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Four Letter Code NAUS
Federation Status Neutral
Planet of Origin Nausicaa
Encountered ENT: Fortunate Son
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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"You’re a pathetic excuse for a male. Even females laugh at your face."
a typical Nausicaan insult.
The Nausicaan are a species of large humanoids who are well-known for their availability as mercenaries, operating as pirates and general all around nasty, disagreeable disposition.

Home System

  • Quadrant: Beta
  • Location: Nausicaa Sector (coordinates B27-0002-1300)
  • Proper Name: Nausicaan system
  • Star: It orbits a binary star system with a class M (Red) star and a class A (White) star
  • Distance from Star: its orbit is approximately 37 million km from the Class M and 46 million km from the Class A
  • Companions: It is the 5th of 5 planets in the system
  • Moons: It has 3 moons

Home World

  • Proper Name: Nausicaa
  • Diameter: 23,801 km (14,789 miles)
  • Gravity: 1.02 standard gravity with a density of 3.0
  • Axial Tilt: 8.3%, with minimal seasonal changes
  • Orbital Period: 439 days
  • Rotational Period: 26.7 hours
  • Classification: M
  • Surface Water: 40%
  • Atmosphere: 1.09% is a standard pressure with 71% nitrogen, 23% oxygen, 6% trace chemicals
  • Climate: Mainly a temperate planet. They have heavy industrial pollution making the rain acidic and dangerous and the atmosphere difficult to breathe.
  • Terrain: It has vast barren regions scared by the permanent damage caused by a total lack of concern over exploitation of their natural resources causing planet wide ecological problems.
  • Population: Just over 650 thousand remain on their homeworld after the Borg attack with another eight and a half million scattered around the universe.


In 2058, Naussican raiders boarded the lost Vanguard colony. The inhabitants attempted to greet them peacefully, but to no avail. Over 200 colony residents were killed before the Nausicaans were driven off.

During the 22nd century, the Nausicaans were well-known pirates, attacking freighters in various sectors for years. The Federation vessel, ECS Horizon was just one of many ships to have had a run-in with some Nausicaan pirates.

In the year 2151, Earth established their first official contact with the Nausicaans when the Earth ship Enterprise intervened in a conflict involving the ECS Fortunate and a force of Nausicaan pirates.

At this point in their history, despite their renegade behavior, they were known to work in larger groups, like a military. Such organization in their society and space ventures, however, seems to have apparently dissolved in later years.

In 2371, a group of Nausicaans used an ultrasonic generator to break in and rob the Central Museum of Remmil VI by breaking down one of the exterior walls. At this time the Nausicaans were infamous as hired thugs, pirates, criminals and were a common choice as bodyguards or hired muscle.

Ferengi Ferengi Commerce Authority (FCA) liquidator Brunt used two Nausicaans as bodyguards in 2372 when he investigated a labor union set up by employees of Quark. The Nausicaans severely beat Quark in an unsuccessful attempt to force Rom to shut down the union.

In 2374, Quark proposed using Nausicaans to break his brother out of his holding cell. For five bars of gold-pressed latinum, Quark could hire five Nausicaans, a fast ship and very few questions. Breaking Rom out of the holding cell would have been child's play compared to the things Nausicaans are used to doing. Later that year, Quark made 200 bars of gold-pressed latinum by selling Denevan crystals to a Nausicaan entrepreneur.

The Orion Syndicate was also known to hire Nausicaans. Miles O'Brien was attacked by several of them on New Sydney in 2375.

In 2376 Nausicaan rogue agents attacked Starbase 92.

Nausicaa suffered widespread damage by the Borg during the Borg Invasion of 2381.


While no proof can be found it is believed that they had some kind of unified government in the 22nd century but by the 24th no trace or proof of its existence remain.

22 Century Nausicaan.jpg

Instead they now have completely independent governments for each and every asteroid based settlement, off world colony or city on their homeworld. There is no unification of motive or even much possibility of co-operative ventures between these groups. Also each group may and often does have their own unique form or style of government.


