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Image of Kessa T'Dara.
Four Letter Code ANTO
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Antosia
Encountered unknown
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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REV 239709.22
Starfleet Medical Alert

attention:This species is known to be unable to produce hybrids. Consult with your doctor before having relations with this species


The Antosians are a humanoid race located in the Alpha Quadrant.


  • Proper Name: Antosian
  • Pronunciation: Ant'o'Sian

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Beloti Sector (coordinates A25-0004-1302)
  • Proper Name: Antosia
  • Pronunciation: Ant'o'Sia
  • Star: Class A (white) supergiant
  • Distance from Star: it's orbit is approximately 217 million km
  • Companions: 3 other planets and 2 asteroid belts. Antosia is the 2nd planet in this system.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Antosia
  • Pronunciation: Ant'o'Sia
  • Diameter: 11,973 km (7,483 miles)
  • Gravity: 0.98 standard gravity with a density of 5.7
  • Axial Tilt: 11%, minor seasonal effects (less than Earth)
  • Orbital Period: 537 days
  • Rotational Period: 31 hours
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 47%
    • Atmosphere: 0.96 is a standard pressure with 77% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 2% argon
    • Climate: Tropical with temperatures being on average 38 celcius (100 fahrenheit) at the 30th parallel with a night time low of 27 (80) and a mid-day high of 49 (120)
    • Population: Just over 2 billion


The Antosian people have never engaged in any hostility with any other member of their own race. In fact a search of all their records show that there is no record of any violent crimes or confrontations anywhere within the recorded history of their people.

However about 480 years ago they were invaded by the Egans. They did not resist at this time. They suffered under a military dictatorship for close to 50 years before they rose up and fought back. It took them 5 years but in that time they not only drove the invaders off their home world but pushed them back to their own home world. The war ended when they had destroyed every ship, production facility and major city on the Egans home world.

Since then they have worked hard to remove every physical reminder of that period in their history.


The world is divided up into various regions. Each region has a representative on the central council. This council has 11 members and will debate and then vote on any and all issues. These deliberations are broadcast and can be viewed by anyone on world. Also any citizen may bring an issue to the attention of the council or speak on any issue in front of the council.


An Antosian female.

The Antosian people are tall slim humanoids who stand on average 5'10" to 6'6". The one feature that everyone notices first about them is their hair. It is past shoulder length on men and women and ranges in color from blue and green to purple. While the color range covers all possible shades or combinations of these colors they tend to be mostly bright in nature verging on neon. Strangely enough the individuals eye color will always match their hair color exactly.

They have pointed ears like Vulcans but tend to smile and laugh a lot. Their clothing style is wide and varied and may include just about any style worn by any race they have ever encountered.


The Antosians seem to be fairly resistant to most viral or bacterial infections. No records are available to show how they might react if they become sick. Medical treatment of those that have become injured in accidents or by other means show they have a fairly common physiology for a humanoid race however their blood work does show very aggressive white blood cells.


Their sense of taste is so sensitive that they can easily tell the difference between natural foods and that created using a replicator. As a result they tend to refuse to eat foods that are not 100% natural.

Blood Chemistry

Due to certain unusual properties found within the chemical makeup of their blood it is impossible to use said blood for any other species. Further due to its aggressive white blood cells it is very hard to find a match even among their own people. The use of synthetics for minor blood transfusions is now the norm. Another possible side effect of their aggressive blood is the fact that it has proven to be impossible so far for Antosians to mate and produce children with any species other than their own.

The AMA (Antosian Medical Association) has been researching a way to allow Antosians and non-Antosian species to produce offspring that combine both of their genetics. Cross-species reproduction attempts have resulted failed pregnancies when the mother is Antosian, and disfigured children if the father is. However, while their research for a medicine that will allow this is promising, they have not found a viable and consistent method of allowing cross species reproduction. [1][2]


An unusual aspect of their hair is the fact that intensive testing can reveal the patients’ medical history in regards to viruses and medications. Unfortunately the hair can only be tested for the period of time that covers its growth.

Medical Training

During medical school, they use a very unusual teaching method. In order to show how various illnesses affects their species, they inject one of the med students with a highly aggressive virus, and quarantine all the students to the same area so they can tell the difference between directly affected (injected) and those infected by exposure (which was a weaker infection). Since they have such aggressive white blood cells and a highly adaptive immune system this normally fatal and cavalier method of instruction tends to be a safe teaching method.


They tend to be very curious and like to experiment. They will try just about anything at least once. On the whole they are a very friendly race. No records exist to show any of their people who have ventured off world suffering from any form of mental difficulty. They have the reputation for being free spirits and thrill seekers.


They have no true formal religion, however they do believe that those that have passed on are reborn. As a result both funerals and birthing are times of great celebrations.


No true myths although various heroes of the Egan Rebellion have gained certain aspects of worship with statues and memorials to their deeds.


Everyone is friendly and helpful to any and all other members of their race. This aspect of their society is also extended in a limited way to outsiders. A true co-operative species who can and will overcome any difficulty because they know that together they can achieve any goal.


Pleasure in all it's forms are the driving force behind their race. They enjoy art, music, dance, social gatherings, celebrations, wine, food, thrill seeking and trying new things. Almost any thing can be an excuse for a party, as long as it includes most of the above items.



This is the term given to that one special Antosian who is the perfect soul mate. All Antosians dream of finding their Ba'vira.


The birth of a new life results in a large celebration that usually lasts for 3 days. This will include the entire family, extended family, friends and anyone else who can find time to join them. The baby and his mother are the guests of honour and everything is done for them.


A wedding celebration will continue until the bride and groom finally collapse from exhaustion. This can normally take from 3 to 7 days. When they do collapse they are carried to the bridal suit by what ever guests are still capable of performing the feat. At this point they will be left alone for 10 days to make the wedding legal in the eye's of their families.


The guest of honour is the deceased. They will be placed in a chair at the head of the main table. Guests will celebrate the deeds and life of the deceased. On the 3rd day the chair will be lifted and carried to an outdoor location where it will be placed on a funeral pyre. The flames will be lit and the guests will dance and rejoice that the spirit has been freed to return when it is ready. The ash's will be eventually scattered over the closest large body of water.


They have warp drive technology that is close to that employed by the Federation. Any of their vessels that have been seen are always well designed. They seem to be designed both for visual enjoyment but also for comfort. They do not have transporter or replicator technology. Some interest has been shown in transporter tech but none for replicator tech. In fact they prefer real food to anything materialized out of a replicator as they claim it ruins the taste.


They are totally self sufficient and import very little. What they do import tends to be luxury items like exotic foods, rare wines, expensive cloths and unique novelty items or devices that they have taken an interest in.

They export very little except for high quality foods, wines, clothes and cloth. Technology does not really interest them but they may trade for it if it is something new that has some kind of enjoyment or entertainment quality or application.


The Antosians military vessels are a wonder to look upon. They have been designed to look aesthetically pleasing with gentle flowing lines that seem to convey the image of great speed and power. The most common ships are frigates, destroyers and cruisers. They have 1 dreadnaught which serves as the flagship of their small fleet.

Federation Intelligence Files


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