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This special welcome is presented by Rear Admiral Renos, the Awards Faciliator for this year's ceremonies.
To the community of UFOP: StarBase 118,

Welcome to the fleetwide awards ceremony for 2018, or, in world, 2395!

As the veterans among you will know, the award ceremony recognizes some of the most talented people in the history of the organization and coincides with the fleet's 'birthday'. This year, we're celebrating 24 years of excellent simming!

There are five categories of awards: General Awards (which some ships have presented to their crews already), Duty Post, Special and Staff Awards recognise players across the rank spectrum for all sorts of IC or OOC achievements. The member Length of Service Awards continue to grow, recognizing membership lengths of one, three, five, and ten years. And now we've added 15 and 20-year levels! A remarkable number of simmers have been around for such extended periods, and we invite you to continue on to that list below the staff awards to view this impressive collection of simmers.

Congratulations to everyone recognized in this ceremony, and a great many heartfelt thanks to all our members who submitted nominations and assisted with the awards process.

Special Recognition

  • The Awards Committee, comprised of Rear Admiral Renos, Captains Brell and Sal Taybrim, Commanders Oddas Aria and Maxwell Traenor, who voted on the Duty Post and Special Awards and who volunteered to help pull materials together to help prepare the announcements. They put in a considerable amount of time and effort to help ensure everything was accurate, prepared and ready for awards day. Their help has made this the smoothest awards ceremony yet.
  • The commanding officers of the fleet, who put in a lot of time and effort to review the nominations for their ships and ensure that the right people are selected for awards.
  • The first officers of the fleet, for voting on the staff awards to provide recommendations to the EC about who they should choose to receive each award, for determining the recipient of general awards where their CO was nominated, and writing awards presentations where needed.
  • Captains Nugra and Roshanara Rahman for helping to update the wiki with this year’s recipients.
  • All of you who submit wonderful, heartfelt nominations each year!

And now, we present the 2018 awards!

-- James (Rear Admiral Renos)

A word of thanks from the Fleet Admiral

Valued members of our community,

Thank you for taking the time to read through this awards ceremony, wherein we get the chance to spill a lot of bytes doting over those people who've put in the very best contributions of time, energy, and creativity to entertain us, sustain what we have here, and lay the groundwork for many more years of simming and fellowship.

I'd like to take a moment to say some special words of thanks to the people who helped make this ceremony possible. Like so many things we do, the end result comes off like a song – impeccably managed, orchestrated with grace and ease, tied up with a bow and looking like a commercial product put together by a team of paid professionals. But as you will often hear us staff members remind some of our newer members: Everything you see here has been done by volunteers who are putting in their personal time for a love of the game, and a love of the community. It's easy to forget that it must have taken a lot of time and effort to put all this together.

The Awards Ceremony, in particular, is one of our grandest hills to climb each year. The process begins more than two months before the ceremony is presented, as the Captains Council reviews the last year's ceremony, discusses changes that need to be made to the awards, and thinks about ways we can improve what we're doing. We have a manual that details not only each step in the process, but also the roles involved, which include the Awards Facilitator, and the Awards Committee Members. And that doesn't even consider the burden of your ship's staff, who are asked to rally every crew to nominations, then review the nominations for General Awards, help compile the Length of Service Awards, and more. We have detailed templates for our news posts, forum posts, and the final, complete wiki presentation that all have to be filled-out properly – a single character mistyped can mean we end up debugging for longer than I care to admit. And then, once it's all said and done, the wiki's records must be updated accurately, otherwise feelings will be hurt, or worse, more work will be added to next year's roster as we're forced to track down and verify missing awards and determine why they weren't recorded.

So you see, like an opera, there are set pieces moving in every direction, actors hurrying here and there, costume and makeup being donned, and all of it must arrive on time, correct, complete, and parseled in both a just and fair manner. It's no easy task, and I do hope – for just a moment – you'll consider all these moving pieces and spare some appreciation for everyone involved, who are putting in the work to ensure that everyone below is thanked and recognized for the creativity they've put in over the past year.

And to that end, let me just mention some of those folks – including those who were already mentioned above by James but deserve another round of applause:

  • James: For the third year in a row, he's led these proceedings with aplomb. There's really nothing I appreciate more than someone who can orchestrate a good show, and James manages to do it again, and again on our behalf. He eagerly took on the position of Awards Facilitator and went right down the line checking all the boxes from there. I owe him a huge debt of gratitude for all of the time spent on this ceremony, because if it hadn't been him, it probably would have been me! Many thanks to you, James: You're a selfless and wonderful person whose work is valued by all of us.
  • Awards Committee: For your fast turnarounds and careful consideration of our nominees, as well as your help in pulling together all of the content into our fussy templates, you've earned our sincerest thanks.
  • Captains: You show up every year for the ceremony without complaint, no matter what new requirements and requests we put on you. Your hard work shines through. I know it's another thing to add to your already long list of things to do each day in commanding your ships, and so the fact that you do it without complaint or hesitation speaks all the more to your dedication to this community. Thank you for everything you do to make this place so wonderful.
  • First Officers: Weighing in on the Staff Awards, so the Executive Council doesn't end up choosing the awards they're giving to themselves, is incredibly helpful. We know you carefully deliberate over the nominations and take great pains to be fair. Helping the leaders of the community get the appreciation and recognition so sorely deserved is task that means a lot to me. Thank you for being so willing to do this every year.
  • And as always, to you, the readers, our members, for whom we do all this and without whom this community would mean nothing. Thanks again for taking the time to read this and for sharing your congratulations and appreciation for the winners. Your membership here means so much to me.

Happy 24th anniversary everyone. Looking forward to doing this again after our 25th!