In some ways they are very physically similar to the Chalnoth as they are generally tall surpassing two meters in height, with great physical strength. Their faces were commonly ashen in color and are distinguished by a prominent bone structure with sharp tusks protruding at either side of their mouths.

Some Nausicaans also have a line of four small horns that run vertically down the forehead, though this trait seemed to have become less common by the 24th century. In fact their seems to be an unusual amount of change in their appearance since the 22nd century with them as a species becoming noticeably taller, stronger, more violent, aggressive with changes to their facial features as well.

24 century Nausicaan.jpg

Nausicaan Language

They have a deep guttural speaking voice and a distinct accent, though they were commonly considered to be more the silent, brooding type when not being bullies or aggressive and insulting in the 24th century. This is a radical change from the 22nd century when their voices were less harsh and their vocabulary seemed to be more extensive with less antagonistic use of words when interacting with other species.

A few common words that they use often are, Guramba = a word meaning gumption, nerve, gall and courage. Undari = a word to describe cowards and Orcho lok resnik = a phrase used to express amusement at the sight of others fighting.


As with most intelligent humanoid species they have a very complex system with specialized organs, and unique hormones, chemicals and enzymes. They are typical humanoids with most of the physical, mental and biological medical problems that seem to plague most humanoids.

The Nausicaan species seems to be undergoing an unusual change to their genetic makeup as characterized by the radical changes in them as a people since the 22nd century. It is unknown if these changes are now complete or if they are still ongoing.

They are now noticeably taller and stronger than they use to be as well as displaying increased aggression and anti-social behavior. On average they are approximately twice as strong as an athletic human and their adrenal gland gives off a fragrance not unlike the scent of some female Humans' sweat after performing exercise.


Nausicaans are renowned for their lack of subtlety and surly, ill-tempered manner. They can be very aggressive, anti-social with hair trigger tempers and seem to have trouble controlling these aggressive tendencies. Some have even been known to explode into berserker rages with adrenal fueled strength that easily surpasses even their normal levels of ability. They also seem to have a fierce sense of individual independence that may go a long way to explaining why they have no central government and why each group or settlement worries about themselves and only themselves.


The Nausicaans believe in four gods known as the Four Winds who inhabit the Heart of the Sky. These deities watch and observe, picking the best warriors to serve them in the afterlife. Most experts seem to agree that these four gods are like brothers, ones who have a strong rivalry between them.


While they have a number of tales, legends and myths regarding various heroes from their past as well as the Four Winds not a lot of effort has been put into preserving or teaching these to the younger generations. Everyone of them knows a couple tales, ones that appeal to them individually but they have no interest in the others for the most part and many of the smaller communities will only have a small fraction of these tales available to their people.


To say that they have an unusual form of society would be an understatement. Each and every asteroid based settlement, off world colony or city on their homeworld seems to be completely different and unique. The only real similarities between any of these communities is their love of violent activities, anti-social behavior and fierce sense of individual independence.



All of Nausicaa’s landmass is connected. Although 40% of the surface is covered in water, it doesn’t possess the oceans found on other worlds. Instead, it sports a series of large lakes and isolated seas. These are mostly concentrated in the tropics, forming a pair of irregular “rings” around the circumference. A belt of forest exists along the equator, and the planet’s major cities are clustered on grassland slightly to the north. This causes the lakes and seas to form a “fringe”, separating the lush and fertile regions - and those supporting extensive settlements - from the temperature latitudes, which are largely barren.

Among the most prominent Nausicaan cities are Gedya, Gi’rak toa, K’Kall’a, and Melvar, all located in the northern hemisphere. There are also the spaceport cities of Re’tak’ma and Rylon, as well as the southern settlements Sandala and Sdara. Both of these are located on the coast of particularly productive seas.

The land area of Nausicaa is predominantly arid, typically rough and rocky. Given the storms and the constant wind, one would assume that little could survive on the surface. This is incorrect. Besides the thin band of forest, which is just as lush as those on other worlds, Nausicaa features a surprising variety of fauna and flora across its plains and mountains. The life-forms of Nausicaa are hardy, and resistant to weather. Almost all animals are omnivores, able to subsist on plants where they are common, and each other where they are not.

