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Patri Jia Kom


Patri-Jia Kom is suspended inside a security forcefield on the bridge.


((Bridge - USS Independence-A))

::Equanimous, Patri stood there inside the force field on the bridge watching as people came and went. She waited for her imminant incarceration and tried not to smile outwardly as the security officer near her made an ass of himself. He was too funny. And the FO. He was full of himself.::

Cody: ....when things have calmed, I expect you to report to me. We will have a conversation about what just happened here.

oO Uh oh. Looks like someone didn't follow his officer protocol training. Oo

Rogers: Aye Sir.

::Patri started to smile but then stopped. Later she saw a young man who could only have been Kevin briefly come onto the bridge and then leave. Nothing special about him.::


Rogers: We do have one Security concern. Ms Patri seems to have inside knowledge of this attack on the station and she has also managed to infiltrated the Independences Computer Core. She appears to want to work with us...

oO Yeah, like I want to work with a bunch of losers like you guys. I just need you to take me to that Grendellai bastard so I can blow his brains out. Oo

Cody: Get our people off the station, Commander. As for Ms Patri. If she infiltrated the ship's computer core, the only place she will be is in the Brig, Mr. Rogers. I leave it to you to make sure she stays put and want to see a full investigation to how she was able to accomplish that. ::

::The only thing that surprised Patri was how the officers on the bridge all seemed to know her real name. She thought she'd been so careful to call herself Patricia. Maybe she was more well-known than she'd previously thought.::

::But for now, to prevent her legs from getting stiff, Patri did her best to practice the meditation techniques she'd developed and used so effectively while incarcerated on Nimbus 4. She could feel the throbbing again inside her head, the rhythmic pounding to the clack clack of the gears which rotated in unison, calmly, forever reminding her.

She thought of the monsters - the Grendellai - of her childhood nightmares. She relived it again detached from the little girl and feeling inside of her the pounding and the banging of everything that was wrong malfunctioning. Tooth one entered groove two and tooth three entered groove four and tooth five entered groove six and....

She could hear more sounds now, in the back of her mind. They resonnated filling again the sea in which she swam. Status reports flew this way and that, scraps of poems and parts of letters, the glue that held everyone together flowing through her as the gears clicked marking each tick of life, every tock of information. Occasionally Patri would move an arm, kick a leg, thrust her mental body hither and thither in the ocean of information, as the lives moved forward and the trance took hold.::

Patri Jia Kom, Information Pirate and Hacker as simmed by Ensign Kevin Breeman Engineering Officer USS Independence-A


I used this post to flesh out Patri's nature both as a hacker and as a human being. I wanted to portray her meditative techniques and her confused mind here.

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