- Jordan
Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf

Duty Post Awards

We begin with the awards presented to members of our fleet who most fully realize the duty posts in which their character sims. The nominations in these categories are reviewed by a panel of five staff members: two commanders and three members ranked captain or above.

The Prantares Ribbon

The Prantares Ribbon
Edward Spears

Awarded to those medical officers who has moved beyond competence to display a true gift for the healing arts in the context of space medicine. The officers given this award should display the ability to keep a steady hand in the often hazardous conditions in which they must practice, as well as the willingness to risk their own life to save the lives of others.

Edward Spears, USS Constitution B - presented by Jalana Rajel
There are players that leave a deep impression from the moment they join the game. The first time I saw Edward Spears dive into a medical procedure I could feel the passion and love for writing details. Medical is a field that strives through these traits. I knew from his comments that he wasn't in the medical profession in Real Life, and the amount of detail and knowledge that went into his sims was impressive to say the least. Not only did he knew his Star Trek Canon medical jargon but also brought in realism that I've seen only from experienced writers before. The last mission on the Constitution required an infiltration team to turn into Klingons, and instead of doing the '10 minute and you are done' bit we got on the shows, he wrote a detailed surgery, and included recovery time as well as consequences in case something went wrong. While that was still shorter than it would be today in 2018, it made it more realistic and didn't give us the feeling that Doctors in 2394 are simply tool wielders. But it didn't end there, Edward also willingly initiated an untested Klingon holographic-mind link so that he could be aboard another ship to treat his ship mates during a potential fire fight. He triaged a potentially fatal wound of a fellow officer, which he is presently working on rehabilitating with said officer.
Edward has been with us for only a few months but his imagination, creativity, enthusiasm and passion are an example to everyone. I am proud and honored to present the Prantares Ribbon to the up and coming Edward Spears. Congratulations Derek!

The Natasha Yar Pin

The Natasha Yar Pin
Ishani Kasun

Named after the Chief of Security of the USS Enterprise-D, killed in the line of duty, this award is given to those Security officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in protecting and preserving the lives of their crewmates, even at risk to their own.

Ishani Kasun, Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Sal Taybrim
What does a player do when they want to play a counselor, but the only open role is security? If you’re Ishani Kasun you make one of the most complex and wonderfully written security officers possible. Ishani’s specialty is in Crisis Control – she’s a security officer whose main weapons to diffuse a situation are empathy and diplomatic words. At every turn in a mission Ishani has a new and clever solution to a problem that involves connecting with other characters. This is a wonderful skill in character because it means out of character Ishani connects with a wide variety of fellow players and characters creating realistic relationships across the ship.
Highlights of the past year include Ishani’s continued counseling of a rescued refugee, a blossoming relationship with a fellow crewmember and making the decision to use force to protect fellow crew and civilians from Orion Syndicate criminals. She’s written wonderful scenes to help other characters cope with trauma and had a very realistic process of dealing with trauma, and growing to become a capable leader and department head with her own character. She is an officer that understands both the need for force and yet honors the non-violent tradition of Starfleet. I am so proud to be able to present Ishani with the Natasha Yar Pin!

The Voyager Medallion

The Voyager Medallion
Randal Shayne

Named after the USS Voyager, this award is presented to those Operations officers who have shown great skill in keeping a starship in working order despite near-impossible circumstances. The officers receiving this award have advanced the field of Operations, making sure duty rosters, provisions, gear, and even recreation time are available... no matter what.

Randal Shayne, Andaris Task Force - presented by Theo Whittaker
Operations can- on the surface at least- seem to a rather dry role to take on, lacking the immediate excitement of Security or Science. But scratch underneath the surface and you will see that perhaps more than any other, it is vital to the ship's health and success. It a certain kind of writer to do that and I am extremely fortunate that Randal Shayne is exactly that kind of writer. Rarely have I met a writer with Shayne's enthusiasm, eloquence and drive. He dives into his role with joy and excitement. He has transformed his role in to the living, beating heart of the Andaris Task Force. Every syllable of every word of every sentence of every paragraph in every simm is thought out and considered. He brings the role and the character to life with such beauty that it is often breathtaking. I have said it before and I will keep on saying it: Randal Shayne could (and probably should) write professionally. His simms are THAT good. I am deeply honoured to simm alongside an officer who brings his role to life with such ease and aplomb and it gives me great pleasure to be able to say a few words to an officer so deserving.

The Sisko Tactical Cross

The Sisko Tactical Cross
Arturo Maxwell

The Sisko Tactical Cross is a duty post award and is awarded to those tactical officers who have shown cunning and bravery in battle. Master strategists, and experts in targeting and shield power distribution, these officers have done the impossible to save their ship and the lives of its crew.

Arturo Maxwell, Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Sal Taybrim
Arturo Maxwell has taken a niche role and turned his character into a bedrock of StarBase 118 Ops. He writes strong evocative posts, combines a real life knowledge of military structures with a love of fiction and creates complex relationship with fellow PCs. Maxwell as a player is a good writer, and is excellent with communicating with staff and other players about mission ideas and shore leave plans. Maxwell as a character is not just a great crewmember, he's a man with a daughter, a strained relationship with his parents, a budding romance with another PC and a fantastic friend to so many other characters on Ops.
Not only this, but he played through a plotline where his character was punished for IC actions -something he helped plan for character development. I was very impressed by his willingness to make his own character make a mistake, and play through realistic consequences. This made Maxwell a better rounded character with a believable story arc who became a stronger department head overall. I am so happy to recognize all of Maxwell’s hard work and so proud to present this award!


