The Kubarey (Garuda)

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Mission Summary

  • Stardate 239102

The crew of the USS Garuda were all excited about being involved with a historic First Contact with the Kubarey race, but things did not go according to plan. Although apparently invited to the remote Kubarey outpost, initial contact could not be established with either the vessel in orbit or the planet. Captain Cassandra Egan Manno took a diplomatic away team down to the planet’s surface to investigate, while her crew probed the other ship in greater detail.

The Garuda was quickly overrun by the Kubarey boarding parties and most of the crew transported to the planet surface.

The away team inadvertently disturbed an ancient holy ceremony, greatly angering the Kubarey on the planet and triggering immediate reprisals. The Kubarey vessel, the Heart of Vahasamara, deployed electronic warfare in the form of an uploaded virus, disabling the Garuda in less than ninety seconds. Boarding parties were then beamed over, and over a thousand crew and civilians were taken hostage, the Garuda firmly in the control of the alien species. The remaining senior crew resisted the boarders, and through cunning and force, were able to wrest control of their ship back.

Meanwhile, down on the surface, Commander Ross was the first to feel the wrath of Kubarey, shot by a strange device and vanishing into thin air. The rest of the away were forced to undergo trials to prove their worthiness to enter the Kubarey’s temple. They seemingly passed the tests, but both Rune Jolara and Jade Shryker received painful injuries for their efforts.

Fortunately sanity finally prevailed, and the Garuda was returned to Captain Egan Manno, and the entire crew, except the unfortunate Crewman Jones who died fighting the Kubarey, could return home to Deep Space 10.