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Ens. Eric Da'Pan, Tyriden th'Dani


Eric and Tyriden discuss music and its relationship to science as a more strict and perhaps suppressed part of Ens. Tyriden comes out.


((Ship's Library - USS Independence-A))

::Eric watched as the new medical officer left. He'd been spending twenty years training just for this job. That was dedication. He admired that in a person. It showed that one was able to accept one's limitations without being discouraged. Eric had met many people during his undergraduate years who thought they were geniuses because they understood some new concept taught to them during an intermediate course but who then dropped out when it came time to work for their knowledge. Inherent ability could only take most people so far.

Well. What about music? Tyriden was interested in knowing if Eric liked music. To be honest Eric liked a lot of musical styles but the one he liked most was folk. It calmed him down.::

Da'Pan: I like folk music.

::He watched Tyriden turn back to him, his antennae perking up. That must have turned his crank. This was the second time he'd seen the Andorian's antennae perk up. He was back in familiar territory again, it looked.::

Tyriden: I myself have grown to like the various genres of terran music while I was at the Academy. I find music helps me to... relax.

::Eric smiled and said,::

Da'Pan: You and me both.

::He listened as Tyriden continued,::

Tyriden: It depends on my state of mind, what you would call mood. Sometimes I like listening to the arias of Puccini while on other occasions I find myself playing Bajoran folk recordings over and over.

Da'Pan: Puccini. You don't say! ::Nodding now at the revelation that Bajor in fact had folk music:: And I will most definitely check out Bajoran folk music. It's perfectly understandable that you'd like different kinds of music for different moods.

::Actually, Eric was drawing on his experience as a human when he made that last remark. He'd never been one for philosophy or psychology or xenopsychology, and he'd certainly never read any Andorian books on aesthetics. He wondered how deeply Tyriden's interests in music ran. What made those antennae perk up? Was it just something he did whenever he liked something even slightly or was he really more excited than usual?::

Da'Pan: So, can you play any instruments?

Tyriden: I have tried to play the lyre, but it is... complicated.

::Eric thought he saw a slight twitch of the Andorian's cheek.

Tyriden: Music is essentially mathematics in disguise. It would seem that by that very nature, one could create the perfect symphony by constructing the most logical and symmetrical mathematical equations and formulae. It is not improbable to master music in no time, let alone excel in it. nevertheless, it is my own personal observation that when forcibly dissected to reveal the intricacies of the underlying mathematical equations, music becomes not quite so... pleasurable to the senses any longer.

::Eric laughed at this. Now he could tell the man really liked music. But why the thick language and analysis? He'd seen this sort of thing before. "Oh I like writing," one accountant had said to him once at a after-exam party in university, adding quickly, "but it *does* relate to my job!" as though she needed to justify her passion for something other than her career. He knew it would be conceited of him to think this too seriously, but he wondered if perhaps his not letting on about his pastimes at social gatherings actually made people more uncomfortable since he wasn't enabling them to let their hair down. After all, Eric was being "professional" and so should they.::

Da'Pan: I didn't know people liked music for the perfection. I think I recall reading about an alien culture that got its hands on a Federation holographic doctor. They loved his renditions of operas but over time they reprogrammed him to produce fractal-based songs. Those definitely weren't pleasurable to the ears. The point is that mathematicians don't necessarily make good musicians.

::He could see that Tyriden was smiling now and so was he as he thought back to the various cultures - human or otherwise - that had tried to impose mathematics on beauty.::

Tyriden: I like you, Mr Eric Da'Pan.

::Eric smiled again and said,::

Da'Pan: I like you too, Mr. Tyriden. And I know I'm guessing but... I bet you like music more than you're letting on but you're afraid I'll condemn you because you're supposed to be a scientist and rational and all that.

Tyriden: Response?

Da'Pan: Well don't worry; your secret's safe with me.

Tyriden: I don't know about you, but I seem to have a sudden craving for coffee right now.

::The man's antennae started to twirl and move strangely.::

Tyriden: Would you care to join me, if it is not too much trouble?

::That sounded just fine to Eric. He was having a great time learning the mannerisms of this Andorian, the first he'd tried to get to know.::

Da'Pan: It wouldn't be much trouble at all.

((TimeWarp - Free Spirit ))

Da'Pan: So ::taking a sip of his coffee:: what kind of gravity well experiment are you hoping to run?

Tyriden: Response?



Ens. Eric Da'Pan

Science Officer

USS Independence-A

as simmed by

Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman


USS Independence-A


In this sim we see Da'Pan's more out-going nature. He is able to intuit a good portion of another person's emotions and even some of their thinking by observing their face.

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