The Phoenix Award

The Phoenix Award
Valin Dermont

The Phoenix Award is a duty post award that recognizes engineers. Named for the vessel that legendary engineer Zefram Cochrane piloted during his historic first warp flight, this award goes to those Engineering officers who continue this tradition of excellence in the field of engineering. By performing their tasks with enthusiasm, imagination and diligence, by managing to make their equipment perform above and beyond its rated capacities, the officers meriting this award further the mission of their ship by their superior know-how. In short, miracle workers.

Valin Dermont, USS Atlantis - presented by Brell
Valin Dermont joined the crew of the Atlantis at its launch and quickly found a home among the crew and at the side of the warp core. Not only is he technically adept in writing his duty post, Deromont's family life and friendships are thoroughly explored to our enjoyment.
His character's engineering skills were learned by the seat of his pants as crew on a freighter, and he uses that unusual pre-starfleet life to enrich each and every sim he submits. His character breaths life into what can be a stiff and mechanical department.


The Cochrane Award

The Cochrane Award

Given to those science officers who have contributed greatly to the advance of science in the midst of their Starfleet career, by staying knowledgeable about their field, participating in the community of science, but most importantly, by placing their knowledge at the service of their ship and its mission.

Sotak, USS Atlantis - presented by Brell
Since becoming a member of the Atlantis crew quickly shown her aptitude for her chosen field. Getting to participate in a Duck Blind on her first full mission aboard has shown this in the attention to detail she has adhered to in preparations for the ground teams that would be altered to look like the local population.
More than just a science drone Vulcan Sotak has joined in many social situation with her crewmates. Where though stoic on the outside we as readers are treated to her internal thoughts that are anything but dull.


The Pilot's Sextant

The Pilot's Sextant
Na'Lae Mandak

An award named after an old Earth navigational tool, the Pilot's Sextant is given to those Helm officers who have proven themselves to be the best of the best. From finding a safe route home to flying an emergency atmospheric landing, pilots who have earned the right to this award know the importance of staying focused, and puts their ability to make spectacular maneuvers at the service of their ship and its mission.

Na'Lae Mandak, Andaris Task Force - presented by Theo Whittaker
I've had the distinct pleasure of working alongside the recently promoted Lieutenant (JG) Mandak since joining the Andaris Task Force in December 2017. In the seven subsequent months, I have been drawn in by Mandak's witty writing and charming descriptions of life as a Starfleet conn officer. Whether it be piloting the USS Blackwell or one of its auxiliary vessels, the writer of Lt. Mandak makes you feel as though you are sat next to her, watching her work. We even see the logistics of the job at times in her interactions and planning- and it is never a dry subject. Only Mandak could take what could have been a dull conversation about logistical planning and make it easy to follow and gripping. And I still feel like we have barely begun to know this charismatic officer! Whatever the future brings for her, consider me excited!

The Order of the Valiant Heart

The Order of the Valiant Heart
Rune Jolara

This award is given to those ship's Counselor who have shown great skill in protecting the mental health of their crewmates, clearly demonstrating superior ability to care, assist, and comfort those in need. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting their crewmates with their problems, and in preventing future problems from occurring.

Rune Jolara, Andaris Task Force - presented by Theo Whittaker
Intriguing, outstanding, compelling... they are perhaps the three words that come to mind when I think of Rune Jolara. Often characters tend not to reach out to counselors out of fear or uncertainty but Rune finds a way to bring them out of her shell- whether it be by her presence or through therapy combat. On missions, she often assists diplomatically or gathering intelligence using her former background. In short: she is invaluable to the Blackwell and we are all the richer for her presence. I still fondly recall Theo's first encounter as she got settled in and even now as she deals with Klingons- the blood enemies of the Al-Leyans on our current assignment- she is utterly compelling. When I see a post from her, I'm always excited because I know it's going to be golden.

The Semper Fidelis Award

The Semper Fidelis Award
Kurt Logan

For those StarFleet Marines who have shown great skill in protecting their crew, accomplishing their mission, avoiding tragic loss of life in the line of duty, and upholding the values of the UFoP in times of crisis.

Kurt Logan, USS Atlantis - presented by Brell
Though for most of his time with us in the fleet he had been a Security officer in many ways Logan always had the Marine mindset. Since transferring to Atlantis at it's launch and putting on the Marnie green that has been made clear. His quick and unusual thinking has also served him well.

The Black Cross

The Black Cross Award
David Knight

This award is given to a member of the Intelligence community that strives to accomplish the goals of Starfleet Intelligence, while simultaneously upholding the ideals and structure of Starfleet command. This person has the cunning to gather intelligence by means of deceptive dialogue or espionage, as opposed to force drawn confessions. While matters of intelligence are often game changers, this person strives to attain those goals within the boundaries of their Commanding Officer, and the regulations of Starfleet.

David Knight, USS Atlantis - presented by Brell
Many expect certain things when they see Starfleet Intelligence, a spook, spy, taking notes on everyone. The real lives of the officers who fill this vital role are often much more mundane, with a lot of reviewing reports and data to read over.
Ensign Knight shows what it means to be a Starfleet Intelligence officer. He is diligent in his motoring of the activities of the Par'tha expanse, and the Freeworlds, as well as the comings and goings around Deep Space 26. He gives the knowledge trusted to him its due respect. He has also been quick to file his well thought out reports with his superiors, and with the greater Intel community on the Blacknet.

The Lwaxana Troi Medallion

The Lwaxana Troi Medallion
Mirra Ezo

This award is given to a member who takes a unique role outside of the normal StarFleet positions and creates a colorful and engaging character.

