P-409 Sigma (Andaris Task Force)

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Season 1, Episode 4

ATF Mission History

Act One

After an extended shore leave at Deep Space 26 for extensive repairs after the ordeal with the Kam'Jahtae at Arndall, the USS Blackwell has been assigned to travel to the planetoid P-409 Sigma in the Rettaan Province. A lifeless planetoid which is emitting a strange energy signal from below its surface. The mission is to collect data that a probe which passed by couldn't because of the hazards native to the Par'tha Expanse. This mission is also a corroboration effort with the Klingon vessel, gik'tal, sent because of the fear that the Kam'Jahtae, or Hur'Q as the Klingons know them to be, is returning despite Starfleet's assurance that the Kam'Jahtae will not be. An away team comprised of Lt. Commander Adyr, Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn, Doctor G'Renn, and Ensigns Lewis Little and Hal Mika will go to the surface of the planetoid to retrieve the data accompanied by a party fron the gik'tal. Lt. Commander Shayne, Lieutenant Junior Grade Mandak will act as liason between the two vessels, Commander Rior and Ensign Kortar will try to find out the Empire's plans now that the Kam'Jahtae have returned. Lt. Commander Ezo, who decided to stay after being recovered from Arndall, and Councilor Rune Jolara will handle the diplomacy aspect of the mission. Will the two ships work together, or will it be a competition? Only the data on P-409 can tell...

Act Two

Upon arriving at P-409 Sigma, the USS Blackwell and gik'tal encounter a strange anomaly in the vicinity of the planetoid. The strange nature of the anomaly was not apparent until the away teams dispatched to the surface vanished apparently of a temporal displacement. The survey mission became one of rescue as both ship try to determine what the anomaly was and how to recover their crewmates.

As for the away teams, they were trapped by the anomaly and sent back to a time where the planetoid was not so dead. The remains of an early Federation starship the USS Fortwith was discovered half-buried in the now live soil. Upon investigation, the away team discover survivors of the crash and after a tense standoff on the bridge, the two crews now attempt to find out what and why they were sent to this particular place and this particular time.Time, which is a concern for the Blackwell crew as they wrestle with the Temporal Prime Directive. What will they tell Captain McMillan and his crew?

Act Three

After tensions eased somewhat, the crews started to formulate a plan to rescue all on the planetoid's surface. Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn and Commander Flores worked together to set up a working relay to pin point the anomaly, which was closing rapidly. They succeeded in getting the exact location of the anomaly, but also in slowing down the degrading anomaly, but not by much. A rustling in the woods nearby produced two surprises, a creature with natural cloaking abilities which was stunned before it could reach the anomaly and destabilize it, and two new arrivals. One was the Klingon Commander Merzan and the other Commander Luna Walker who purposely came from the Blackwell in the future with a plan to get them all home. Lieutenant Commander Thoran finally told Captain McMillan and Commander Flores as much as can be told, what needed to be done to be rescued.

On the USS Blackwell, sensors picked up an anomaly at the northern pole of P-409 Sigma. New science officer Ensign Carl Ramirez set up an antiproton beam to reveal what is hiding there. This was after a tense moment when the gik'tal started to move aggressively towards the anomaly, which was quickly stopped by a "convincing" of the present commander of the Klingon warship. What is hovering over P-409 Sigma, and will the plan on the Fortwith work?

Act Four

The plan Commander Luna Walker had was at the very least, interesting. The plan was to force a breach in the Fortwith's warp core with the hope that enough power would be generated to keep the shrinking rift open to allow the away teams to return to their original place in time, provided they were all close enough to the rift, but far enough away from the breaching core. Complicating matters was one of the Fortwith's crew mutinied against Captain McMillan, refusing to jettison the core as per orders. Captain MciMillan himself ejected the core, only to succumb to plasma burns after a brief fight with the mutineer. During the evacuation of the Fortwith, Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn and Ensign Hal Mika discovered that the mutineer was in fact a Romulan made to look human. An astonishing find on a ship that was at least 270 years in the past from the two USS Blackwell officer's point of view. After gathering everyone, including the Fortwith's crew to the sight of the rift, Lieutenant Commander Thoran was faced with another hard choice. One that would trash the Temporal Prime Directive. The energy that would be generated would not be enough to send the Fortwith herself through the rift meaning the Fortwith's crew would have to come to the 24th century with the Blackwell's crew. When asked, Commander Flores agreed to bring her crew to the 24th century, despite the potential conflict for her crew. Also, once through the rift, all those who weren't in EV suits would be instantly exposed to the airless environment of P-409 Sigma, an almost certain death for the Fortwith's crew.

