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Two women who have been made into concubines for Sedrin watch him talking with Marari.


Sedrin - Scenes from a Perfumed Garden - TAGS Marari

((Ops - DS-17))

::Terry Ebert stands the way she has for more than an hour now. Sedrin. The man walks by and she remembers again the first kiss, the first night when he told her he loved her. It was easy to talk to him; his mind intrigued her. No one in Starfleet knew her or loved her the way he did.::

::Now she is happy and complete. She has what she has always wanted. Love. Acceptance. Comfort. Her uniform hangs from her, slowly tearing away as the brutal discipline and the dictatorial rule are washed from her day by purifying day. Someone comes. Another man.::

Marari:: Cover yourselves up... you're disgusting.

::No. Someone who does not appreciate pleasure.::

::She glares at him a moment. What she has with Sedrin no one can take.::

::A small fly crawls out from inside her shirt and flies up into her hair, feet pattering about on her scalp like a honeybee's legs in nectar. She's a flower growing in a perfumed garden. The fly buzzes away from her and she waits in eager anticipation.::

::The fly lands on Sedrin, a buzz plucked from across the gap. Mammal to Vaadwaur. Vaadwaur to Mammal. It burrows its proboscis into his scalp and he smiles at the sweet whispers imparted into his brain. For a while the fly clings to Sedrin as he waits for Marari to arrive but then lifts off of him again, attaching itself to the wall to listen and log, the way flies always do when they're on a wall at a moment like this.::

::Meanwhile T'pal, standing beside Terry, listens closely to the progressing conversation between Sedrin and the other man. Logic is a passing memory of a brutal and oppressive past, before the Kolinahr. She remembers the V she formed with her hands, tracing them along the ridges of Sedrin's neck ecstatically throwing off the vestigial tyranny called logic.::

Marari:: It is wonderful to see you again, brother... I wish it were under better circumstances.

::Sedrin is angry. Norek can feel it.::

Sedrin:: Brother? Brother.... Yes, it is good to see you again. What is it, brother?

::He must be scheming. Clearly this man is a liar. Sedrin doesn't have a brother. Another fly lands on her head and dips its proboscis into her cranium.::

Marari:: Of course. In short... if we return the station they're going to give us a world, Sedrin. A whole world...! Somewhere within their borders, or close to- guarded by Federation fighters... somewhere safe. Somewhere we can raise our clones. We can have homes, families... all the while safe, protected- we can become a real species again! Think of it!

Sedrin:: Depending on hand-outs!

Marari:: Response?

Sedrin:: Do you realize what you're asking me to do? You're asking me to throw away years of effort so the Federation can dictate to us how we can live, what we can do, and where we can go! Did you consider that before coming here?

Marari:: Response?

::They talk and talk. Is it really important that they discuss this now? She doesn't care about it so why should anyone else? Love, lust, desire, hatred, and pleasure buzz about the room, oblivious to everything, crawling across everyone.::


Sedrin, Third Sector Tactical Commander Occupying Forces DS-17

Lt. Jg. Terry Ebert Brainwashed Engineering Officer

Ens. T'Pal Brainwashed Science Officer

as simmed by

Lt. Kevin Breeman Chief of Science USS Ronin


A bit of perspective writing. The title is derived from the name of a medieval sex manual.

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