Mirra Ezo, Andaris Task Force - presented by Theo Whittaker
Famous- or should that be infamous?- for her sassy mouth and larger than life personality, I had always been quietly convinced that Mirra would make one heck of a diplomat. An unorthodox diplomatic, mind you. I'm glad I was right. From the moment she confronted the Hur'Q leader on Arndall, we all knew that we were in for something VERY special. Equal parts serious and utterly hilarious, Mirra Ezo brings joie d'vivre to her new role establishing herself in a close knit team with aplomb. She can create, mediate and solve a diplomatic crisis before breakfast, peppering those in her line of sight with a well timed comment- sassy or otherwise. In a short space of time, Mirra has worked wonders in a department rarely seen on TV and Film Trek- a true testament to her writers skill!

The Strange Medallion

The Strange Medallion
Oddas Aria

Named after Commander Sally Strange, widely known as one of the most creative and dedicated First Officers in the fleet's early years, this award is given to those who perform above the call of duty in the position of First Officer.

Oddas Aria, Embassy of Duronis II - presented by Toni Turner
The Strange Medallion . . . Wow, what an honor to bestow this award on my own First Officer, Commander Oddas Aria, especially coming from a nominator saying he "served with many First Officers. One (of which) he would of loved to hang naked over a burning flame." Thank goodness Oddas didn't meet that criteria! He went on to say, "Commander Oddas is one of the best XO's I have come across. She is helpful and is always there for us."
Another said of her, "Cmdr. Oddas has her work cut out for her. Not only does she have the uncommon responsibility of a Federation installment and three ships to look after, but she also has some very big personalities to deal with who do not always see eye-to-eye with her. Despite this, she always does her best for the crew while allowing them to express themselves."
From my point of view, she has made mentoring easier for the entire staff. Each letter she sends to our players is filled with praise, encouragement, offers of help, and suggestions of things they could do to become a better simmer or to integrate into the storyline. She keeps a detailed record of our sims and if anyone falls short of the sim requirements, she writes them a thoughtful and friendly inquiry.
Her sims set an excellent example for the rest of the crew, are well thought-out, and envoke amazing responses.
She is a proponent of Embassy and the Fleet at large. She is the type of player who enjoys her duty to the CO and to the players. I feel very fortunate to have her among the Embassy/Thor crew because she fulfills all the demands of the FO, and when it comes time to make difficult decisions, she does not back down and is honest with her assessment of the problems that arise from time to time.
Congratulations Oddas for this well-earned recognition!


Special Awards

Next, we continue with awards which recognize members of the fleet for particularly important contributions or roles which affect the fleet's OOC areas. Here, too, the nominations are reviewed by a panel of five staff members: two commanders and three members ranked captain or above.

The Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award
Maxwell Traenor

For members who show great promise in many facets of their participation in the group, and to whom we look to as a future leader.

Maxwell Traenor, USS Constitution-B - presented by Jalana Rajel
From the first time I have met Maxwell Traenor back on the Apollo when he joined as a Science Officer, I've got the vibe of enthusiasm, humour and dedication to the game. Ever since I have kept an eye on his progress and not once has he stopped showing how much he enjoys the community and loves the people in it. In short time he had risen to the ranks of Leadership as a First Officer and dedicated a lot of his time not only on the ships he has served on, but also in his work leading the Top Sim Contest, being part of the Podcast team, Trainings Team and Public Relations. Whenever help is needed he does not hesitate to jump in and blossoms in his work to make the game fun for everyone. Even in times when a firm hand is needed he does that with respect and understanding. As First Officer he is invaluable for his ship, his sims are entertaining, full of details, humour but also severity if needed. Whenever I hear his name mentioned by my crew members it is in combination with praise. He takes time out of his busy days to answer questions, mentor junior crew members, writes sims to include as many people as possible into plots and his crew clearly loves him and his characters. He is the voice of reason to me many times, showing the other side of the coin that I might miss otherwise. He has worked tirelessly and has just been promoted to Commander, which has been long overdue. Without him the Conny and Starbase 118 wouldn't be the same. I have no doubt that when his times comes, he will be a fantastic CO with a crew who can build on and trust in him. I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to present the Rising Star Award to my First Officer Maxwell Traenor. Congratulations Jay!

Luminary Award

Luminary Award
Delan Han

Given to members holding the rank of ensign, lieutenant junior grade, or lieutenant. For those who show great promise in their future endeavours in UFOP: Starbase 118 RPG.

Delan Han, Embassy of Duronis II - presented by Toni Turner
Delan Han has been with us for a short time but has already begun making an indelible mark on the group. Not only has he been participating more than full time, he has done so by creating more than one believable character helping fill out needed holes.
Han has not been shy about helping out on the wiki. He has helped update information on the Embassy ranging from the Science departments to information on the ships of the fleet and, more recently, beginning to contribute ideas on Trill.
Han has also begun the process of taking on mentoring and staff responsibilities and has been excelling at it.
Lieutenant Han has shown great enthusiasm for things that help the Embassy and the fleet as a whole. From helping to keep our wiki up-to-date, adding quite a number of PNPC's to making a Beer, Wine and Spirits list so other players, choosing to be Trills, can choose their poison. It also includes a history of Trill Winemaking.
He is a driving force in his sims, and will go far in the organization, enriching it and making us all better.
Congratulations Delan, well done!


The Locutus Award

Locutus Award
Jarred Thoran

The Locutus Award is a special award given to those members of the Publicity Team who go above-and-beyond their monthly requirements for participation on a regular basis. These team members show enthusiasm and flair for spreading the word about or role-playing community and take an active interest in finding new ways to invite people to join our ranks.

Jarred Thoran, Andaris Task Force - presented by Nugra
When it comes to the Publicity team this year, there is one thing for certain; the Publicity team would have fallen apart if Lt. Commander Jarred Thoran did not take the initiative and run Publicity for a few months. RL had become a nightmare for me, and when I needed help the most, he stepped up without asking and handled the facilitator tasks with courage and with dedication.
I commend Jarred Thoran for his initiative and his camaraderie in helping me keep things going. I'm proud to have him as my right hand and my fleet mate. Congratulations on your win, Commander!


