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Four Letter Code INVE
Federation Status Allies
Planet of Origin Invernia II
Encountered DS9: Melora
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level M
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"We are lost, adrift in the cosmos, a people with no history, no soul, no connection to the universe around us so we search, seeking our origins."
a Invernian proverb.
The Invernian are a species constantly in search of their own origins. Transplaneted to their current world by some unknown species ages ago, they call them the Josainari (literally, "Originators" in their language)). Most of their species spends their entire lives in search for either the world they came from or the species that moved them.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Pirus Sector (coordinates A26-0002-1302 )
  • Proper Name: Invernia
  • Star: It orbits a class G (Yellow) star
  • Distance from Star: it's orbit is approximately 43 million km
  • Companions: 5 planets. It is the 3rd planet in the system
  • Moons: It has 1 large moon and 2 small ones

Home World

  • Proper Name: Ha'aijosa (Federation Designation: Invernia II)
  • Diameter: 12,749 km (7,968 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.06 standard gravity with a density of 5.8
  • Axial Tilt: 9% with minor seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 294 days
  • Rotational Period: 22 hours
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 63%
    • Atmosphere: 1.07 is a standard pressure with 75% nitrogen, 24% oxygen, 1% trace chemicals
    • Climate: Warm in general with semi-tropical temps at the equator.
    • Terrain: Only a wide strip just over 500 miles wide around the equator is inhabitable. The rest is oceans, barren mountainious zones and active volcanoes.
    • Population: Just over 2 million on world, an unknown number wander the galaxy


They prefer to be called Invernians rather than "Ha'aijosans" because they associate themselves with their star. Their society has always known that it originated elsewhere in the cosmos. Although they have always known that life existed beyond the stars, they only achieved interstellar travel roughly 300 years ago.

Only a small number remain on Ha'aijosa now; the majority seek a life off-world once they reach the age of exploration in order to search for the Josainari (literally, "Originators")). Those that remain tend to work in the planetary administration in order to co-ordinate the search with those off-world. All Invernians see themselves as part of a galactic family with all beings, and share feelings similar to those of human nuclear families with the whole of the Invernian race.


The Invernian administration is kept deliberately small and provisional so that, the moment the Josainari are found, every Invernian can pack up and head to the true home-world.


They are humanoid, slim bodies and black or white hair (most often black). Their skin can change shades but in it's natural state is a translucence white. They tend to wear light shimmering robe like garments in blacks, whites, and greys. They have 3 long slender fingers and a thumb. On the average a full grown individual stands about 5 foot tall.


Invernian skin has a unique pigmentation that changes depending on mood. Serenity and contemplation show as a deep orange. Joy is a bright gold, almost the color of the Invernian sun (which is much like Sol). Anger is a deep blue.


Invernians are Empathic by nature. Though their physiology makes this trait superfluous on their homeworld, once they leave Ha'aijosa it often proves a powerful method of maintaining comfort in new environments. Having seen the feelings of others all their pre-exploration lives, and innately feeling them without realizing, they often rely on their empathic powers to understand the diverse and confusing societies they meet in the cosmos.


They have a deep sense of the spiritual undercurrent of the universe, and have a deep religiosity regarding stars in particular. Each time an Invernian approaches a new starsystem, he or she will kneel down on one knee, bow her or his head toward the star, and humbly inquire of it as if it might show him or her the way to finding the Josainari.


All their myths have to do with the Josainari. They are a fabled race living in perfect peace and harmony. For some unknown reason their ancestors went in search of something better. They have been trying to get back home ever since.


They have a fairly loose society. They are always coming and going. Traveling between stars either alone or in small groups.


They have an interest in most arts but do not seem to create much of their own. Most are too busy searching for some evidence of the location of the Josainari to spend any time on creating any new art, music, etc, of their own. Those that do create tend to use their art to hypothesize about the Josainari.


Like the Bajorans they also use their family names first followed by their personel name second. All Invernian family names are 4 letters long. This is in keeping with the myths that claim the Josainari true name for themselves is also 4 letters long.

If at all possible, Invernians always return home to bear children so that they may be immersed in the culture and traditions associated with the Josainari. When Invernian children reach the age of 13 Standard Years old, the Age of Exploration, their family and friends celebrate a ritual called Jotsolta, the Rite of Expedition. At the end of the rite, they set off to explore the galaxy, beginning their own search for the Josainari. Most often, when the family's eldest child celebrates the Jotsolta, the parents also return to the search following the week-long ceremony.


They are interested in all technology, eager to ascertain if any new items they find show Josainari influence. However, due to the complications that creating an infrastructure for technological redesign and application would add to their goverment, they very rarely embrace the adoption of new technologies into the primary Invernian society at Ha'aijosa. Therefore, in practice most Invernian technologies are either stagnant or updated as needed by the specific user.

Before the achievement of faster than light travel, Invernian society focused nearly all of its resources on research. However, once they achieved their goal, all research stopped and the current policy on technology was adopted.


Due to the simplicity of their government, they are fairly self sufficient and do not require goods from other species. However, they are avid dealers of information due to their belief that "only through knowledge will the Josainari be found."


They have no military or history of aggressive behaviour. Instead, they rely on the Federation for protection while they search peaceably for the Josainari.

Federation Intelligence Files

A Invernian girl about 10 years old died while a young Dr. Bashir and his father were trapped in a remote area by an ionic storm, but a common native herb could easily have saved her.

While they do not tend to be interested in anything except the search for the "Josainari" a few have been known to become involved in other activities. However even then they are still primarily interested in the search for any information, no matter how small that may help in the search. One notable exception is Zita Sesilia who joined Starfleet and served on the USS Independence-A for a while.


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