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To the community of UFOP: StarBase 118,

Welcome to the fleetwide awards ceremony for 2017, or (as our characters know it) 2394!

As the veterans among you will know, the award ceremony recognizes some of the most talented people in the history of the organization and coincides with the fleet's 'birthday'. This year, we're celebrating 23 years of simming with style!

Among this year's notables, with respect to duty post awards, includes the recognition of a civilian reporter officer with a duty post award. Our finest simmers continue to show that they can take unusual positions, posts outside the traditional rank structure, and more, and create memorable, award-winning characters when they do so!

The special and staff awards also recognize a talented group of simmers, including two new special awards. The first is the Trailblazer Award, for members who originate a creative and innovative way for the fleet to engage with each other and the Star Trek universe. These participants provide unique opportunities that help to make our game an immersive and unique Star Trek experience. The second is the Community Champion Award, which recognizes members who participate in – or help facilitate – simming community events, representing the best of UFOP: SB118 to other organizations by hosting events, acting as contest judges, or otherwise contributing their expertise in a way that benefits the wider community.

Not to mention that for just the second time in the group's history, the Great Bird Award will be presented. This award is the highest honor given to any officer, and has only been given once in the history of the group. It is given to an officer who helps develop and/or invents a new way of simming, a new way of thinking, or a new way of looking at the Star Trek universe.

The member service awards continue to grow, recognizing membership lengths of one, three, five, and ten years! A remarkable number of simmers have been around for such extended periods, and we invite you to continue on to that list below the staff awards to view this impressive collection of simmers.

Congratulations to everyone recognized in this ceremony, and a great many heartfelt thanks to all our members who submitted nominations and assisted with the awards process. Now, without further delay, I present to you the 2017 awards!

-- James (Rear Admiral Renos)

Duty Post Awards

We begin with the awards presented to members of our fleet who most fully realize the duty posts in which their character sims. The nominations in these categories are reviewed by a panel of five staff members: two commanders and three members ranked captain or above.

The Prantares Ribbon

The Prantares Ribbon
Mirra Ezo

Awarded to those medical officers who has moved beyond competence to display a true gift for the healing arts in the context of space medicine. The officers given this award should display the ability to keep a steady hand in the often hazardous conditions in which they must practice, as well as the willingness to risk their own life to save the lives of others.

Mirra Ezo - Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Sal Taybrim
Sweet. Sassy. Intelligent. Did I say sassy already? There is a joke on Ops that Mirra Ezo's compassion for her crewmates is only rivaled by her boundless sass. And both are true. Mirra has grown from a shy junior officer into a headstrong and heart-strong pillar of the Ops crew. She brings her own flavor to the role of chief medical officer, mixing intelligence and wit, friendship and sass for a no-nonsense doctor who has an unwavering sense of right and wrong and an unbreakable love for her fellow crew.
She's taken a knife from a criminal to protect others, she's tackled an ex-Commodore to the ground, preventing him from getting killed by an assassin's shot (when she really just wanted to punch the guy in the face) and she brought a Gorn colleague back from the brink of death in one mesmerizing scene - and that's just a small fraction of the life and light that Mirra brought to Ops over the past two years. Out of character Mirra is a wonderful player - always friendly and always ready to interject humor into any situation and in character Mirra is a wonderfully complex character who has a strong relationship with every character on Ops. I am delighted to present this very well deserved award to Mirra!

The Natasha Yar Pin

The Natasha Yar Pin
Irina Pavlova

Named after the Chief of Security of the USS Enterprise-D, killed in the line of duty, this award is given to those Security officers who have gone above and beyond the call of duty in protecting and preserving the lives of their crewmates, even at risk to their own.

Irina Pavlova - Embassy of Duronis II - presented by Toni Turner
Lt. Commander Irina Pavlova has made the transition from marine to security which made for a great plot and some great writing/storytelling. She has managed to not only do a great job of roleplaying the Embassy's Chief of Security but highlighting some of the differences between the Starfleet Security and the Marine Corps. Irina often goes above and beyond the call of duty in protecting and preserving the lives of her crewmates, even at risk to her own safety. In spite of all her quirks, she shows her dedication to crew and ship and has saved both on numerous occasion. It is with great pleasure to present her with The Natasha Yar Pin of distinction for her dedication as Chief of Security.

The Voyager Medallion

The Voyager Medallion
Prudence Blackwell

Named after the USS Voyager, this award is presented to those Operations officers who have shown great skill in keeping a starship in working order despite near-impossible circumstances. The officers receiving this award have advanced the field of Operations, making sure duty rosters, provisions, gear, and even recreation time are available... no matter what.

Prudence Blackwell - USS Constitution - presented by Jalana Rajel
Writing for an Operations Officer can be a challenge. In contrast to many other positions there are not many instances in the shows that could serve us as a mold for the job they do, that is especially true when a mission involves work off the ship. It takes ingenuity and inventiveness to stay true to their duty post during those times. During the last year we have seen such effort in the sims of the writer behind the Constitution’s Operations Officer, Prudence Blackwell. Blackwell took a seemingly minor task of sourcing and supplying the banquet for a negotiation session during a diplomatic mission and created a series of sims that did us proud. With love, care and pride in her job she handled the task that later on turned out to be one of the most important pivot points of the mission. Even considering that the races involved were new creations for use by the Constitution in its new mission area, Operations didn’t deter great attention to detail when it came to setting and substance. This is only one example of Blackwell’s attention to the intricacies of the Operations Position. It gives me great pleasure to present the Voyager Medallion for her fantastic work in Operations to Prudence Blackwell. Congratulations!

The Sisko Tactical Cross

The Sisko Tactical Cross

The Sisko Tactical Cross is a duty post award and is awarded to those tactical officers who have shown cunning and bravery in battle. Master strategists, and experts in targeting and shield power distribution, these officers have done the impossible to save their ship and the lives of its crew.

