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Museum Ship

  • Stardate 239308 to 239309

The crew of the Invicta are tasked with bringing an old relic back online in time for the centennial celebrations of the Khitomer Accords.

Guest Stars

  • David Whale, Assistant Director of Criminal Intelligence Operations, Federation Security
    • A former Starfleet Marine officer who once served on the USS Ackerman in the 2260s.
  • Alton Vines, former chief engineer of the USS Ackerman
    • A fellow survivor of Whale's from the Ackerman Event, which brought three officers from the 2260s into the 24th century.
  • Kinan Venroe, Khitomer Centennial Event Organizer (Federation Representative)
    • Former first officer of the Invicta while briefly under the command of Roshanara Rahman before being reassigned to Starfleet Administration.

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