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Four Letter Code AAAM
Federation Status Members
Planet of Origin Aaamazzara
Encountered Star Trek: The Motion Picture
Current Tech Level M to N
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"Why leave when everything I could want or ever need is right here."
a Aaamazzarite saying.
The Aaamazzarite are a species of peaceful isolationists who have no interest in the universe around them but who do support and provide individuals to the Federation council of which they are a member. Other than that very few of their species ever leave their homeworld.

They are also known by the name of Therbians.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Alpha
  • Location: Kalandra Sector (coordinates A24-0002-1300)
  • Proper Name: Epsilon Serpentis system
  • Stars: a (Single) class A2 V (bright, white dwarf) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 64 million km
  • Companions: Dooornee, Therbia, Saaree, Kaaaps, Duurbeen, Draaa, Dreee
  • Moons: it has 3 moons.

Home World

  • Proper Name: Aaamazzara
  • Diameter: 18,438 km (11,457 miles)
  • Gravity: 0.92 standard gravity with a density of 3.5
  • Axial Tilt: 0.62% no appreciable tilt and no seasonal effects
  • Orbital Period: 1,678.2 days
  • Rotational Period: 14.7 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 48%
  • Atmosphere: Standard (0.85) bars nitrogen-oxygen (0.79; 0.20 with 0.01 trace gases).
  • Climate: Tropical zones cover all areas with the exception of high altitude regions and the

extreme latitudes (polar regions are average). Ocean currents are warm, contributing to the heavy amount of precipitation across the entire surface. Seasonal changes are minor.

  • Terrain: Numerous rain forests, jungles and small swamps with rolling hills, occasional small mountains and rough, rocky hills.
  • Population: About 35 million


They started out as a hunter/gatherer society that lagged behind in technology until contacted by Captain Garth of the star ship Izar in 2240. Allowed entry into the Federation under a 'grandfather clause' of the Prime Directive that allowed interaction with cultures contacted prior to General Order One.

Their history has been one of peaceful co-existence with their world. Advances have been slow and steady and conflict and aggression is almost unknown to them. They have never had any wars, internal conflicts or civil unrest. In fact their has never been any serious criminal activity on their world either.

The Aaamazzarites are a secluded race and few ever leave their world. Likewise, few people from other worlds ever visit. That being said they do take their responsibilities as members of the Federation seriously. As a result qualified candidates who meet the requirements needed to act as diplomats to the Federation enter into a lottery. The loser and his staff are the ones who have earned the honor of representing them.


They have an Oligarchy and their leader is called the 'Prime'. The Prime sets all policy and this includes relations with other planets, the Federation, and individual communities on the home world.

Below the "Prime" are the leaders of the individual caste's. They act as his cabinet and work hard to advise and implement his orders.


They appear to be hairless humanoids with a pale waxy yellow complexion. They have large heads with bifurcated craniums and deep set eyes that are shielded by their heavy brow ridge.


They are a humanoid species distinguished by large bald, bulbous, ridged heads. Though they do not look like it, the Aaamazzarites bodies function much like that of many types of spiders. They are able to biochemically create a substance that they use to create clothing, furniture, and other items used in daily life. This chemical and the resulting 'bioresin/silk' is spun from their mouths. They posses a second stomach where this biochemical resides.

Reproduction is accomplished through means other than live birth. It is believed that they produce eggs that they then guard and protect until they hatch.


They very seldom travel alone and are known to be susceptible to trauma induced phobias. Other than that they seem to be a very stable species mentally.


They believe that the "Prime" is a direct conduit and descendant of the supreme maker. A physical manifestation of the creative force that created their people. As such his word is law.


Rich and deep, only recently segregated from religion and history. Certain Federation experts are now engaged in updating the files regarding this subject.


For many years, a caste system has been in place. There are three main castes: Religious, Artists, and Worker. These 3 caste's have numerous smaller subdivisions with the largest caste by far being that of the workers. Each caste has its own laws and traditions. Society is generally matriarchal, and usually, but not always, the eldest female of the caste is in charge. Though this is a ridged system, there is no stigma associated with belonging with any caste.


The culture of this species revolves around their long history and is heavy in art and storytelling. As a result they have a deep love of most art forms and this is one of the few luxury goods that they import on a regular basis. Sculptures and other forms of physical art being the most common.


Each individual caste has their own customs and workers take great pride in their creations.


They were a primitive people who were contacted prior to gaining the ability to traverse space. They were first seen in Federation installations as per Federation records AAA-07483-99213 after receiving the technology needed for space flight from a Terran contact.

Everything on Aaamazzara is created from their biochemical ability to spin a bioresin like chemical much like many various types of spiders in order to produce anything that they need. It is in this way that they build their homes, clothing and furniture. They sort of spin or generate the material from their bodies using its chemicals which are then released from their mouths.

The few star port and transport facilities are ground based and were built using a combination of their own abilities and material that they were able to trade for. As a result, there is nothing in orbit of the planet. Only extremely basic, emergency repairs are available to star ships that can land on the planet.

Due to the fact that everything they produce is created out of a bioresin that is a biproduct of their natural physiology, the planet is fairly free of pollutants. Little if any damage has been done to the ecological balance of the world.


Not much is known about their economy on their home world but their is a market for many of the items that they produce. They seem to be fairly self sufficient. They import luxury goods.


They have no known military or planetary defenses and no military forces. They have never needed any and they have no real interest in participating in such silly activities. Only a very few of them have ever entered Starfleet and so far none have ever entered the Marines.

Federation Intelligence Files

Also known as Therbians. While not a warp capable species originally they were allowed to join the Federation under a 'grandfather clause' of the Prime Directive that allowed interaction with cultures contacted prior to General Order One.


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