Savan - Embassy of Duronis II - presented by Toni Turner
Lt. Commander Savan was the Embassy's Tactical Officer and then Chief Tactical Officer for the year since our last awards ceremony. He has been a stellar simmer, ship staff member, and ran a major mission for the Embassy. He did a great job as the Tactical Officer, especially considering how easy it could have been to step on the toes of Intelligence, Marines, Security, stratops, and so on. He never did, but instead collaborated or cooperated with them.
Playing a tactical officer at the Embassy is not easy, especially since the posting includes not just a Security division, but also a contingent of Marines and a Strategic operations department. Savan found a balance, using the Tactical position to support the operations of both Starfleet and the native population. I am abundantly happy to have such a player at the Embassy and proud to present Savan with The Sisko Tactical Cross.

The Phoenix Award

The Phoenix Award
Oddas Aria

The Phoenix Award is a duty post award that recognizes engineers. Named for the vessel that legendary engineer Zefram Cochrane piloted during his historic first warp flight, this award goes to those Engineering officers who continue this tradition of excellence in the field of engineering. By performing their tasks with enthusiasm, imagination and diligence, by managing to make their equipment perform above and beyond its rated capacities, the officers meriting this award further the mission of their ship by their superior know-how. In short, miracle workers.

Oddas Arian, Embassy of Duronis II - presented by Toni Turner
"Before she became a First Officer, Lt. Commander Oddas Aria was a crackerjack Engineer, and her skills were most apparent when she and Science Officer Lt. Commander T'Lea came up with a plan to bring the heavily damaged USS Thunder-A tied to the Sovereign Class USS Discovery using the slipstream drive. No starship has ever been towed in slipstream as far as I know, and it was an absolutely brilliant plan flawlessly executed. It was so brilliant, and an article was written about it.
Oddas Aria came aboard the Embassy as an ensign directly from the academy around a year ago. She started as an engineering officer and soon after became the Chief Engineer. Her sims, above most others, really bring the Embassy and the USS Thunder to life. Her sims effortlessly blend the day-to-day maintenance of the facilities with her contributions to the plot and character development. In fact, Oddas does an amazing job of not just incorporating engineering in their sims, but use it to highlight and drive her character's development.
Not only does she do outstanding work in keeping the Thunder-A, the Bronwyn and the Embassy running as smoothly as possible, but she has taken her duties far beyond what others would deem normal. She is dedicated to helping to keep the engineering pages on the wiki updated with new designs and innovative ideas, not only for the Embassy but the entire fleet to make our ships run better and the testing of new ideas. Gone are the days when technobabble left the crew wondering what was going on in engineering because Oddas has added the plus that she knows what she is doing and explains it in understandable layman's terms.
For all the effort she puts forth for the Embassy and for our community as a whole, I am substantially pleased to present her with The Phoenix Award.

The Cochrane Award

The Cochrane Award

Given to those science officers who have contributed greatly to the advance of science in the midst of their Starfleet career, by staying knowledgeable about their field, participating in the community of science, but most importantly, by placing their knowledge at the service of their ship and its mission.

Taelon - Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Sal Taybrim
Part mad scientist, part awkward teenager, Taelon is a unique character - a man who by human standards is perfectly mature, but by the standards of his own race (el-Aurian) is still a youth with so much to learn. This unique foundation has grown into a fantastic science officer over the past year. We threw Taelon 'into the fire' - a stuttering character with few social graces found himself placed in the role of chief science officer. It was a thrill ride for Taelon's writer to write through and the rest of the crew was consistently engaged by watching Taelon's clever solutions as well as his struggles to navigate through social interactions.
Taelon has a unique ability to make science an integral part of every plot, while Taelon's writer has a wonderful ability to balance a scene allowing Taelon to shine as well as other characters to join in and have their own moments. Among the most memorable moments over the last year were Taelon's integral role in reclaiming control of the StarBase 118 computers wresting them away from an Orion Syndicate criminal, his design for a mechanical replacement arm for a fellow crewmember and his so-insane-it-worked plot for igniting a nebula as a last-ditch effort to win a ship to ship battle against a superior opponent. All this on top of a beautifully layered story of family relationships, coming of age and even some romance. Taelon is a wonderful multi-faceted science officer and I am so proud to be able to present him with the Cochrane award!

The Pilot's Sextant

The Pilot's Sextant
Randal Shayne

An award named after an old Earth navigational tool, the Pilot's Sextant is given to those Helm officers who have proven themselves to be the best of the best. From finding a safe route home to flying an emergency atmospheric landing, pilots who have earned the right to this award know the importance of staying focused, and puts their ability to make spectacular maneuvers at the service of their ship and its mission.

Randal Shayne - Andaris Task Force - presented by Sal Taybrim
Randal Shayne has been a steadfast member of Andaris Task Force all year and is a highly talented and creative writer. Rarely have I seen someone bring life to the helmsman duty post as well as he does, whether he's flying the Atlantis from point a to b, performing unconventional maneuvers to keep the ship and crew safe, taking small shuttle craft on a survey expedition, or flying one of the Blackwell's 'Ambulance' shuttles in a race to save lives! He shows us what it means to be a pilot as he expertly conveys the emotions of the character and the worries he faces knowing that each barrage of fire he fails to dodge could result in damage and casualties. Using real-world aviation and piloting terminology, he can imbue a sense of realism to his piloting sims, making them rich and grounded. He brings the element of movement to the scene in a believable manner often adding drama and suspense to a scene that is much richer and more realistic thanks to his contributions.

The Order of the Valiant Heart

The Order of the Valiant Heart

This award is given to those ship's Counselor who have shown great skill in protecting the mental health of their crewmates, clearly demonstrating superior ability to care, assist, and comfort those in need. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty in assisting their crewmates with their problems, and in preventing future problems from occurring.