Sarpeidon Award

Sarpeidon Award

The Sarpeidon Award is a special award given to any simmer who has made outstanding contributions to the 118Wiki. Sarpeidon was the world in TOS's "All Our Yesterdays," in which the planet's population created a library containing their entire world's history. This is, in essence, what our wiki strives to become: a collection of our group's history and a simming database.

Aitas, Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Sal Taybrim
Aitas is a person with an incredible eye for detail. This extends to the SB118 wiki. She's been instrumental in combing through the wiki and suggesting many quality upgrades that organize our information better as well as making good changes in old information so it fits well within our canon and mission for creating a sensitive and mature game story.
Some of the work I have witnessed her do was to comb through all of the Ops history - which is 20 years and 18 COs worth of information. She created documents of changes that should be made and prompted a major overhaul of the history pages on StarBase 118 Ops. But her work didn’t end there, she’s also been instrumental in going through inactive ship’s histories. She flagged information that was contradictory, confusing or just plain wrong and worked very hard to fix it. She's also really sensitive about changing thoughtless entries that could be offensive to new players into entries that are well thought out and treat delicate subject matter with a sensitive and well-reasoned hand.


The Boothby Award

The Boothby Award
Jarred Thoran

For trainers who go above and beyond their Academy training requirements. These trainers display an outstanding example of dedication to bringing new cadets to our community.

Jarred Thoran, Andaris Task Force - presented by Quinn Reynolds
To say that the recipient of this year's Boothby Award goes "above and beyond" doesn't seem to quite cover it. Jarred Thoran not only puts a huge amount of his time into the academy, regularly volunteering and participating in classes several times a month, but always strives for excellence, whether acting in the capacity of mock cadet, class XO or class CO. Cadets clearly benefit from his patient, kind and thoughtful guidance, and he's a joy to work with as a fellow training officer. As academy commandant, I feel privileged to have someone so dedicated and talented as a member of the training team, and I'm delighted to present him with this year's Boothby Award. Congratulations!


Quark's Bar

Quark's Bar
Attikus Rundstrom

Quark's Bar is a special award and is awarded to members who are regularly active on the forums and have been supportive and involved in conversations enhancing the overall forum experience.

Attikus Rundstrom, Andaris Task Force - presented by Sal Taybrim
Attikus Rundstrom - you might know her better as Rustyy Hael or Noelle, is an amazingly creative and energetic simmer, staff member and contributor to StarBase 118. This really shows in her commitment to the forums. She encourages fellow members to use the Species Guild form, sparks quality discussion in the public group topics and is a tireless cheerleader for Ops to get active on the forums. She creates quality topics, encourages people to post and stays positive throughout all of it. Noelle is also one of many great players who actively recognize fellow players in the ship and appreciation forums and she encourages others to do the same. She’s always positive, supportive and ready to help a fellow player out of character. She is a great person to honor with this recognition for all her excitement, energy and support. Congratulations Noelle!

The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award

The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award

Given to any simmer who overcomes any sort of disadvantage while simming. This award was originally called the "Rachel Garett Pendant," but was renamed for the 2000 ceremony to to honor a respected simmer in UFOP: StarBase 118 who passed away in that year. This is the only Special Award that is given more than once per ceremony.

Groznin Smith, USS Gorkon - presented by Quinn Reynolds
One of Discord's regulars, Groznin Smith is filled with enthusiasm and friendliness, clearly taking immense joy in being a part of our community. What's remarkable is that he maintains that spirit of fun and good humour despite the numerous trips he has to make for medical appointments, most recently involving significant surgery to his leg. He's open and candid about his disability -- sharing the details and a few pictures of his medical journey -- and really quite humbling in the way he honestly discusses the difficulties he's experienced. For these reasons, like his nominators I believe he is more than deserving of the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award, and I'm proud to present it to him.

Valin Dermont, Atlantis - presented by Brell
Real life has a way of getting in the way of most everyone's simming. It takes a lot of effort to be able to overcome, and continue to post sims that fill crewmates with joy over the humorous content.Even more so when it is a storm of RL troubles hitting in short order. Valin Dermont is one such person who makes great effort to stay in the game, and post while while enduring many hardships.

Raissa Moonsong, Veritas - presented by Roshanara Rahman
Mandy, the writer for Raissa Moonsong, is an award-winning player recognized for her superior talents as a writer and for her out of character efforts to boost ship morale. She has done so while also having to undergo a most personal and challenging time in her life, facing a grueling health crisis. She simmed full-time as long as she could until her treatment needed her to rest and have the time to gather the strength to fight her illness. Her courage in the face of all this has been awe-inspiring to witness both for the crew and me as her CO. With great joy, we have recently welcomed her back to active simming, and we all wish her the best as our fellow shipmate, player, and friend.

Trel’lis, Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Sal Taybrim
Dusty, the writer behind Trel’lis, has struggled this year with injuries and other health related issues that have hampered her ability to post regularly. But she always maintained good communication through our OOC channels and posts as much as she can. I am always impressed by how quickly she bounces back from being in the hospital or at the doctor to posting again. It is clear that she loves to play her character, and this great effort stands out. Trel’lis is a dependable character both in game and out of game, and a good friend to many characters on StarBase 118 Ops. She’s overcome so many difficulties and still been able to make a niche for herself on the Starbase. Thank you, Dusty, for putting so much effort into your writing. You have improved so much over the years and overcome so many difficulties and have become a vibrant member of our crew. You deserve to be recognized and I happy to present you with this award!

