O Brave New World That Has Such People In’t (Columbia)

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Season One

USS Columbia Mission History
Season One
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Act One

Columbia heads out beyond Losarian space to investigate a seemingly uninhabited Class-M world that long range sensor probes have revealed is giving off intermittent energy readings. Arriving in orbit, closer inspection reveals the presence of an energy field in the lower atmosphere and the presence of possible ruins. An away team led by Captain Whittaker heads down the surface to investigating. The presence of ruins is quickly confirmed. Before long, however, Lieutenant Commander Rune Jolara reports that her telepathic abilities are being dampened on top of malfunction tricorders. Examining one of the nearby ruins, newly arrived Lieutenant Commander T'Lea discovers a strange symbol which, when activated, sends Captain Whittaker, Lt. Commander Jolara and Ensign Ben Burns falling into what appears to be an alien vessel buried under the surface of the place. Examining the chamber they find themselves in, they discover a strange half-stone/half crystalline object in the centre of the room but have little clue as to it's purpose.

In orbit the Columbia begins experiencing escalating power failures within minutes of the away team departing. Starting off with the holodecks before spreading to other systems, a console explodes on the bridge, injuring a crew person. While medical assistance is summoned, Acting CO Lieutenant Commander Anath G'Renn leads the senior staff aboard the ship in attempting to contain the power failures and find their cause. While Ensign Vel Careno and a Losarian representative attempt to trace the source, Lieutenant Pholin Duyzer suggests putting the ship into Grey Mode.

Meanwhile, in Losarian space Commander Jarred Thoran, Commander Luna Walker, Lt. Cmdr Mirra Ezo and Lieutenant (J.G) Jona ch'Ranni are participating in an officer exchange program with the Losarian Royal Navy aboard the cruiser Illrith. They pick up a distress call from the 'Mantras Corridor'- a volatile and dangerous region of space filled with subspace phenomena, where the barriers of reality are weaker. Compelled to investigate, they respond- but find themselves hampered by the unique properties of the region. When an initial plan to locate the ship in distress hits a stumbling block, the Illrith's CO, Ellin Marayn refuses to put her ship and crew in danger. This draws the ire of Commander Thoran who objects on the grounds that they have an ethical responsibility to do everything they can to rescue the crew of the vessel.

Act Two

Investigating the strange chamber the away team have found themselves in, Lieutenant Commander T'Lea inadvertently stumbles across a hidden- and extra-dimensional compartment- that seems to contain a multitude of shifting rooms. Thinking one might be a power source, the team discover a glowing crystal dodecahedron. Examining it, they discover it is 'home' to a non-corporal lifeforms known as Da'Bit'al- a Ma'Rithh Kenn- who, along with other members of it's species- were imprisoned on the planet by the Tkon. They are able to explore the facility and the planet but are prevented from leaving by the energy barrier. Quickly gaining the entity's trust, it offers to lead to them to facility's power core- which it cannot enter. Just as they are ready to begin, Lieutenant Commander Jolara reports that her tricorder is working once again.

Continuing malfunctions and power failures across the ship, force Lieutenant Commander G'Renn and the bridge crew to decamp too engineering. After a malfunction with the lifts, they must use the turboshafts to get there- picking up security officer Ensign Judith Hickson- as they go. Ensign Careno and Lieutenant Kathrey have detected that something is occurring on Deck 6 and G'Renn and Lieutenant Duyzer quickly deduce that the Tkon artefacts may be responsible. Lieutenant Pran and Ensign Pran beam to Deck 6 (despite risking living in a pattern buffer) and confirm their suspicions that the Tkon artefacts are responsible. One of them appears to have injured Professor Jev and is drawing power from consoles. Quickly joined by Lieutenant Kathrey- and evacuated Jev to Sickbay with medical officer Keira Callahan- they begin to work on a solution to contain the artefact's power-sucking capabilities.

On the Illrith, Commander Thoran manoeuvres Commander Marayn into attempting a rescue within the Mantras Corridor by playing on her vanity and her reduced standing in the Losarian Royal Court. It works and Lieutenant ch'Ranni leads the Illrith through the volatile corridor where they are stunned to discover the distress call is coming from the SS Valiant, the first Earth starship to breach the Galactic Barrier three centuries previously. Believed to be destroyed to contain a super-powerful being that was once the Valiant's engineer's mate- nobody can explain the Valiant's presence in the Mantras Corridor. Going aboard, Thoran, ch'Ranni and Commander Walker meet two survivors of the expedition- Amira and Tirto- who claim that the life support systems are malfunctioning. However things aboard the ship do not begin to add up and Commander Walker suspects a trap. When they attempt to return to the Illrith, they find they cannot and Amira shows signs of silver eyes- a trait known to be connected to those people affected by crossing the Galactic Barrier.

Act Three

Da’Bit’Al leads the away team on the surface to a massive cavern where the entirety of the Ma’Rithh are being held captive while also providing the power for their prison. They witness several of the dodecahedron pods failing, suggesting that the Ma’rithh Kenn are on the verge of extinction. The away team races against the clock to find some way to release the aliens, eventually interacting with the Tkon computer systems and helped by the Ma’rithh themselves. Eventually set free, Da’Bit’Al transports the away team back to the Columbia and then, presumably, leaves the prison world with the survivors of his species.

On Columbia, Pran hits on the idea of constructing a Farraday cage to shield the artefact which should allow members of the crew to move it off ship. At the same time Doctor G’Renn programs a shuttle. Working alongside a Losarian exhange officer, Security Officers Noe and Hickson construct the cage quickly and transport the Tkon artefact off of the ship via Doctor G’Renn’s shuttle. It seems to work and power levels stabilise throughout the ship, although many resources are depleted. Doctor G’Renn relinquishes command upon the arrival of Captain Whittaker and they set out to meet the Illrith.

Aboard the Valiant, the situation goes from bad to worse as the espers begin displaying their power openly, intimidating the rescue team. They appear paranoid and suspicious. Through some hard work, Thoran, ch’Ranni and Walker manage- just about- to gain the esper’s trust. Walker mentally links with Amira, the apparent leader on the Valiant and helps them to repair their life support systems. The espers allow the team to beam back to the Illrith, where they discover the Valiant has promptly disappeared. Nobody is quite sure what happened and so they leave the Mantras Corridor and head to meet the Columbia... although Luna displays heightened cognisant abilities....



Sanara Pran, Trill, Lieutenant, Acting Chief Security Officer - as played by Theo Whittaker

Torrel, Denobulan, Ensign, HCO Officer - as played by Anath G'Renn

Harreth, Losarian, Pilot - as played by Jona ch'Ranni

Kennin, Tactician - as played by Theo Whittaker

Jev crim Glev, Tellarite, Head of Archeologist, Dehner Base, assigned to the USS Columbia.


Ellin Marayn, Losarian, Commander of the Imperial Cruiser Illrith as played by Theo Whittaker

Araloc Kathrey, Losarian, Components Engineer assigned to the USS Columbia as part of the Losarian Officer Exchange Program, as played by Anath G'Renn

Da'Bit'al, Ma'Rithh Kenn as played by Rune Jolara

Amira and Tirto, Human Survivors of the SS Valiant expedition, as played by Jarred Thoran


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