Saveron, USS Constitution - presented by Jalana Rajel
When we imagine a Counselor, it is easy to fall into the suggestion of an emotional compassionate person ready to listen and provide advice in all kinds of situations. That can be a difficult role to play, as there seems to be the unspoken rule of dealing with things alone rather than going to visit the one person who’s job it is to help.
I found myself quite impressed seeing how Sarah, the player behind Saveron, turned a traditional Vulcan into a compelling and believable Counselor in the shortest amount of time without losing what makes Saveron Saveron. It is amazing how he copes with the emotional outbursts of his crewmates, while staying true to his own background. In spite of, or perhaps because of, that disconnect we get to see how a counselor can be by the books... literally... while still being proficient and indeed effective at counselling his emotionally-driven patients. It helps that Saveron has a storied past to draw upon as a diplomat and medical doctor, and he uses these past life experiences to his benefit while helping those who come to him for emotional aid. It must be hard to stay true to the ideals of a traditional Vulcan while writing as a compassionate counselor, but the way that Saveron is written in the role it seems effortless.
With that skillset he has managed to not only get people to talk to him who have been skirting the whole deck on which he Counselor resides to stay out of his way, but to impressively change the most stubborn of minds. He looks out for his fellow crewmates and even went so far to offer hands on assistance to a fellow crewmate whom he had never met before and who happened to be a Vulcan in the middle of her Pon-Farr.
The dedication and effort put into the role, as well as the creativity Saveron’s writer puts into writing the position and the involvement of other players has without a doubt earned her the Order of the Valiant Heart. Congratulations!

The Semper Fidelis Award

The Semper Fidelis Award
Hannibal Parker

For those StarFleet Marines who have shown great skill in protecting their crew, accomplishing their mission, avoiding tragic loss of life in the line of duty, and upholding the values of the UFoP in times of crisis.

Hannibal Parker - presented by Toni Turner
Lt. Commander Hannibal Parker is the quintessential archetype of the gruff, dominant, and boisterous marine officer and has been for around 5 years. One might see such a representation as 'typical' for a marine officer - it is, but wonderfully so! Moreover, Parker makes sure to balance this strong character with compassion, paternal instincts, and humor.
When it comes to Marines, because of the virtual absence thereof in Star Trek, we have to depend on the things we know about them now, and our imaginations to figure out how they could be in the future, However, when you have a writer like Hannibal Parker in your crew, who can mesh the two seamlessly and so dramatically, that it's difficult to believe they have evolved into anything but big-hearted bruisers who will do anything to keep his crewmates and charges safe, even to the point of putting his life at risk.
When we think of a Marine, Hannibal Parker is what we think of. Big, rough, tough, and not afraid to charge into battle with just a phaser and no backup, he will get the job done and will do it with honor and pride. He approaches the position with one of realism and with a dedication to his craft that is the bar by which all other Marines should be judged.
As his CO, I am ecstatically honored to present this truly talented writer, Lt. Commander Parker, with the Semper Fidelis Award.

The Black Cross

The Black Cross Award

This award is given to a member of the Intelligence community that strives to accomplish the goals of Starfleet Intelligence, while simultaneously upholding the ideals and structure of Starfleet command. This person has the cunning to gather intelligence by means of deceptive dialogue or espionage, as opposed to force drawn confessions. While matters of intelligence are often game changers, this person strives to attain those goals within the boundaries of their Commanding Officer, and the regulations of Starfleet.

Aitas, Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Sal Taybrim
"Lieutenant Aitas has done a fantastic job of looking at intel as an integrated department on StarBase 118 Ops, rather than a bunch of sneaky weirdos who spy on the crew. Starting as an Ensign in Intel she jumped right in with her department head to create intel as a member of a whole team of Ops departments; something she has carried on and expanded on as she moved into the chief of intel position. She makes the rest of the crew recognize how important having Intel on the team is, which makes our entire game feel more collaborative and more closely tied together.
If this wasn't enough to make a fantastic intel officer, Aitas is also a complex and well developed character. From interactions with her wacky Betazoid family to forming bonds among the crew - including deep bonds of friendship and even romance. We've watch Aitas grow as a leader, a companion to her fellow crewmates and now as a mother. These details bring light and life to Aitas and make her a joy to sim with. I am very happy to present her with the Black Cross!

The Lwaxana Troi Medallion

The Lwaxana Troi Medallion
Kendra Eberhart

This award is given to a member who takes a unique role outside of the normal StarFleet positions and creates a colorful and engaging character.

Kendra Eberhart - Reporter, Andaris Task Force - presented by Renos
Kendra Eberhart is a civilian reporter, which is an extremely difficult role to make work. You're not part of the main crew so it takes a great deal of creativity to find relevant ways to get involved in the plot. Through close collaboration with the ship's staff, we have found a blueprint for success. Kendra Eberhart is able to pick up news from around the region and broadcast it, enhancing that sense that we have this huge region, with a multitude of big and important things going on. In a recent plot involving a murder investigation, she has been reporting on the case. She also does IC interviews with PC characters, which are absolutely fantastic. It would be so easy to roll out the usual rote questions but the interviews are all as unique and interesting as the characters she's talking to and her work forms part of our monthly spotlight too! We are so grateful to Kendra for the skill and creativity that lets her play this role with such apparent ease as it has enhanced the experience of playing on Andaris Task Force for everyone.

The Strange Medallion

The Strange Medallion
Theo Whittaker

Named after Commander Sally Strange, widely known as one of the most creative and dedicated First Officers in the fleet's early years, this award is given to those who perform above the call of duty in the position of First Officer.