Wallace Williams, Embassy of Duronis - presented by Toni Turner
Wallace Williams came to us and after a short time sent us a sim that said, essentially it was nice to sim with us because it helped with his autism. It took us a few extra weeks to realize English was also his second language. Despite this, he has kept up a great simming rate and is always full of creative and imaginative ideas and plot twists.
Congratulations Wallace, we look forward to simming with you for a long long time.

The Community Champion Award

The Community Champion Award

For members who participate in – or help facilitate – simming community events, representing the best of UFOP: SB118 to other organizations by hosting events, acting as contest judges, or otherwise contributing their expertise in a way that benefits the wider community.

Renos, USS Gorkon - presented by Sal Taybrim
A community champion is not only someone who reaches all parts of our own community, but someone who reaches out to the e-mail roleplaying community at large, presenting our group in the most positive light. I cannot think of a better person to recognize for their achievements in championing our community than Renos. It can be difficult to work with outside organizations, but Renos always presents the best of StarBase 118 when we come together with the outside community. Renos has been a driving factor in our participation in several Ongoing Worlds events including multiple FallFest and SciWorld conventions; helping get presentations organized behind the scenes and leading multiple sessions for the convention under the banner of StarBase 118. For all their great work Renos has been honored with a Squddie award, and has continued to present the best face of StarBase 118 to the roleplaying public. In fact Renos’ work on FallFest is what inspired me to step up and also run StarBase 118 sessions at following events , and he has facilitated other members of our group to represent StarBase 118 in the community at large as well. I can think of no more deserving candidate for this award that Rear Admiral Renos – Congratulations!

The Trailblazer Award

The Trailblazer Award

Trailblazer Award is a special award and is awarded to members who originate a creative and innovative way for the fleet to engage with each other and the Star Trek universe. These participants provide unique opportunities that help to make our game an immersive and unique Star Trek experience.

Roshanara Rahman
Roshanara Rahman, USS Invicta - presented by Tristan Wolf
Created as a means of incentivizing innovation our game, the Trailblazer Award is already highlighting some of the most wonderfully fresh ideas in our fleet.
This year's recipient is Captain Roshanara Rahman (Rich), someone who has built his very brand on helping the fleet think in new ways. Some of his first innovations were on the wiki, bringing fantastic graphical elements. He followed that by developing the Veterans Affairs committee, to help long-standing members of the fleet identify things we could improve. And later, he developed the spinoff group that's now being highlighted below.
The Federation News Service was created by Rich as a way of enriching our In Character universe with little "slice of life" stories, written in the news formats. At first, they were posted on the wiki, and then later, we launched FNS into its own website. Since he developed the idea, Rich has helmed the operation, even bringing the news style to our monthly mission reports, which have been a requirement of the Constitution since it was drafted – and the new format has taken dry monthly recaps and revitalized them into fun "dispatches from the edge," that are not just entertaining to read, but now act almost like little bits of advertising.
So a trailblazer is exactly what Rich is, and he fully embodies the spirit of this award. We're lucky to have his creative mind and intense loyalty to our community. Kudos to him for all the hard work that's gone into his many efforts over the years.

Staff Awards

Staff Awards are reserved solely for officers who are Commander in rank, or above. As the people in our group who carry the burden of leadership and investment in our future success, it's important that we take a few moments to recognize the dedication and work they put in throughout the year. Without a staff as dedicated as the one we have, we simply wouldn't be able to sustain our community nature and many of the activities we enjoy.

This year, the fleet’s First Officers were again empaneled to vote on the nominations and advise the Executive Council on recipients. For the nine awards presented below, all come from the recommendations of the First Officer panel.

Staff Member of the Year Award

Awards Staff StaffMemberOfTheYearMedal 2011.jpg
Sal Taybrim

For staff members who have contributed tirelessly to the organization through any number of OOC channels, while maintaining excellence in simming on their vessel.

Sal Taybrim, Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Toni Turner

I think everyone agrees that Captain Sal Taybrim, the character in front of Jamie, is the glue holding the monthly Fleetwide Chats together, but what you may not know is how she has worked tirelessly for her station and for SB118 as a whole in addition to the chats. She has to her credit a long list of OOC work throughout the fleet, from News to a number of forums and continues through all the connections she's made with many of the writers, not limiting herself to only IC friendships. And as her nominator said, "This kind of work goes a long way to bringing the fleet together and also to bringing in more wonderful writers and characters." She works diligently to ensure fun and quality for each person on board. From simple missions to helping them achieve their goals no matter what they are. Even with all that, she's never once sent a sim that wasn't meticulously checked for proper grammar or correct spelling. And she always ensured everyone is active, with an endless flow of tags.
It is my pleasure to present the Staff Member of the Year Award to this hard-working Captain! Congratulations!


The Picard Award

Awards Staff PicardMedal 2011.png
Quinn Reynolds

The highest honor given to those officers of Admiral rank. Recipients of the Picard Award must show an unfailing devotion to the club, as well as work continually on ways to better the atmosphere of simming in our community.

Quinn Reynolds, USS Gorkon - presented by Tristan Wolf

I'm very excited to present the tenth recipient of the Picard Award. Named after one of our most respected characters of Star Trek, known for his wisdom, strategic skill, and quiet dignity, this award is the highest honor given to those of Admiral rank. Our line of recipients has been a proud and accomplished group of staff members, who've given innumerable hours to our community both in command, and outside of it.
Quinn Reynolds (Emma) has one of the keenest minds I've met in our community over the past 24 years. I don't even know if she has legal training in real life, but it wouldn't surprise me! Even before she joined the Executive Council, we called on her to ask for advice in a tough disciplinary process, and since then, she's been bringing her finely tuned sense of justice, order, and fairness to every discussion. I'm always impressed at how she balances logic with empathy, expedience with tradition, and because of those skills, I count on her as one of our most vital community leaders, guiding us through difficult moments with aplomb.
But beyond all that, Emma is also a kind and gracious ship's captain, and a wonderful writer, who has solidified the Gorkon into a pillar of our fleet, mentoring new players and developing the skills of the up-and-comers of the fleet.
I can't say enough about how much I value and appreciate what Emma brings to UFOP: SB118. Many congratulations to her on earning this top honor, and a place in the history books of our community.


