The Forgotten Land (Veritas)

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Veritas Mission History
Year 1 (2393-2394)
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Year 2 (2395)
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Year 3 (2396)
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Year 5 (2398)
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The Forgotten Land

  • Stardate 239311 to 239402

Following the murder of Captain Rosa Carrero, the starship Veritas was recalled to Esperance to await further orders. Captain Roshanara Rahman was assigned to take command of the vessel with orders to track down those responsible. Her first lead: Federation Security Agent Evan Delano, a former colleague on indefinite leave from Starfleet. Evidence found with Carrero's body suggested members of an illusive Vulcan splinter group known as the Reya-Laialara were involved in her death, and Delano had spent the last year living among them and reporting on their activities from Starfleet.

With a new captain and a new senior staff assembled from her former shipmates, Veritas moved deeper into the Shoals on course to Shadow's Edge. When Veritas arrived, the ship received a coded signal from Delano, indicating a time and location to meet. Rahman assigned three away teams: one team to interview Theo Giannakos and other witnesses to Carerro's murder, one to perform an autopsy on Carrero's body for additional evidence, and another to investigate how power was cut from the governor's residence during the attack.


Commanding Ofc.
Roshanara Rahman
First Officer
Sky Blake
Intelligence Ofc.
Rune Jolara
Ryan King
Chief of Security
Hanar Tuk
Elena Sands.jpg
Security Ofc
Elena Sands
Marcus Dickens.jpg
SAR Team Leader
Meikonda 2022 Icon.png
Operations Officer
Chief Engineer
Luna Walker
LtGreyson 2396.png
Carter Greyson
Sb118 kessa.jpg
Kessa T'Dara
Science Officer
Stiftany Harik
Ship's Counselor
Raissa Moonsong
Capt Raj Blueheart1.png
Chief Medical Ofc.
Raj Blueheart
Medical Officer
Alexander O'Conner
Special Advisor
Evan Delano


Log Entries

Roshanara Rahman

Captain's Log, Stardate 239312.06

This is the first entry of Captain Roshanara Rahman, assuming command of this vessel under the orders of Admiral sh'Hiel. It's always difficult to begin a new assignment with a new crew, whether captain or crewman. Even during the launch of a brand new vessel, there is an uneasy period where both captain and crew are still learning about each other and ultimately to trust one another.

But this is not a new vessel, and this is not a new crew. They have suffered a tremendous loss with the death of Captain Carrero, and I sympathize, having experienced similar anguish last year when the Invicta crew and I had been informed--incorrectly--that Fleet Captain Kells had been killed. We later were able to retrieve him from his captors, but the Veritas crew cannot look forward to such a development.

All I can do is help them find out who did this and why.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain's Log, stardate 239312.16

The ship's stores have been restocked and all personnel have been recalled from leave. With navigation putting our ETA to Shadow's Edge at just over three weeks, we cannot afford to wait any longer to begin our investigation. We are scheduled to depart Star Station Esperance later this morning at 0900 hours.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain's Log, stardate 239312.19

Thanks to the hard work of our stellar cartography and navigation personnel, we were able to chart a course that shaved off a few days from our journey to Shadow's Edge. We are now in orbit of the colony, and though the scene of the crime--as it were--is no longer still fresh, the colony officials have done their best to preserve the evidence.

I have assigned the following personnel to begin our investigation.

To interview Shadow's Edge Governor Theo Giannakos and other witnesses:

To perform an autopsy on Captain Carrero's body as preserved by the capital morgue and examine forensic evidence analysis collected at the scene:

To investigate how power was cut to the governor's residence, any clues to who did it and why, and what other data, if any, can be retrieved from the security monitoring equipment that was disabled:

Meanwhile, as we entered orbit, we detected a directed transmission at Veritas, seemingly an automated transmission triggered by our arrival.

Lt. Cmdr. Mei'konda, Operations Ofc., Lt. JG Elena Sands, Security Ofc., and Ens. Sofek, Science Officer, remain aboard to examine the transmission with me.

Lt. Commander

Operations’ Officer's Log, stardate 239312.19

The Veritas is a good ship. Though very different than what I’ve served on in the past, she is more purpose built, more specific in her task. Over the last twenty days, I’ve started to grow accustomed to my quarters and to operations on board this ship.

I don’t have an operations staff, as I have on my prior assignments. It’s been refreshing to be more hands on in my day to day, rather than assigning my subordinates to tasks and taking Bridge duty where I can.

I’m still nervous about Evan. We’ll be in orbit around Shadow’s Edge in one hour. All I can hope for now is that he’ll be in one piece, and have a good explanation for what’s been happening.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain's Log, Stardate 239401.20

The Vulcan extremist known as Lenik has fled from Shadow's Edge along with his ship. Rather than pursue him, we've remained in orbit of Shadow's Edge to continue our investigation of Captain Carrero's death, along with the new developments that the away teams discovered.

Given his familiarity with the region and Lenik in particular, Agent Delano has been tasked to serve as a special advisor for the duration of this mission. I suspect he's grown an attachment to the Reya-Laialara, whom he had been assigned to observe, and that is what drives him to come back now to help us. Whether this will become a long-term arrangement or not remains to be seen.

Roshanara Rahman

Captain's Log, Stardate 239402.16

The captured pirate known as Sov has provided us crucial intelligence on how to track the vessels of the Kos’karii. We have forwarded the information to the Colonial Marshals, who have begun drafting plans to begin a major counteroffensive against the pirate faction. Veritas will likely be called to support the operation once put into action.

In the mean time, we returned to Shadow’s Edge, where our teams were successful in exposing the conspiracy within the Shadow’s Edge government, linking the proposed agreement with Steadfast Shipping to a long-running campaign of acts meant to terrorize and cause disarray that culminated in the attacks on the governor’s residence and the freighter Falcon. Shadow’s Edge security forces and the Colonial Marshals raided a warehouse that had been identified by our officers, arresting a number of individuals and confiscating jamming equipment and other evidence for prosecution.

We’re headed back to Star Station Esperance for some much-needed shore leave after the trauma this crew has faced with the loss of their captain. It seems Captain Carrero’s cruel fate was one of pure and unfortunate coincidence. She gave her life defending another, and we now are bringing her home from Shadow’s Edge so that she can finally be laid to rest.