Theo Whittaker – First Officer, Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Sal Taybrim
"Theo Whittaker came to Ops as a wide-eyed Lieutenant in the engineering department who was offered a chance to shine as executive officer. And oh boy, did he shine. For the last 18 months Theo has been a mainstay on StarBase 118 Ops, growing and learning command and leadership skills while being one of the best writers among his peers. In game Theo leads away teams without hesitation, he suggests and runs plotlines with enthusiasm and reaches out to every character on the manifest forming strong friendships and bonds. Theo Whittaker is a character with realistic strengths and weaknesses - one of the things I love most about him is how his command style is distinct from his CO and the other leaders on the Ops team, showing a good depth of characterization and personality.

Out of game Theo has been a master of helping Ops run smoothly. He reaches out to every player with praise and touch bases, as well as keeping track of all LoAs. He's done a fantastic job leading his own missions and mediating any issues that arise quickly and diplomatically. And as a character Theo is a lot of fun. We've watched him stumble into a romantic relationship (after stumbling out of the pubs with a pile of companions while lamenting a romantic loss!), grapple with the emotions following an attack on the station and the death of a longtime nemesis and fiercely defend his fellow crew from Orion pirates. Theo has it all - great characterization, great game leadership and great out of game leadership. I am so thrilled to present Theo with the Strange Medallion!


Special Awards

Next, we continue with awards which recognize members of the fleet for particularly important contributions or roles which affect the fleet's OOC areas. Here, too, the nominations are reviewed by a panel of five staff members: two commanders and three members ranked captain or above.

Great Bird Award

Great Bird Award

The Great Bird Award is a special award and the highest honor given to any officer. It has only been given once in the history of the group. It is given to an officer who helps develop and/or invents a new way of simming, a new way of thinking, or a new way of looking at the Star Trek universe.

Renos, Andaris Task Force - presented by Tristan Wolf
Well, I never thought I'd see the day I'd get to present this award to someone else! For a long time it seemed like the award description was so arcane that it was destined to belong only to me. But I'm grateful that members of the fleet were insistent that Rear Admiral Renos fits the bill this year so we can begin to expand the circle of winners and, hopefully, spur more innovation in our fleet.
All three nominations for this award mentioned the Andaris Task Force's unique configuration in our fleet. It certainly wasn't without controversy when it was introduced – the councils had to take some time to wrap their heads around the idea, as did members of the Darwin who would transition into this new structure. But in talking with Renos (James), I remember that he was quite self-assured that this was exactly the path to take his crew down. And it seems to have succeeded.
It's not just that there are four ships in one "simming installation," but that we also have our fleet's first medical ship. By splitting purpose between a small fleet of ships, and engaging in really beautiful worldbuilding, the Andaris TF has brought a whole new perspective to how simming can work. That's exactly what it takes to earn this award.
Many congratulations for breaking the barrier on this award, James. I'm quite honored to bestow the Great Bird Award on you and I can't wait to see what you come up with next. Whatever it is, I know that – like everything you do – it will be formulated with great care, and always with an eye toward innovation and entertainment for our members.

The Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award
Oddas Aria

For members who show great promise in many facets of their participation in the group, and to whom we look to as a future leader.

Oddas Aria, Embassy of Duronis II - presented by Toni Turner
Since she came on board, first as an engineer, and now, a First Officer, Lt. Commander Oddas Aria has been a joy to watch as she first had to deal with busted starships as Chief Engineer, and now, has jumped in with both feet as First Officer, feeling her way through the process of now being the second in command and not in charge of Engineering. Her sims are a joy to read as we watch her go through the occasionally painful process of filling the Second Chair. Not only that, but she has fully taken up the reins OOC as well, keeping in touch with members who have not simmed in awhile, making sure there is at least one sim per week submitted to the Top Sims, contest. For these reasons, I am absolutely delighted to present the Rising Star Award to Lt. Commander Oddas Aria. Congratulations!

Luminary Award

Luminary Award
Graeme Cook

Given to members holding the rank of ensign, lieutenant junior grade, or lieutenant. For those who show great promise in their future endeavours in UFOP: Starbase 118 RPG.

Graeme Cook, Andaris Task Force - presented by Renos
Graeme Cook has a relentlessly positive attitude and is deeply considerate and caring of others. He's the sort of person that everyone wants to be best friends with because he is so genuine and nice! He constantly strives to do the best he can and works tirelessly to perfect his posts to the best of his ability. His writing is amazing! He combines real-world medicine, an appropriate amount of Treknology and humour to create some of the most engaging and entertaining writing I've had the joy to read. Since joining ATF he has been a tremendous writer, he leads his department by being a shining example of what an excellent medical officer looks like and goes out of his way to include everyone in the large department (there are three other PCs and various PNPCs) and finds ways to give them all a chance to shine in the spotlight. He has been a great help with OOC work, doing odd jobs such as wiki updates and providing graphics on demand. Having joined out staff list recently his role has expanded and he has taken to it like a duck to water. There are great things in this player's future and he is one of our brightest stars of tomorrow. I can think of no one more deserving of this award than he is, which is why I'm so excited to present him with this award.

The Locutus Award

Locutus Award
Tristan Wolf

The Locutus Award is a special award given to those members of the Publicity Team who go above-and-beyond their monthly requirements for participation on a regular basis. These team members show enthusiasm and flair for spreading the word about or role-playing community and take an active interest in finding new ways to invite people to join our ranks.

Tristan Wolf - presented by Renos
No one has done more for the publicity team. Ever. He supports its team members and facilitators, points them to resources, created the WordPress site and materials they use to guide them and has taken lead himself where necessary. I cannot stress enough just how valuable Wolf's contributions have been and continue to be. He is very much the unsung hero of publicity and its past due time he got some well deserved kudos for his efforts, so I'm delighted to present him with this much deserved ribbon. Thank you and congratulations!

