Vaje Kizat

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Amity Outpost
Vaje Kizat.png
Vaje Kizat
Position Deputy Chief of Mission
Rank Envoy
Species Cardassian
Gender Male
DOB 236104.04
Age 40
Birthplace Drav, Nokar, Cardassia

Vaje Kizat is a Cardassian who serves as the Counselor for Culture and Press Affairs and Deputy Chief of Mission for Amity Outpost.


  • Height: 1.85M(6'1")
  • Weight: 90.7KG(200lbs)
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Blue with Brown patches
  • Build: Muscular
  • Handedness: Right

Personal History

Vaje was born in the Kizat family compound near the city of Drav, in the Nokar region on Cardassian Prime. In 2376 he was conscripted into the newly reestablished diplomatic arm of the state, given information that the still recovering government possessed stating ‘his’ effectiveness. His family did not agree with how he achieved his new position but they were supportive of him, his mother still sends him a brick of red leaf tea each month after they shared a cup daily during his morning break and her breaks between work as a Nestor.

His time with the Cardassian Diplomatic Department was filled with rigourous training to enhance his expertise in the culture he was assigned. The Federation was a complex mechanism that Vaje relished in the chance to explore. The longer he researched, the more he became enchanted by the things the Federation could offer.

As he was approaching time for his Identification renewal, enacted to prevent any lingering fear of Changelings infiltrating the government, was rapidly approaching, Vaje began to fear being found out by the newly ensconced government. Luckily he discovered in his review of the intel the concept of an officer exchange program the Federation had at one time with the Klingons. He immediately suggested the idea to his superior and volunteered himself for the excursion inthe name of improving relations between the governments from the inside.

Service History

Vaje officially first encountered the Federation through a diplomatic officer exchange program. He began his work as a Second Secretary under an Economic Counselor. The direct, Cardassian way he dealt with one of the early trade negotiations he was a part of was received with baited breath by the Federation officers but managed to bring the Tellarite representatives into a position where they were more open to discussions of mining rights on the moon with their Andorian counterparts.

He eventually worked under the Economic Counselor long enough that he was raised to a First Secretary as a Management Officer in charge of the budget for a slew of consulates and embassies on different Federation worlds. While Vaje enjoyed the continued work, and even petitioned the Federation to continue his work beyond the expiration of the Officer Exchange Program.

That withdrew him from the front though while the Diplomatic Corp reviewed his petition. While he was back on Earth he was allowed to work under a Public Affairs Officer. Partially due to a change from economics to a more public facing role in order to put his best foot forward to aid his chances at getting his working contract approved he focused on his work.

Vaje took well to the work suited to the interactions with the public and working to create the understanding of the policies that his Counselor sent his way. The approval of his petition led to another surprise as he was raised to the rank of Envoy and sent out on missions on behalf of his Counselor as a preliminary negotiator and explainer to ease things before the Counselor came in. These “Flash Diplomacy” missions saw Vaje doing one of his favorite things in travelling all over the Federation. His stock on the rise he was contacted by a fellow Envoy Jansen Orrey about an opportunity that would be opening up soon…



Ikaia Wong

Ikaia was one of the first people Vaje met on Amity at the request of his predecessor Jansen Orrey. The two had a wonderful chemistry from the start and Vaje has engineered a few run-ins with the good doctor to continue the conversations.


Robin Hopper

Vaje first met Robin on New Year’s Eve 2399 at the Three Stripes bar where she had been stood up by her date. That led to a wonderfully special evening of conversation while Vaje sketched her and the start of something even more special.


Arthur Summerside
Work Associate

Despite a good rapport with the newsman in their initial meeting, Vaje has stayed clear of him except in official proceedings due to an inherent lack of trust in the press.

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
PICstyle-ens silver.png
Second Secratery 2393 - 2397 Federation Diplomatic Corp
Second Secratery of Economics
PICstyle-lt silver.png
First Secretary SD 239704.09 - 239911.14 Federation Diplomatic Corp
First Secretary of Public Affairs
PICstyle-ltcmdr silver.png
Envoy SD 239911.14 - Present Amity Outpost
Deputy Chief of Mission & Envoy of Cultural and Press Affairs

SIM Archive

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