Sadly, Nausicaan civilization has reduced many native species to shadows of their former selves. The climate is irrevocably affected by heavy industrial pollution. Because of the anarchic nature of the populace, combined with exploitation of resources during their initial infrastructure build-up, Nausicaa bears the permanent scars of total ecological disaster. Rain is often acidic and dangerous; the atmosphere difficult to breathe. Thousands of native life forms became extinct in the course of a century.

There was one place on Nausicaa where violence and competition were not the norm. The Great Silver Plain, over the northern pole, was a glacier of smooth ice and clear skies, with little vegetation or life of any kind. The ice was very thick, and polished by the constant winds. Even snow tended not to accumulate. Nausicaans who sought enlightenment traditionally took a pilgrimage across the Great Silver Plain, a journey of 300 miles. They were not permitted to carry ranged weapons of any kind. No Nausicaan could attack or fight another on the Plain, but neither could they help each other, or provide even basic aid. Survival was said to bring understanding...or madness.


Nausicaan culture appeared to be firmly rooted in violence. Most Nausicaan games involved inflicting pain or injury, including one played by liquidator Brunt's bodyguards, which involved tossing darts at each other's chest.

Nausicaan tusk opera

Nausicaan tusk opera is a form of music created by the Nausicaans, and is very popular amongst other species - even species they don't have a good relationship with.



Each Nausicaan receives a sword upon reaching his age of maturity. Under normal conditions they will never part with this blade, keeping it sheathed at their side, to one of their legs, to their back with the hilt peeking up above a shoulder or across the small of their back. This blade seems to be more than just a defensive weapon to them as they treat it as not just as part of them but with what passes for them as an almost religious respect and reverence.


When one of them dies the body must be completely destroyed. This frees the spirit from the confinement of the physical form so that it can fly free and join the Four Winds in their version of heaven called the Heart of the Sky. The greatest insult one can level against any Nausicaan is to not destroy their physical forms when one of them dies.


They do not seem to have many if any researchers and seem to maintain their level of technological ability by trading, stealing or being paid for their services with technology that they do not already own.


They do not as a species tend to make good traders and while a very small percentage of them do manage to make a fair living by operating freighters the majority of them either sell out their services to the highest bidder, go raiding, become pirates, mercenaries or body guards.

Nausicaan sword.jpg


While little has been seen that would indicate any governmental or military organization in Nausicaan society, the 22nd century saw coordinated acts of piracy. Hunting parties of several warp-capable raider starships armed with plasma cannons and protected by deflector shields, worked out of asteroid bases. The pirate crews were armed with hand-held directed energy weapons.

Over the next two centuries, however this seems to have changed. Now most contact with Nausicaans is in the form of isolated run-ins with single ships or in rare cases with two or three ships belonging to the same small isolated group of independent operators. Surprisingly the practice of using asteroids as settlements and bases for small bands of pirates, criminals or mercenaries did not go out of practice.

Nausicaan Sword

The Nausicaan sword is a blade-weapon used primarily by Nausicaans. In fact it is very unusual to find one not carrying a sword. This weapon is approximately two to two and a half feet in length with the one edge being razor sharp and the other edge having three ridges used to block and stop the movement of an attacking sword. The hand grip is fashioned of a material that makes it easier to maintain a solid grip especially during combat.

Nausicaan ship.jpg

Raider class vessel (22nd Century)

Nausicaan raiders were vessels employed by Nausicaan pirates during the mid-22nd century for raiding freighter routes. At this time these vessels were armed with forward and aft plasma cannons and possessed primitive shields. Although their weapons were considered formidable to a Y class freighter, Nausicaan raiders were outmatched by NX-class starships, whose spatial torpedoes were capable of piercing Nausicaan shields. These ships had a crew of between 15 and 25 on average.

Three of these vessels, operating out of an asteroid base, attacked the ECS Fortunate and raided its cargo for a period of several months during 2151. Fortunately, the Starfleet vessel Enterprise was able to offer assistance during that year.