Sarpeidon Award

Sarpeidon Award
Jalana Rajel

The Sarpeidon Award is a special award given to any simmer who has made outstanding contributions to the 118Wiki. Sarpeidon was the world in TOS's "All Our Yesterdays," in which the planet's population created a library containing their entire world's history. This is, in essence, what our wiki strives to become: a collection of our group's history and a simming database.

Jalana Rajel, USS Constitution - presented by Maxwell Traenor
When we think of contributions to the 118Wiki, we often think of expansive pages and creative templates and coding. However, these pages would be nothing but walls of text if not for the beautiful and expressive images that adorn them. Thanks to the contributions of The Image Collective, especially those of its taskforce leader Jalana Rajel, our wiki is one of the most inviting and engaging roleplay resources in the Star Trek genre! For years now, Jalana Rajel has answered any and all requests for professionally created character images, Badge and Award graphics, and numerous other Photoshop magic acts in order to ensure that SB118 puts its best face forward with the 118Wiki. For that reason, it is our pleasure to award Jalana Rajel with the Sarpeidon Award! Congratulations!

The Boothby Award

The Boothby Award
Oddas Aria

For trainers who go above and beyond their Academy training requirements. These trainers display an outstanding example of dedication to bringing new cadets to our community.

Oddas Aria, Andaris Task Force - presented by Toni Turner
Although I am no longer affiliated with the Academy, I have heard from other members and graduates how well Oddas is showing his dedication to guiding our new members to their full potential, by setting an excellent example. He not only shows his dedication in the Academy but has brought what he has learned to the Embassy crew. And you really can't ask for better than that. As one Academy graduate related: "I was very intimidated by the setup and posting frequency. I was lost, confused and felt like giving it up. The feedback and support I received from Oddas Aria helped me overcome all of that, for which I am grateful and now I absolutely love simming!" This came from one of Oddas Aria's fellow trainers: "Nick is an excellent trainer who is one of our most regular volunteers. Some trainers volunteer but only ever offer to run a mock cadet but Oddas Aria is normally willing to be placed in any role we need. He is a reliable, enthusiastic trainer and his continued help makes it easier to ensure we are able to run classes each week for new cadets." For his dedication to guiding our new members into our fleet, I happily award her with the Boothby Award. Congratulations, Nick!

Quark's Bar

Quark's Bar
E'riQ Lo'PeH

Quark's Bar is a special award and is awarded to members who are regularly active on the forums and have been supportive and involved in conversations enhancing the overall forum experience.

E'riQ Lo'PeH, Andaris Task Force - presented by Aron Kells & Cassandra Egan Manno
As anyone who is mildly active in OOC activities is likely to know, E'riQ (formerly playing John Valdivia) has proceeded to keep a very substantial presence on the forums. He is in charge of the Poll of the Week, consistently posing fascinating questions about morality and command obligations. These questions, more than anything else, solidify his position as one of the forum's more regular contributors. The sheer imagination it must take to consistently create such immersive topics for debate is staggering, and he has nothing but my greatest respect. Anyone can ask a question but it takes a bit of thought, creativity and intelligence to pose the sort of truly thought-provoking questions regularly brought to us for consideration by E'riQ. It's clear that he is passionate about what he does and cares about bringing us topics that will engage us and get our imaginations running. When he's not doing that he chips in around Andaris Task Force's Forums and posts the occasional Top Sims nomination. His contributions to the forum have been invaluable and enhance the forum experience for others at the same time. I'm delighted to present E'riQ with the Quark's Bar. Thank you for all that you do, Eric, we appreciate it.

The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award

The Xalor Clan Xifilis Award

Given to any simmer who overcomes any sort of disadvantage while simming. This award was originally called the "Rachel Garett Pendant," but was renamed for the 2000 ceremony to to honor a respected simmer in UFOP: StarBase 118 who passed away in that year. This is the only Special Award that is given more than once per ceremony.

Jalana Rajel
Jalana Rajel, USS Constitution - presented by Maxwell Traenor
When one looks at Jalana Rajel's contributions to SB118, whether it be with her role as leader of The Image Collective, as CO of the Constitution, or her work with the Captains Council and active presence on the forums and chatrooms, one cannot help but notice her sunny disposition and can-do attitude. Leading by example, she exudes a confidence and proficiency that motivates those that interact with her. The fact that Jalana Rajel is so active despite contending with health and depression challenges is a testament to her professionalism and dedication and is a shining example to her crew and to the fleet at large. Where many would use such challenges in real life to shy away from responsibility, Rajel meets them head on and refuses to let her issues affect the level of engagement she shares with all of us. An inspiration to any who face similar issues, Jalana Rajel is a worthy recipient of the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award.

Rune Jolara
Rune Jolara, USS Veritas - presented by Roshanara Rahman
As her commanding officer, I've been given the trust from Rune Jolara's writer Kait with personal and at times painful updates about what has been happening beyond the confines of our simming group in her life. With all the challenges and heartbreak that have happened, Kait has shown her strength and perseverance through it all. That strength has not gone unnoticed by others around her. As conveyed through their nominations of her for this award, her shipmates--current and past--have been moved by her tireless dedication to the fleet. She continues to sim with long-time friends while also training and welcoming new members into our community. As one nominator wrote, "she is more than deserving of this award and so much more," and I'm honored to present her the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award as the fleet's recognition of her efforts.