The James T. Kirk Cross

Awards Staff KirkCrossMedal 2011.jpg

Given to new Commanding Officers who show outstanding potential in the field of commanding.

Brell, USS Atlantis - presented by Renos

The recipient of this award is a long time member of the group. An endlessly bright and friendly soul who always has a kind word for everyone he meets. For as long as I've known him, he has always been heavily involved on the forums, discord and in various OOC teams, most recently the Training Team where he is a Deputy Commandant.
I did a double take as I realised it has only been a couple of months since he was promoted to captain. Brell took command in circumstances that were far from ideal for all involved. Players all appreciate and speak highly of his many qualities and ability to handle difficult situations and players with great respect and care. Brell is not only passionate about his own ship, but the fleet as a whole and its no wonder he's so widely known and popular. I know there are many many great things ahead for this wonderfully talented captain and I look forward to seeing it. Congratulations Brell!


T'Pau Cluster of Distinction

T'Pau Cluster of Distinction.png
Quinn Reynolds

For long-term achievement in leading the Training Team.

Quinn Reynolds, USS Gorkon - presented by Renos

The T'Pau Cluster of Distinction is presented to individuals with a long history of achievement in leading the training team. The team is incredibly important to the fleet, ensuring that new players are given a warm, friendly welcome and are introduced to our way of simming. The team also serves as a training group, allowing our up and coming would be captains to hone their leadership skills.
It's a complex team to administer but this year's recipient makes it look easy. She is a very hands on Academy commandant, with a warm, friendly nature that puts everyone at ease. Trainers and new players alike feel comfortable approaching her with any questions or concerns they may have. Her diplomatic abilities have seen her take care of any issues that arose and classes run smoothly under her expert eye. Rear Admiral Reynold's passion and dedication to the team has seen it go from strength to strength. I can think of no one more deserving of the T'Pau Cluster of Distinction. Well done, and thank you for all you do.


The Sarek Star

Awards Staff SarekStarMedal 2011.jpg
Jalana Rajel

Given to a command officer who shows great diplomatic ability in working with members and staff.

Jalana Rajel, USS Constitution-B - presented by Sal Taybrim

It is sometimes very difficult to realize what a tremendous impact that quiet level-headedness and honest diplomacy have, but in the case of Jalana Rajel, her strength and leadership lets it shine through. Jalana has been a dependable commanding officer for three years, and she’s always been able to mediate disputes with a firm and gentle tone. She’s also been able to provide a welcoming atmosphere for new crew members while making experienced players feel at home. Her crew deeply appreciates her open minded attitude and willingness to listen to concerns and work to solve them. Because of this dedication to providing a great game for all players, her ship has seen great retention in promising players, and she has been a respected mentor for her staff. I am especially impressed by her ability to turn mistakes into teaching opportunities for everyone on her ship – from the highest rank to the newest member. This creates a positive, supportive atmosphere where players are encouraged to write better, and be inspired to tell better stories.
I am especially happy to be able to award Jalana with this honor this year because she has done such good work with her senior staff on the Constitution to improve communication and make a great ship to play on. This is seen in the pride she has for her crew and the support she’s given her staff as they work towards command. It takes a good CO to lead a strong ship, but it takes an extraordinary CO to teach others how to move towards command one day. For all of this hard work, the Sarek Star is very well deserved. Congratulations, Jalana!


Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition

Awards Staff ShuvalisMedal 2011.jpg

The Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition is a staff award for long-term achievement in leading the Publicity Team as a way of advancing peaceful relations with ‘newly discovered life forms.’

Nugra - presented by Quinn Reynolds

The publicity team is one of our group's most vital endeavours, drawing attention -- and therefore new members -- to our group and ensuring our long-term longevity and success. A long-serving and dedicated member of the fleet, Jon (Captain Nugra) has worked tirelessly as a member of this team, even when on leave. A constant presence offering support and encouragement, he is always ready to listen and offer feedback to other members of the team, searching for new ideas and ways to support members new and old. Most recently, he has taken the initiative to revitalise and restructure the team to take advantage of social media to improve our internet presence -- no easy task! It is then with great pleasure that I present the Shuvalis Diamond of Recognition to him. Congratulations!

Christopher Pike Pendant

Awards Staff PikePendantMedal 2011.jpg
Roshanara Rahman

Awarded to commanding officers who command their ship with honor and dedication, and help to provide a creative atmosphere which fosters outstanding simming.

Roshanara Rahman, USS Veritas - presented by Quinn Reynolds

The Christopher Pike Pendant is awarded to those who exemplify everything that a captain strives for; creating a positive, inspirational atmosphere on their ship that encourages everyone to sim and contribute at their fullest potential. Rich (Captain Roshanara Rahman) has done just that in every possible way. A thoughtful, kind and even-handed captain, he is always searching for better ways of doing things, and his efforts have paid off and given rise to a remarkable ship with a remarkable crew. He has created a fantastic and unique campaign area for his crew to explore, rich with with opportunities for stories. His mentoring system supports all crew members, from new arrivals to to command candidates, offering them regular support and advice to help them achieve their own personal goals, creating an environment where everyone is empowered and enthusiastic about making their writing, characters and stories the best they can be. For these reasons, I'm proud and honoured to present him with the Christopher Pike Pendant. Many congratulations, Rich!


