wounded crew member was lost but they were able to find some databanks that had survived.

As they were finishing their examination of the enemy ship long range sensors picked up three unknown vessels approaching at high warp. They appeared to be cruiser class ships belonging to the same unknown species as the ship they were examining. They quickly finished downloading all the data they could and returned to their ship.

As soon as the enemy ships came within range, the cruisers opened fire. To the dismay of the Hallmark crew, most of the shots seemed to either drain the shield power or pass through it completely. Seriously out matched the Hallmark turned and fled. It managed to make it to a nearby nebula where it was able to lose it’s pursuers.

It was during this confrontation that the wounded survivor met Lt. Gregovich for the first time. He attached the Lt. using some form of telepathy. Instinctively the Lt. fought back, shredding the wounded man’s mental defences. As a result of this he had the shocking discovery that he was one of them. He also learned that the enemy were not only using quantum torpedoes but phased torpedoes and cannons as well.

An examination of the damaged data took some time but Starfleet Intelligence was able to recover and translate enough so that they learned the following.

The first ship encountered had been a scout ship called the Return. The last deep space signal it had sent before being destroyed had been received by a species identified as the Yassengoro Confederacy. As a result a number of ships had been sent out to find and retrieve Lt. Gregovich. They were authorized to take any steps needed to achieve this end and to retrieve all lost property and keep hidden any classified information that may have leaked out. This included orders for Gregovich to be exterminated if he could not be retrieved.

Cardassian, Yassengoro Conflict

Later that same year, the Cardassians were reportedly losing several ships along there frontier. The USS Hallmark and the USS Galaxy were sent to investigate. In a matter of days, it became apparent that the Confederacy was preparing to crush the Cardassians. Starfleet, knowing that the Confederacy had powerful weapons and that the Cardassians had recently lost the Dominion War, ordered a group of thirty ships to be sent to the Cardassian defence even with tension strained between them.

To prevent the majority of the populace knowing, Starfleet Intelligence classified the orders. The result was destruction and confusion that ended in a stalemate. The only good thing to come out of this battle was the fact that the Yassengoro developed some respect for their new neighbours.

In a gesture of goodwill that resulted from a new governor taking control of the Yassengoro, they realized that peace could exist between the Federation and Confederacy. The Cardassians were extended the same hand of peace but they bluntly refused. The tensions between the two government are extremely high to this day, often resulting in border clashes.

Other Contacts

They have also had aggressive contact with the Breen Confederacy and the Sheliak Corporate. Aside from the occasional clash, nothing else is seen of the Yassengoro, them being somewhat xenophobic towards the major powers of this Quadrant. They are not xenophobic to the same extent as the Romulans were but still hide most of their secrets from outside races with a fiery passion.


Delta Colonies

The Confederacy operates much like the Federation in terms of government. There is a central main leader called a president that is elected to lead the Confederacy. Unlike the Federation, the Yassengoro Confederacy has a more militaristic approach to politics.

Also due to the enormous size of their Confederacy which stretches from their home world in the Delta Quadrant all the way into the Alpha and Beta Quadrants many of the colonies are so far away from the main government that regional governors get assigned to govern in the name of the Confederacy. They are answerable to the president and are expected to enforce and pursue Confederacy policy.

Alpha Colonies

The closest colony to the Federation is approximately a week and a half away from the Cardassian border on the opposite side from the Federation at warp 8. It consists one large colony (approximately 30 million), 3 newer colonies and 2 annexed worlds with native species. The next closest Yassengoro colony is almost a month away.

After establishing their first colony they actively engaged in their standard practice of exploring the space around their new colony. Selected sites for future colonies, made contact with other species and investigated the threat potential of any aggressive species.

This brought them into conflict with a number of species including the Federation and the Cardassians. They remained neutral during the Dominion War and took advantage of the aftermath to aggressively test the Cardassians ability to defend their space. As a result of this the governor was replaced and hostilities with the Federation and the Cardassians was ended.


All Yassengori have many of the same physical appearances as most Terrans, with varying skin tones, heights, and accents. The only real difference in appearance between them is a thin band of silver that surrounds the iris in addition to their normal eye color. The band is noticeable only at close range.


Medical data has confirmed that the females have three ovaries instead of two. This may explain why most females deliver between 3 and 6 babies when they give birth. It is believed that the harsh conditions that existed on their world when intelligent life first developed may have sparked this very unusual reproductive trait.

The extended life of all Yassengoro seems to be similar to El-Aurians, who can live for generations because of their pheromones and genetic make-up. Because of this, family history and other important memories can be passed down through a telepathic link from one to another, keeping traditions and family honour up to date and in living memory.