Raider class vessel (24th Century)

Now in the 24th century they have a wide range of variety in the size, weapons and capabilities of their raider class ships. With crew ranging in size from 50 to 100 and the defensive and offensive capabilities that can sometimes match and in rare cases surpass those of a Federation class Defiant.

Thanks to their work as pirates, criminals and mercenaries for hire they have been able to gain access to weapons technology from many different species and will incorporate different defensive and offensive systems on different ships. As a result these vessels tend to be something of an enigma until they open fire and engage in combat.

Federation Intelligence Files

According to Dr. Phlox, the Nausicaan adrenal gland gave off a fragrance not unlike the scent of some female Humans' sweat after performing exercise.

In 2152, while time traveling, Doctor Phlox saw a possible future in which Enterprise was attacked by Nausicaan pirates.

In the mid-2320s, Cadet Third-Class officer Picard was assigned to training on Morikin VII where he had his first encounter with Nausicaans, who had an outpost on a nearby asteroid.

In 2327, the newly-graduated Picard and two of his friends, Cortan Zweller and Marta Batanides, became involved in a fight at the Bonestell Recreation Facility on Starbase Earhart on the old pre-alliance Klingon frontier.

A trio of Nausicaans cheated during a game of dom-jot. During the melee that followed, one of the Nausicaans stabbed Picard through the heart with a serrated-edge metal sword, severely injuring him and necessitating the implanting of an artificial heart.

Raiders from this large humanoid race broke in to the central museum on Remmil VI using a high-frequency ultrasonic generator to break through the native spun-crystalline webbing used in construction.

One is a customer of Garak's on Deep Space Nine, who got very upset when the tailor misplaced his wedding suit.

A Nausicaan was seen in a bar on Dessica II while the senior staff of the USS Enterprise-D was searching for clues about the whereabouts of Captain Jean-Luc Picard in that establishment.

A Nausicaan representative was part of the holographic diplomacy scenario 12-alpha aboard the USS Voyager in which Q Junior was to act as a mediator. Here, amongst other species, Nausicaans and Bolians were fighting over the mining rights to a dilithium-rich planetoid. The holographic Nausicaan, notable for his green skin, claimed that the planetoid was within Nausicaan space and warned that they would attack anyone who came near it.

The Nausicaan Prime Shipyard is controlled and used by the Federation and Starfleet but is located very close to the Nausicaan homeworld.

Kajek was a Nausicaan Bounty hunter that was in the employment of the Orion Merchant-Prince Ganz. Kajek performed several missions for Ganz in the late23rd century.

Iliana Ghemor used Nausicaans in 2376 and 2377. One served her aboard a Besinian freighter, while Savonigar was hired to kill the mirror universe Ghemor. She was also a big fan of their music called tusk opera. Savonigar considered himself to be an anomaly on Nausicaa.

In 2380, a Nausicaan served as a bouncer in the Cantino, a bar on a space station near Idryl space.


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Just for interest

The Nausicaans were named after the princess Nausicaä of the Phaeaces in the Greek epic poem The Odyssey by Homer. "Nausicaä" (Ναυσικάα) is Greek and literally means "burner of ships", which might be an allegory to the Nausicaan's common profession of piracy.

The Nausicaans were also intended as a reference to the main character of the 1984 Japanese animated science fiction film Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind, who was, in turn, named after the Greek princess as well. (Star Trek Encyclopedia)

Coincidentally, Patrick Stewart later lent his voice talent to the 2005 English redubbing of this anime film. His character, Lord Yupa, intervenes in a fight by blocking princess Nausicaä's sword thrust with his gauntleted forearm, getting stabbed in the process.

The Nausicaans in Star Trek: Enterprise differ slightly from those seen in every other episode in which they appear. Most noticeably, they are smaller in stature and are a yellow and pinkish in color with an additional line of spikes running down their forehead ridges. They also speak more clearly and are generally more humanoid in their 22nd century portrayal. While this could be attributed to simple variations within the species, their more civilized manner could be seen as an indication of a cultural shift away from a more structured society by the 24th century.

The Star Trek: Voyager episode "Nemesis" features a Nausicaan-like alien species known as the Kradin.


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