The core detonated early, sending everyone to the exact moment the Blackwell away team went missing. As expected, the Fortwith's crew started to fall to the airless surroundings and only the quick thinking of Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn, who jumped into the Henry Gray and extended its shields around the area while simultaneously pumping air into the enclosure, saving the 60 odd members of the Fortwith's crew from a certain icy death.

On the Blackwell Blackwell, an anti-proton burst at the Northern Magnetic Pole initiated by Ensign Carl Ramirez revealed a Romulan science vessel hovering over the planetoid. What they were doing there, no one had a clue. Commander Randal Shayne, Lt. Commander Mirra Ezo and Lieutenant Sersina Drass were sent aboard to investigate. As usual, the Romulans were not too co-operative, and Commander Randal Shayne's group had departed once the surface teams were safely on board the Blackwell. The planetoid then started to spin wildly out of control, making the rift swallow itself destroying it. What were the Romulans doing there, and why was an impostor on the Forthwith to begin with? And what of the Fortwith's crew? How will they handle their new life in a new century? How will Commander Whittaker deal with the Department of Temporal Investigations? There seem to be more questions than answers...


Shore leave on Deep Space 26 became a who's who of Starbase 118, as many of the its staff traversed the Jenatris Corridor to attend the promotion and award ceremony of the Blackwell's crew. Little did anyone know, this was also to promote Commander Whittaker to Captain, a masterpiece of surprise pulled off by Captain Sal Taybrim of Starbase 118. Lieutenant Commander Thoran was assigned as the new First after Lieutenant Commander Shayne filled in as acting First Officer. He will retain his positon as Second Officer and Helm Operations and Communications Officer. Also promoted was Ensign Hal Mika to Lieutenant Junior Grade. More ribbons and honors were bandied about as everyone enjoyed this shore leave more than any others.

Promotions and Awards


Commander Theo Whittaker to Captain

Lieutenant Commander Jarred Thoran assigned as First Officer

Ensign Hal Mika to Lieutenant Junior Grade

Awards and Ribbons:

Commander Walker - Good Conduct Ribbon - Captain's Commendation - Innovation Ribbon

Lieutenant Commander Shayne - Department Chief Ribbon

Lieutenant Anath G'Renn - Silver Lifesaving Ribbon - Department Chief Ribbon

Lieutenant Krindo Pandorn - Innovation Ribbon - Department Chief Ribbon

Lieutenant Junior Grade Hal Mika - Silver Lifesaving Ribbon - Captain's Commendation


New Arrivals

Commander Luna Walker - Chief Engineering Officer

Ensign Carl Ramirez - Science Officer

Ensign Renna Leath - Security Officer

Lieutenant Commander Ash MacKenna - Chief Science Officer

Ensign M'Roa - Science Officer

Ensign Saden Lor - Medical Officer

Ensign Talos Dakora | Intellegence Officer

Lieutenant Commander Tatash - Chief Security Officer (Returning to the Blackwell)


Lieutenant Rolla Haneer, Captain's Yeoman/Communications Officer of the USS Blackwell - played by Commander Theo Whittaker

Ensign Rachel Sinclaire, Science Officer, USS Blackwell - played by Lt. Junior Grade Na'Lae Mandak

Lieutenant Serisina Drass, Science Officer, USS Blackwell - played by Lt. Junior Grade Na'Lae Mandak

Lieutenant Junior Grade Danni James, Engineering Officer, USS Blackwell - played by Lt. Commander Rune Jolara

Lieutenant Sanara Pran, Security Officer, USS Blackwell - played by Commander Theo Whittaker


Commander Merzan, Commanding Officer of the gik'tal - played by Commander Theo Whittaker

Lieutenant Krenn, Second Officer of the gik'tal - played by Lt. Commander Rune Jolara

Captain Rex McMillan, Commanding Officer of the USS Fortwith - played by Lt. Junior Grade Na'Lae Mandak

Commander Rachel Flores, Second Officer of the USS Fortwith - played by Doctor Anath G'Renn

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