T'Reshik, USS Constitution - presented by Jalana Rajel
Who doesn’t know the difficulty to keep up with simming when other things are jumping in the way. The obstacles of work, school or health often put a damper on the ability to write regularly or enjoy the adventures your crew throws themselves in. But these are also the times when some players push through and power up even more, putting in all their free time and effort to keep up and make things work, because they love the game and writing with their fellow crewmates.
Issy, the player behind the Constitution’s Science Officer T’Reshik, is one of these people. Despite facing the challenges of CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) she has quickly become a reliable and valuable asset to the Conny Crew. She enriches the Roleplay with her characterisations, deep stories, extensive details and creative ideas that we all wouldn’t want to miss. It’s my honor to present the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award to T’Reshik’s player. You’re an inspiration, Issy. Congratulations!

The Community Champion Award

The Community Champion Award

For members who participate in – or help facilitate – simming community events, representing the best of UFOP: SB118 to other organizations by hosting events, acting as contest judges, or otherwise contributing their expertise in a way that benefits the wider community.

Mirra Ezo
Mirra Ezo, Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Sal Taybrim
Anyone can be present on the chats or the forums, but it takes someone who is a ray of sunshine to make a lasting impact. Mirra Ezo is that ray of sunshine. She is always ready to welcome new crew both to the chat and her ship, and she always approaches them with a big smile and a heaping helping of humor. Mirra has attended every fleetwide chat, she can almost always be found in the chat lobby and she's supported StarBase 118 lecturers by attending outside conventions such as Sci World and Fall Fest as an active participant. Mirra is also one of people who makes the fleetwide trivia contest a success!
On the forums you can find her nominating Top Sims, posting best quotes and saying hello to new players. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude is infectious and it absolutely helps raise morale both on her ship and across the fleet. I know new members feel more welcome when they see a friendly face and Mirra is most definitely one of those friendly faces. I am very happy to present the Community Champion award to Mirra Ezo!

The Trailblazer Award

The Trailblazer Award

Trailblazer Award is a special award and is awarded to members who originate a creative and innovative way for the fleet to engage with each other and the Star Trek universe. These participants provide unique opportunities that help to make our game an immersive and unique Star Trek experience.

Oddas Aria
Oddas Aria, Embassy of Duronis II - presented by Toni Turner
Lt. Commander Oddas Aria, for her work with the fleet's Advanced Starship Design Bureau and the Journal of the Starfleet Corps of Engineers, without a doubt embodies the qualifications for the Trailblazer Award. Her work with the Journal drew attention from many members of the fleet and helped to spawn the Journal of Starfleet Medicine and the Starfleet Journal of Arts & Sciences. These journals have given members a new way to engage with Star Trek based material and bring the IC experiences and research into the fleet's wiki. It is ideas like this that make Oddas Aria a great recipient of the Trailblazer Award. Congratulations! Job well done, Nick!

Staff Awards

Staff Awards are reserved solely for officers who are Commander in rank, or above. As the people in our group who carry the burden of leadership and investment in our future success, it's important that we take a few moments to recognize the dedication and work they put in throughout the year. Without a staff as dedicated as the one we have, we simply wouldn't be able to sustain our community nature and many of the activities we enjoy.

This year, the fleet’s First Officers were again empaneled to vote on the nominations and advise the Executive Council on recipients. For the nine awards presented below, all come from the recommendations of the First Officer panel.

Staff Member of the Year Award

Awards Staff StaffMemberOfTheYearMedal 2011.jpg
Roshanara Rahman

For staff members who have contributed tirelessly to the organization through any number of OOC channels, while maintaining excellence in simming on their vessel.

Roshanara Rahman, USS Veritas - presented by Renos

Rich is one of the most committed and hardworking members of our community. He has been a pillar of the community for many years and his contributions and achievements throughout the last year have been no less impressive. On the EC and CC, Rich is unafraid to stand up for what he believes in and always contributes to discussions in a thoughtful and fair manner. His insight is invaluable and his technical know-how with regards to the admin side of the forums and wiki has been of considerable help time and again. He is one of our deputy commandants and someone who has done a great deal of heavy lifting OOC wise not just in the last year but beyond. It's clear in everything that Rich does that he cares deeply about this community and its betterment. One of his great strengths is that he is consistently shown he has the stamina and energy to be one of our most active staff members, that's why I'm so proud to present him with this award. Congratulations and well done, my friend! Keep being awesome.

The Picard Award

Awards Staff PicardMedal 2011.png

The highest honor given to those officers of Admiral rank. Recipients of the Picard Award must show an unfailing devotion to the club, as well as work continually on ways to better the atmosphere of simming in our community.

Renos, Andaris Task Force - presented by Tristan Wolf

This will be the ninth time, in our history of 21 ceremonies, where the Picard Award has been given to a member of our staff. As the description explains, it’s the highest honor given to those of admiral rank. And those who have received it previously have shown unfailing dedication and loyalty to our community. They are people who have permanent places in our history.
Renos (James) certainly fits that bill perfectly – having touched so many parts of our community, from Training to Publicity to the Captains and Executive Councils. James has facilitated this and the last Awards Ceremony, putting in hours of work to pull everything together – but that’s exactly what I’d expect from James, having seen him help lead simming community events on our behalf, showing that we are not just the best organized group in the web, but also the one with the biggest heart.
James is always thinking about where our weak spots are so we can learn how to improve, and that’s exactly what it takes to earn the Picard Award: A sense of stewardship for our community that goes far beyond membership, and even beyond earning a seat on the Executive Council or the rank of Admiral. It’s about being committed to helping the community succeed – and thrive. My deepest thanks to James and my sincerest congratulations for earning this top honor.

The James T. Kirk Cross

Awards Staff KirkCrossMedal 2011.jpg
Roshanara Rahman

Given to new Commanding Officers who show outstanding potential in the field of commanding.