An unusual medical phenomenon was discovered in relation to hybrids. At least in regards to the only one that Starfleet has ever encountered. He gained entrance to Starfleet and according to his medical records he was human. It was not till later that it was discovered that he had two sets of DNA. In his case the human DNA was dominant and registered on all the genetic tests. Under further investigation it was determined that he had a very rare medical condition called chimerism which simply means that the individual has 2 sets of DNA. It is unknown at this time if this is a common occurrence in Yassengoro hybrids or simply a one time fluke of nature.


All Yassengori appear to have incredible telepathic powers and a similar brain structure to that of the Betazoids. Their minds are incredibly organized. Because of this they tend to use them for battle, grappling with their enemy's mind and projecting false information while guarding their next moves. As a result they rate as T4 but they do require a line of sight and to be within about a dozen yards. For some reason they have difficulty projecting their thoughts over any great distance. Only a very rare few of them are capable of reaching into someone else's mind and reading their thoughts. This however requires physical touch.

A few examples of this ability at work would be

  • 1) for one of them to use his ability to make someone else not see him if he needed to sneak past him.
  • 2) Make someone miss when shooting
  • 3) to make it harder for his opponent to hit him in hand to hand


The Yassengori pray to the Creator and the Great Parents. The similarities between El-Aurian and Yassengoro religions seem to point once more to a common ancestry that many races somehow share. The Great Parents suggest that, after studying what could be gleaned from few accounts and current knowledge found in the databanks, the Yassengoro are aware of the theoretical Preservers, a pre-existing race that supposedly seeded the galaxy with life, as studied by Dr. Galen.

The fact that the theory suggest that Preservers went to hospitable planets and seeded them with genetic material is similar to the mostly unknown religion of the Confederacy, in which the Creator created the Great Parents and gave the deities the task of creating life throughout the galaxy, is extraordinarily amazing to some philosophers and scientists. The matter is still being looked into by top scientists and philosophers on Memory Prime.


Much of their mythology was lost due to the long years of civil war. Bits and pieces have cropped up over time but most of it is fairly inconclusive. At some point in their early history, probably during the 2,000 year war certain fragments of data refer to a class of people called the Warriors.

Some fragments of text that has been recovered states, "... [When] all fails, the Warriors will rise up for the final battle and decide the fate for all of our people." It is unknown if the Warriors were part of a caste system and were revered much like Earth's samurai, or if they were something else entirely. What is known is that most of the tales regarding them portray them as being similar to great heroes who fought evil beings and monsters. The mythology is still being pieced together by Yassengoro officials.


Mainly a militaristic society with both males and females being trained from an early age in self-defence and basic telepathy control and blocking. As both sexes reach adolescence, they receive further self-defence training and more detailed telepathy training, engaging the basics of mental combat.

All colonies have a large number of military police that seem to be everywhere. These act not only as a police force but as emergency services responding to medical and other emergencies.

As far back as available records and their living memory can be traced women have had equal rights with men. It has been observed that women are often in command of starships as well as holding places as Senators. It has been known through recent talks that a female is running for president.


They have a great love of music and most forms of artistic expression. They also engage in a couple physical sports that tend to simulate active combat conditions. The most popular is called Paj’all, in which 2 teams of 25 individuals enter a random playing field with numerous obstacles. The object is to defend their captain while capturing the enemy captain. It is very physical and injuries often occur.


Women are often blessed at birth to be fruitful later in life, something that sprouted from the near extinction of their race, first by civil war and then by the Borg.

All males swear an oath when they go through their rites of manhood. This oath is the same for every male. To make three kills in their life: one for the Confederacy, one for the family, and one for themselves.


A massive military budget ensures the protection of the Yassengoro Confederacy and the production of technology capable of destroying Borg vessels. Shield technology is similar to Federation regenerative shielding. However, scans have shown that shield frequencies are rotated faster than a humanoid can reprogram weapons. This suggests once again that designs for shielding are anti-Borg in nature.

Weapon systems have been developed to exercise maximum damage to hull and minimal to shields. Weapons such as quantum torpedoes and phased weaponry in the form of phased turrets and torpedoes. However due to their highly unpredictable nature they seem to be used only in areas where the Borg are active. As a result the majority of their war ships use conventional weapon systems.

