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Kevin Breeman


Breeman begins describing his experience threatened by the Ixvapyans


((Corridor - USS Independence-A))

::Kevin walked toward the counsellor's office with trepidation. He remembered those philosophies that stated that the greatest enemy one faced was one's own self. Of course the consolations of philosophy, while numerous, were never enough. He had high hopes that whatever happened here would clarify for him some inkling of a way to conduct himself in the presence of the awesome emotions which trauma evoked in him.

He had thought at first that perhaps his parents or peers would have taught him how but then as the reality of the situation he'd faced dawned on him he realized that that was an unreasonable expectation. During his upbringing he hadn't faced a life or death situation. No one had ever broken into his home and threatened him or his family. No one had pounced on him and punched him through a cloak of invisibility and confusion as part of his Starfleet training. He truly was sailing into the unknown.::

::And yet what he had found so far had not been very positive. He had met, faced, and fallen before his own weakness. The images of -- of nothing and yet the sensation of a thousand pounds of force beating his face and his own limited wrestling training being useless to combat the foe were ever-present as the burning sun in an endless pre-terraformed Venusian landscape. Even in the night after the sun had set and the day had changed still the unbearable heat of the raw emotion of the experience was there. The acid of self doubt rained from the livid red sky, the ground a collection of burning embers blurred in the searing 400 degree heat of the unrelenting fixation on the experience.::

((Counsellor's Office - USS Independence-A))

::Finally he stepped in.::

Ehlanii: Response?

Breeman: Well I'm not sure how to express this, but I am still pretty overwhelmed by what happened over there on the Phoenix.

::He could sense a reluctance to mention that this was something that had happened to him. It had happened but to say that it had happened---::

Ehlanii: Response?

Breeman: Uh yeah, when that Ixvapyan landed on me. One second I was just about to scan the room and then I was on the floor with an invisible fist drilling me. I--I'm still pretty freaked out about it. I can't understand how... everybody else seemed so professional but I was about to break down afterwards.


Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman Engineering Officer USS Independence-A


In writing this I tried to create a few extended metaphors that would make for a richer story line. Breeman's arc toward beginning to be a bit more mature is expressed both literally and metaphorically as a kind of terraforming of a primitive and under-developed "venus", complete with 'acidic self doubt' and embers of fixation.

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