Roshanara Rahman, USS Veritas - presented by Toni Turner

It's difficult to believe that Roshanara Rahman, was promoted to Captain less than one year ago because he has done so much for our group. From founding and developing new fleetwide teams such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Feature Bio Competition to the creation of countless templates to beautify our the wiki. And those are just starters to his achievements. He's a friendly person, who always makes time for people of any rank, whether they're on his ship or not. He is fair, takes a balanced approach to problems and is a great source of support to all captains, which goes to show just how valuable he is across the board. He has created a unique achievements system, and website for his players to enjoy with functions that help them keep track of their sim rates and achievements. It's clear that he is passionate about not only his crew but the whole fleet and that's why he is so widely respected and admired around the entire fleet. Rich, it is my pleasure to present you The James T. Kirk Cross for all the effort you put into our group. Congratulations!

T'Pau Cluster of Distinction

T'Pau Cluster of Distinction.png

For long-term achievement in leading the Training Team.’’

Renos, Andaris Task Force - presented by Quinn Reynolds

The T'Pau Cluster of Distinction is presented to those who have a long history of achievement in leading the training team. This team is both complex to adminstrate and incredibly important to our group, ensuring not only that new members are welcomed and introduced to our simming style, but also helping to train the next generation of leaders and commanding officers.
James (Rear Admiral Renos), our winner this year, has always held the academy to close to his heart. His passion for making the training program the best it can be is clearly evident in his dedication in his role as Commandant; ensuring classes run smoothly, offering feedback to our trainers to help them improve; constantly seeking better ways of doing things; and of course, pitching in himself when the trainers are shorthanded! I have had the great pleasure of working with him for some time now as both a Cadet Steward and Deputy Commandant of the Academy, and his enthusiasm is contagious, elevating the rest of the volunteer team.
The academy is fortunate to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic leader, and I look forward to seeing where James will take the team in the future. Thank you so much for all your hard work and continued passion!

The Sarek Star

Awards Staff SarekStarMedal 2011.jpg
Toni Turner

Given to a command officer who shows great diplomatic ability in working with members and staff.

Toni Turner, Embassy of Duronis II - presented by Quinn Reynolds

The Sarek Star is presented to a command officer who shows great diplomatic ability in working with members and staff. As you can imagine, that's not always the easiest of tasks in an online community, where words can so easily lose their intended context when you cannot see or hear the person speaking them. Communicating effectively in this kind of environment doesn't always come easily, and the winner of this award is a person who can consistently and skillfully do so.
The nominations for Ann (Rear Admiral Toni Turner), were multiple and glowing, each speaking of highly of her skill at navigating difficult situations within and without her ship. Her ability to keep a clear head, and act in a fair and impartial manner while mediating issues close to her heart were often spoken of by those who have worked alongside her. Having been privileged to serve with Toni on the Captains and Executive Councils, I can wholeheartedly agree with their assessments! She is a welcome presence in any debate, delivering her considered insights with tact and care.
Congratulations, Toni!

Christopher Pike Pendant

Awards Staff PikePendantMedal 2011.jpg
Sal Taybrim

Awarded to commanding officers who command their ship with honor and dedication, and help to provide a creative atmosphere which fosters outstanding simming.

Sal Taybrim, Starbase 118 Ops - presented by Toni Turner

A lot can be said for Sal Taybrim, because Jamie, his writer, does everything that's expected and much more. Jamie has made Sal an astounding captain and person, who's more than "just a member". She's dedicated to Starbase 118 Ops with unbelievable fire. One could say she loves it just by reading and watching. And anyone who knows her knows she does love it. Any who writes with her can see the effort and commitment put into each sim, into each character, articulating them into a living, breathing, person that pops right off the pages. Jamie is a shining example for everyone. It's the fire that she possesses that steers her station and crew, even her staff. She answers every question no matter how small, and is willing to push everyone to achieve all that they can be, by asking them what it is they want, making things special and personable. And beyond that she even sends our birthday wishes for every crew member, making them feel special and unique, and pivotal to the station and to the fleet. For your outstanding leadership, I am very pleased to award you The Christopher Pike Pendant! Congratulations, Sal!

Chief’s Citation

Awards Staff ChiefCitation2015.png

Starfleet history is much more liable to recognize the triumphs of its notable officers, and while non commissioned and enlisted personnel occasionally receive recognition, the NCO backbone of a starship is likely to go unremarked upon. So that our integral support staff don't similarly slip through the cracks, the Chief's Citation recognizes those essential staff members whose determined work has benefited the group, IC and/or OOC, even while their primary service was not as the commanding officer of a starship or other simming installation.

Brell, Andaris Task Force - presented by Renos
As a staff member, Lee who plays Brell, is enthusiastic, eager to learn and willing to help out wherever he can. He takes an active role in helping to develop mission plans, and facilitate the plot, is a kind, friendly mentor who is always on-hand with some reassurance for nervous mentees. He's active on our OOC and staff lists, the forums (where he was co-facilitator of the Poll of the Week for a significant time) and is a regular attendee of ship and fleet chats. He helps to keep our wiki pages up to date and has been known to create bios for new players as well as adding them to the relevant pages. He was our mission archivist for several months, where he took the notes needed to do the write up and added links to sims and pictures to create an impressive record of our adventures. Other fleetwide activities include being a member of the publicity team and training team, where he is a deputy commandant and volunteers to participate in classes. He was also a member of The (Image) Collective for approximately a year and contributed towards a LGBT primer that was created by FltCapt Manno I believe some time ago. All of this he does without compromising the quality of his work. Truly, Brell is a powerhouse, and I genuinely believe there is no candidate more hard working or more deserving than him, which is why I am so proud and excited to present him with this award. Congratulations!

Kathryn Janeway Award

Awards Staff JanewayMedal 2011.jpg
Zalea Solzano

The Kathryn Janeway Award is a staff award for retired Commanding Officers who have made a great impact on their crew and left an indelible legacy on our community history.