Chief’s Citation

Awards Staff ChiefCitation2015.png
Maxwell Traenor

Starfleet history is much more liable to recognize the triumphs of its notable officers, and while non commissioned and enlisted personnel occasionally receive recognition, the NCO backbone of a starship is likely to go unremarked upon. So that our integral support staff don't similarly slip through the cracks, the Chief's Citation recognizes those essential staff members whose determined work has benefited the group, IC and/or OOC, even while their primary service was not as the commanding officer of a starship or other simming installation.

Maxwell Traenor, USS Constitution B - presented by Sal Taybrim
Maxwell Traenor exemplifies the best qualities of a staff member of StarBase 118: he is calm, open minded, creative and communicative. He tirelessly works to create a good experience for all players of the game and to improve the experience on his own ship. As a first officer Traenor has not only been a steadfast mentor to new players onboard his own ship, but he is an active and insightful voice on the Captain’s Council. He has a wonderful ability to see the fleet as a whole, reaching out and advocating for improvements that will help all players have a more enjoyable experience, a quality he also brings to his ship, the USS Constitution, ensuring that everyone from brand new Ensigns to experienced department heads are having fun. He has been a star trainer in our Academy program and currently facilitates the Fleetwide Newsies taskforce, responsible for getting articles schedules every day of the year. On top of all of this he maintains very high writing standards and always manages to portray a realistic and sympathetic character. Maxwell Traenor is truly one of the leaders of our fleet and someone we are looking to as a future leader. I am so glad to be able to recognize all of his hard work with this award. Congratulations Commander Traenor!


Kathryn Janeway Award

Awards Staff JanewayMedal 2011.jpg

The Kathryn Janeway Award is a staff award for retired Commanding Officers who have made a great impact on their crew and left an indelible legacy on our community history.

Renos, USS Gorkon - presented by Roshanara Rahman

James, the writer behind Rear Admiral Renos, has a passion for simming clear to anyone who has had the pleasure of writing or working with him. In fact, my own relationship with James has been completely through our mutual OOC activities from the Featured Bio Contest that we launched in 2012 to the Training Team, where James served as Academy Commandant. These are just a couple of his numerous contributions to the fleet, and most of course know James as the architect and first commanding officer of the Andaris Task Force. Before that, he served as commanding officer of the USS Darwin-A. He led both groups for several years before he needed to step down and take a leave of absence to attend to real life affairs. The success of Andaris is his legacy and notable already for this award, but since returning to active simming, James is not one to rest on his laurels. He serves as a mentor for members including our newest COs, and he remains active on the Executive and Captains Councils. With his experience and drive, he continues to bring new ideas that will ensure our fleet's prosperity as it reaches its quarter-century milestone. For your tireless dedication to our community, thank you, James. You are well-deserving of this honor!


Length of Service Awards

The list below only contains members who have newly hit the threshold for the award. For example, a member who's been here for four years, and received the 3-year award last year, won't be listed below. You can see all previous winners of Length of Service awards here.

Some members who have been on LOA since before these awards were created will be in multiple award tiers below as they “catch up” with the awards they missed.

We’ve used the best information we have available to us in calculating each member’s start date and LOAs. If you believe you should have received an award, but are not listed below, please contact your CO to have this corrected, and please accept our humblest apologies in advance for the oversight.

1-Year Members

  • Alexander Brodie, graduated from training on April 30, 2013
  • Sam Braddock, graduated from training on December 10, 2013
  • Yito Seja, graduated from training on June 28, 2016
  • Prudence Blackwell, graduated from training on August 7, 2016
  • Femi Cattan, graduated from training on August 9, 2016
  • Krindo Pandorn, graduated from training on August 9, 2016
  • Tasha MacFarlane, graduated from training on November 21, 2016
  • Arturo Maxwell, graduated from training on November 21, 2016
  • Anath G'Renn, graduated from training on February 28, 2017
  • Jarred Thoran, graduated from training on May 8, 2017
  • Aitas, graduated from training on July 26, 2017
  • Yiggtissi, graduated from training on June 27, 2017

3-Year Members

  • Evan Delano, graduated from training on July 7, 2013
  • Raissa Moonsong, graduated from training on July 25, 2014
  • Solaris McLaren, graduated from training on November 11, 2013
  • Aidonann Danara, graduated from training on, February 11, 2014
  • Ayiana Sevo, graduated from training on, September 1, 2014
  • Cory Stoyer, graduated from training on November 10, 2014
  • Maxwell Traenor, graduated from training on November 24, 2014
  • Randal Shayne, graduated from training on February 2, 2015
  • Attikus Rundstrom, graduated from training on February 9, 2015
  • Kurt Logan, graduated from training on March 2, 2015
  • Theo Whittaker, graduated from training on March 23, 2015
  • Mirra Ezo, graduated from training on May 4, 2015

5-Year Members

  • Brell, graduated from training on January 3, 2005
  • Irina Pavlova, graduated from training on August 4, 2012
  • Sarah Mason, graduated from training on August 21, 2012
  • Rune Jolara, graduated from training on September 11, 2012
  • Chythar Skyfire, graduated from training on February 17 2013
  • Alexander Williams, graduated from training on June 24, 2013
  • Brayden Jorey, graduated from training on December 10, 2012

10-Year Members

  • Hannibal Parker, graduated from training on March 11, 2007
  • Tal Tel-ar, graduated from training on April 18, 2007
  • Trel'lis, graduated from training on February 19, 2008
  • Pandora, graduated from training on June 29, 2008

15-Year Members

  • Boris Hendon, graduated from training on March 1, 2002

20-Year Members

  • Tristan Wolf, co-founded the community on or around June 15, 1994

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