The one recorded use of phased weapons was against the Cardassians and it allowed a Yassengoro cruiser to defeat a Cardassian heavy cruiser. However just after the heavy cruiser blew up a Cardassian destroyer easily finished off the Yassengoro vessel. An examination of the sensor data shows that a overload shorted out their shield capacitors and some of their weapon systems. Examination of the debris would seem to indicate that the ship is so highly specialized for use against the Borg that when used against other species they are susceptible to system malfunctions.

This added to the fact that some of their war ships are capable of reaching warp factor 9.77778 has caused distress amongst the ships that have had to face them. Fortunately these ships seem to be few and far between.

It is rumoured that the Confederacy is attempting to develop cloaking technology. So far these experiments have been dismal failures.


The Confederacy controls many penal outposts and mining facilities as well as numerous colonies over a vast region of space, over all 4 quadrants. A number of species have been absorbed into their empire as well.

They tend to trade mostly among themselves, shipping goods and materials vast distances. They will trade with other species but usually prefer to keep their distance and maintain a healthy safety zone around all colonies.

They have a large military budget that, for years, was expended on defences and weapons to use against the Borg.


The Confederate military is massive as it acts not only as a defence force but also as a police force. All most half of their fleet is used as escorts for the thousands of freighters that travel continuously between colonies. Some warships are made to look deceptively weaker than normal for that class. In fact they are bristling with weapon emplacements. The disadvantage of this system is that these weapons need to be powered up and it takes time. Fortunately there are not that many of these ships in their fleet and they normally travel with escorts as they need back up to protect them while they power up their weapons.

Only two known classes do not count towards this fact: battleships and super battleships. Both are made entirely for war, often used as an intimidating factor during battle. Only three super battleships are reported to be in service. A fourth is reportedly undergoing construction with rumours of a fifth yet to be confirmed.

Citizens who enter the navy are taught a more detailed training course in mental combat, allowing the breaking of mental defence and projection of false images into the mind of the enemy. Those in the army are taught more physical and mental readiness as both enemies attempt to not only win physically but mentally. Military service usually gives one honour to claim manhood.

Alpha Colonies Military

While data has been retrieved by various Federation intelligence sources to indicate that the Yassengoro have a large and formidable military the fact is that most of this is far, far away and completely unavailable to them at this time. In fact the largest vessel seen to date that has been available to the Alpha colonies has been a heavy cruiser and it appears to have been in service for a very long time. In fact all of the war ships seen in the Alpha quadrant belonging to them seem to be older ships.

This has lead various experts to bring forth the following hypothesis, that the Yassengoro Confederacy keep all their new, high tech ships close to home and that the older, less reliable ships are sent out to provide security for the colonies. The farther the colony the older the ships protecting it.

Further evidence that seems to support this is the fact that the only Yassengoro vessels that have been seen that are capably of high warp (warp 9.77778) have been small lightly armed express ships. The rest of the war ships available to them do not seem able to match Federation vessels when it comes to speed.

Federation Intelligence Files

Most of the data available to the Federation regarding this species was provided by Alexander Gregovich (the first Yassengoro to enter Starfleet service).

Alexander Gregorvich, the only Yassengoro in Starfleet service, married T'Lan Johnson (Terran/Vulcan Hybrid) and had a son, Christopher Johnson (Terran/Vulcan/Yassengoro).

Christopher had the telepathic powers that Alexander had but not as powerful. Yet any other telepath that faced him still found him a formidable opponent during mind attacks. Christopher married Evaline Segan and had two children, Jania and Edward Johnson. Other than the Johnson family, no other Yassengoro family has been recorded in the Federation.

New Data

As a result of certain investigations by various Federation Intelligence agencies it is now apparent that the Confederacy may have splintered and become broken up into smaller sections. Much of the data regarding their political make up has become confused and simply makes no sense. Some of these reports indicate that their may have been armed conflict between some of these new divisions. At this time their is no way to confirm this data.

The other thing that these intelligence agencies discovered is that the Yassengoro routinely use false information to confuse and intimidate their enemies. Since they consider all other species to be enemies it is impossible to determine just which files have been fabricated. This resulted in a complete review of this file. As best as can be determined the information currently contained in it is correct.


This is an original species created by Captain Edward Johnson, Captain John Conor, Captain Narada Johnson, Lt(JG) Ernie Melman, Captain Alexander Gregovich and Admiral Bill Halsey who were all part of the staff of Azerti Base and its associated ships. All above characters are former characters from a similar game but not connected e-mail RPG. For our purposes they will be treated as NPCs. Ensign Edward Johnson, Helmsman on the USS Apollo use to be a member of that group and he brought the species over with him when he joined us.


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