Zalea Solzano - presented by Roshanara Rahman
Zaela Solzano's writer Tony like myself has had a number of player characters over the years, and many in the fleet best remember him as the writer for Lily Ventu and Aron Kells. Behind the different names and characters has been the same warm, caring, and thoughtful man. I first began simming with Tony in 2012, and through the years that we wrote together on the Mercury and later Garuda and Invicta, I saw firsthand the genuine support he was always giving to those he worked and wrote with. Most of all, I saw his kindness and his effective command style based on nurturing an open and positive atmosphere among his ship's staff and crew.
Beyond his ship, Tony's contributions to the fleet at large included facilitating the writing challenges, serving as cadet steward and promotions coordinator, and participating in other creative endeavors such as the Federation News Service's presidential election. On both the Captains and Executive Councils, he brought both his love for the group and that same thoughtfulness to every discussion. Yet ultimately his greatest contribution and legacy to our community is the generation of players among his crew and the greater fleet that he helped train and counsel through his leadership and friendship. Congratulations, captain! It's been an honor.

Length of Service Awards

The list below only contains members who have newly hit the threshold for the award. For example, a member who's been here for four years, and received the 3-year award last year, won't be listed below. You can see all previous winners of Length of Service awards here.

Some members who have been on LOA since before these awards were created will be in multiple award tiers below as they “catch up” with the awards they missed.

We’ve used the best information we have available to us in calculating each member’s start date and LOAs. If you believe you should have received an award, but are not listed below, please contact your CO to have this corrected, and please accept our humblest apologies in advance for the oversight.

1-Year Members

  • Solaris McLaren, graduated from training on November 11, 2013
  • Frank O'Malley, graduated from training on February 2, 2014
  • Jerome Milsap, graduated from training on August 4, 2015
  • Trellis Vondaryan, graduated from training on August 24, 2015
  • Merrick R'Ven, graduated from training on October 11, 2015
  • Dag Sindri, graduated from training on November 9, 2015
  • Isabel Pond, graduated from training on December 12, 2015
  • Chelin Ch'Gabor, graduated from training on December 12, 2015
  • Michelle Tonston, graduated from training on January 11, 2016
  • Savan, graduated from training on January 10, 2016
  • Amuro McKnight, graduated from training on February 15, 2016
  • Taelon, graduated from training on March 15, 2016
  • Jocelyn Marshall, graduated from training on April 10, 2016
  • Oddas Aria, graduated from training on May 5, 2016
  • Ishani Kasun, graduated training on June 18, 2016

3-Year Members

  • Antero Flynn, graduated from training on August 6, 2011
  • Vitor Silveira, graduated from training on June 20, 2012
  • Brayden Jorey, graduated from training on December 10, 2012
  • Mei'konda, graduated from training on February 24, 2013
  • Alora DeVeau, graduated from training on August 6, 2013
  • Sal Taybrim, graduated from training on, October 6, 2013
  • Sabrina Holly, graduated from training on May 25, 2014

5-Year Members

  • Saveron, graduated from training on February 1, 2011
  • Antero Flynn, graduated from training on August 6, 2011
  • T'Mihn, graduated from training on January 29, 2012
  • Alex Blair, graduated from training on June 4, 2012
  • Jalana Rajel, graduated from training on June 11, 2012

10-Year Members

  • Kael Thomas, graduated from training on October 15, 2003
  • Atan T'Seva, graduated from training on December 9, 2006
  • Quinn Reynolds, graduated from training on January 25, 2007


Special Thanks

Thanks from Renos

  • The Awards Committee, comprised or Rear Admirals Renos and Toni Turner, Captain John Nugra, Commanders Blair and Whittaker, who voted on the Duty Post and Special Awards.
  • The Auxiliary Awards committee, comprised of Alucard Vess, Saveron, Brayden Jorey, and Kelrod, who volunteered to help pull materials together to help prepare the announcements.
  • The commanding officers of the fleet, who put in a lot of time and effort to review the nominations for their ships and ensure that the right people are selected for awards.
  • The first officers of the fleet, for voting on the staff awards to provide recommendations to the EC about who they should choose to receive each award, for determining the recipient of general awards where their CO was nominated, and writing awards presentations where needed.
  • All of you who submit wonderful, heartfelt nominations each year!

Thanks from Tristan Wolf

  • Our fleet's captains, who tirelessly maintain the backbone of our fleet, and help make this ceremony possible each year by encouraging everyone to nominate their fellow crew and recognize their work – among so many other things the captains do on a day-to-day basis, acting as janitors, counselors, and storytellers.
  • The first officers, who had the unenviable task of choose the recipients of the staff awards, since it always feels a bit off for the captains of the fleet to award themselves ;) Not only that, but they help maintain our ships, bolstering the captains and mentoring everyone else. Lately, it's felt like we've found a truly amazing crop of first officers, who are unabashed at joining in Captains Council discussion and participating fearlessly across the fleet, and it has been really great to behold.
  • The awards committee and auxiliary committee. The former (Rear Admirals Renos and Toni Turner, Captain John Nugra, Commanders Blair and Whittaker) selected the Duty Post and Special Award winners, while the latter (Alucard Vess, Saveron, Brayden Jorey, and Kelrod) helped compile a lot of materials and assisted with other tasks around this event. With so much work to go around, it's really, really awesome to have this kind of help to make everything happen.
  • All of you members out there. Without you, of course, we couldn't do any of this! The heart and soul you bring to your writing, the hours you spend worldbuilding for the Federation News Service, training new members in the Academy program, writing for the Community News, spreading the good word on the Publicity Committee, designing character images in the Image Collective, they do not go unnoticed and they are sincerely, deeply appreciated by me and all the members of the staff. You are the reason we do this, and we hope that we can live up to your expectations and maintain a fun game and beloved community.

Thanks again for being a part of this special experience! --Wolf /talk page

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