Timeline of Kevin Breeman's Sims

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Crew of the USS Columbia


Lt. Commander Kevin Breeman


Sims on this page are arranged first by posting and then by year. Please note that sims that are NPC/PNPC sims are included in this timeline as well, but are noted as such in the following format: "Character Name - Sim Title"

A Short Note on Dates

Where two sims were posted on different dates but described events that occurred on the same date the date of the first sim is given as the date for both sims. From the standpoint of historical accuracy in real life this does leave something to be desired but it does provide for much better continuity for the historian of the sim world.


Pre-Starfleet Career (2358-2382)

Breeman's Time as a Cadet (2382-2386)

USS Independence-A (January, 2386 - June, 2387)

USS Ronin (June, 2387 - November, 2387)

USS Victory (November, 2387 - July, 2388)

Starbase 118 Ops (July, 2388 - September 2389)

USS Mercury (October 2389 - Present)