Through Open Gates

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Through Open Gates

Through Open Gates, also known as the Gateway Crisis of 2390, refers to an event, caused by the bombardment of particles from the destruction of the Hobus star two years prior, where multiple Iconian gateways across the galaxy suddenly became open and active. The resulting chaos manifested itself in multiple ways in various locations.

Veterans of the Conflict

Through Open Gates Ribbon

Starfleet officers who served during the Iconian Gateway situation were subsequently awarded the Iconian Gateway Ribbon.

Note: This incomplete listing includes both primary characters and non-player characters (both PNPCs and NPCs). Names are listed in alphabetical order, and primary characters are listed in bold.

USS Apollo

Andrus Jaxx

USS Avandar

Della Vetri

USS Discovery

Tyr Waltas

USS Excalibur-A

Kali NicholottiBenjamin LivingstonLuna WalkerKaty OrmanAlden CuthbertVitor SilveiraAnscom FoldsChythar SkyfireSal TaybrimShedetAidoann LaveauxCollim Kieran

USS Drake

William Rogers

USS Mercury

Aron Kells

USS Tiger-A

Sidney Riley

Embassy of Duronis II

Toni TurnerAlucard VessHannibal ParkerNugraTr'KhellianJaxon Mc GheeBoris HendonPaul SharpeWilliam TindallSsandonAzriel DerridaTalia KajiS'kahh RosshT'AnaKamela Allison

USS Vigilant

Diego Herrera