Rune Jolara: Medical Records

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Amity Outpost
Rune Jolara
Position Strategic Operations & Intelligence
DOB 236311.18

Rune Jolara: Official Starfleet Medical Record

  • DOB: Stardate 236311.18
  • Birthplace: Sabahnuor Island, Leya-I
  • Birth Parents:
    • Father: Krya'l
    • Mother: D'aomi Jolara
  • Known Allergies: None
  • Required Medications: Steroid Inhaler as needed.
  • Known Medical Conditions: Asthma due to the ship having an atmosphere which is much lighter density than on her homeworld.
  • Date of Most Recent Physical: Stardate 239101.07


  • Eyesight: Rune's visual acuity is poorer in daylight conditions than at night time, she needs to wear glasses or contacts when on-duty during the day. Particularly if she is looking at a screen or small details. Al-Leyan eyesight is superior in the dark or dim light to most other humanoids and their eyes sometimes appear to glow as they reflect the light.
  • Hearing: Rune has excellent hearing and can hear frequencies outside the range of most other humanoids. She can hear very clearly even over great distances, this has the downside of her sometimes hearing more than she'd like to. She has to ask the engineering department to modify her sonic shower as the noise it emitted was within her range of hearing.
  • Smell: Rune has a terrible sense of smell. Even if pungent items or substances are held under her nose, she still can not smell it. Certain things she can smell, but only faintly.
  • Taste: Rune has a very poor sense of taste. Most foods and drinks are bland and flavorless to her. She can only taste foods that are extremely sweet, extremely spicy or extremely bitter, although they don't taste that strong to her. Most Al-Leyan food is unpalatable for other species.
  • Touch: Rune's sense of touch is no better or worse than any other species, it's fairly average.
  • Telepathy/Empathy/Telekinesis: T4/E4, Suspected to have been genetically altered as part of a failed classified Al-Leyan program. Her abilities were first triggered but not fully activated following a mission that resulted in the crew of the USS Invicta being possessed by an ancient telepathic race. A short time later, her abilities were fully activated when the Adovan leader used a device to trigger and awaken the telepathic ability of everyone on Adova. (MORE TO COME)

Complete Medical History

  • 238910.28: Routine physical due to assignment aboard USS Avandar - Clean bill of health.
  • 239001.24: Treated for exposure to hallucinogenic compound while aboard a Rubari ship. Also treated for various physical injuries, including a meniscus tear in her right knee and a fractured left hand.
  • 239002.22: Experienced nose bleed and panic attack. Treated and released.
  • 239002.29: Experienced second episode of nose bleed and panic attack.
  • 239003.09: Experienced third episode of nose bleed and panic attack. Finally determined to be related to lasting early exposure to a hallucinogenic compound while aboard the Rubari ship.

No further reports of nose bleeds or panic attacks noted.

  • 239012.30: Fell several feet from a Jefferies Tube Ladder. Treated for visible cuts and bruises on her face and hands, a broken left tibia, two broken ribs, a fractured right scapula, a punctured lung and fractured T4 and T5 vertebrae.
  • 239101.07: Routine physical due to transfer to USS Garuda. Reported lingering pain from previous injuries. Scheduled for neurological exam - did not follow up.
  • 239103.10: Treated for injuries sustained during First Contact of the Kubarey. Swelling along previously injured vertebrae. No lasting damage.

An Al-Leyan's season is a mating cycle that occurs roughly every 4-5 years, generally lasting 4-8 days. They may have one or several mates in one season and may have different mates from season to season and may not even keep in touch with a mate after the season ends unless conception occurs.

  • 239202.11: Diagnosed with early onset of "Season". She is seeking an alternative solution or a way to stop it, however thus far none has been found.
  • 239206.27: Still suffering from the slow progressive symptoms of what was discovered to be a drug-induced early onset of "Season," Rune sought help from Dr. Selene Faranfey. Dr. Faranfey came up with a treatment plan utilizing a holographic companion in combination with pheromone and hormone therapy. PNPC Lt Selene Faranfey & Lt. Cmdr. Rune Jolara: Discussing Treatment
  • 239212.22: Rune was injured by Sicarius terrorist when they attacked the away team on the newly discovered planet of Neutronia. She suffered torn soft tissue as well as damage to the shoulder joint and minor nerve damage. During the exam, it was also discovered that she was pregnant.
  • 239212.10: Distraught after learning she was pregnant, Rune attempted to harm herself. However not because of the pregnancy itself, but because of what she thinks had happened to her and who is ultimately behind it. She was saved by Fleet Capt. Kali Nicholotti.
  • 239301.02: Experiencing extreme morning sickness which is uncommon for Al-Leyans, Rune sought medical advice.
  • 239304.03: First prenatal exam... ultrasound revealed the baby is a boy and genetic testing determined he is 100% Al-Leyan, however there was no match in Starfleet's database to identify the father. Dr. Blueheart also determined Rune's sickness to be due to nothing more than slightly elevated levels of progesterone.
  • 239308.29: Gave premature birth to son, Krystyan. Minor complications but nothing serious or long term.

Psychological Evaluation

  • 239301.14: Rune sought help after she attempted to harm herself. Counselor Lan Riel & Amb. Rune Jolara: Seeking Counsel
  • 239301.18: Counselor Lan Riel: Computer, record message for Captain Nicholotti, header "medical confidential - Captain' s eyes only". After examination of Ambassador Rune Jolara following her attempt on her own life, I declare her fit for duty, with the restriction that interaction with third-party Al-Leyan officials should be avoided insofar as possible. Further information is available upon request within the bonds of medical confidentiality. Respectfully submitted, insert signature and send, with a copy to Lieutenant-Commander Jolara's medical file. [Related Sim]