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The Shoals
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Origin of the Name

On the planet Turthis III, a synthetic composite material was created that is incredibly strong and when fashioned into a knife they are razor sharp. This material is darkest black in color with a dull, flat look and able to maintain their sharpness with very little maintenance. It is made from a single solid piece of metal and most members of the Black Talons organization own at least one of them. Most importantly the material does not register as any form of metallic substance making them very hard to detect on planets with lower technology.


The Black Talons are a branch of the Orion Syndicate that was created in 2333 approximately. According to Federation intelligence records a Suravh Casee was employed by the syndicate originally as an facilitator and enforcer. He was very successful and this added to his ruthlessness and cunning allowed him to advance through the ranks rather quickly. However he was extremely ambitious and did not like the idea of having to remain a flunky for the rest of his life. When he saw how successful the Black Daggers, a splinter group operating completely independently but under the overall umbrella of the Orion Syndicate was he approached the organization with a plan. Eventually he was given the green light to proceed with his idea but in an area selected by the syndicate. His new organization would be called the Black Talons and be located in the region of space called the Shoals.

In 2333 when Suravh Casee arrived in the Shoals, he had a core group of individuals, all hand picked by him. He had learned a valuable lesson from what had happened in the Black Daggers and decided to stack the deck so to speak. All of the men that he picked were good at their jobs, ruthless, violent, the cream of the criminal underworld but even more importantly none of them were what you could call management material. As a result he felt sure he could concentrate on building his new empire with out having any of them stab him in the back.

Since then he has continued to expand his control of the various different underworld organizations within the Shoals. Sometimes by ruthlessly having the leaders of rival mobs assassinated and at other times by just absorbing those organizations into his own. As a result of these actions he now controls over 85% of all criminal actions within the Shoals. However the down side of all this has been to leave him in the position of having to micromanage the majority of his organizations activities. Something that is starting to take a toll on his health as he gets closer and closer to that point where he knows he will need to select someone to take his place. Unfortunately there are very few candidates available as he either had most of them assassinated over the years or the few that are left lack the skills and training needed to do the job.

Starfleet Intelligence has reported that there now seem to be factions developing within the Black Talons organization and that a mob war for control of the organization may be a very real possibility. In fact Surah Casee has seemingly vanished with no one, even inside his organization knowing where he is.

Current Status

At this time they operate in the Alpha Quadrant with the center of their operations being the Shoals. Their network extends across almost every settled world within this region and even technically into areas claimed by the Klingon Empire. In fact Federation Intelligence knows that they now have the strongest criminal presence within this region. Unfortunately they also believe that their is a very strong possibility of a mob war developing as various factions within the organization move to take control.

While considered to be completely independent most experts believe that this organization is basically a sub-division of the Orion Syndicate, operating with their full knowledge, co-operation and recognition.

Known Members

  • Suravh Casee founded and created the organization but has vanished from sight.