SIM:Cdt Breeman - Of Split-Second Worries and Gratitude for a Fast Pace of Life

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Kevin Breeman


Kevin and a fellow cadet go to investigate the intruder in engineering, only to find a giant flattened tribble.


((Bridge: Turbolift Door))

Jaxx: Slow down, Cadet Breeman...::turning to Toni:: Take us to yellow alert . Whoever beamed onto our ship, I want them found.

Turner: Response

Jaxx: Take T'Meni, and Breeman.. ::pausing:: and Parker as well...whoever it is may just need some help.

Turner: Response

::They entered the turbolift.::

Turner: ((Command to computer?))

::This was it. Kevin felt a strange combination of apprehension and fear. He was apprehensive the way he would be apprehensive if an old friend or relative had come to his home as a child and hoped to see him. What could he expect from this person? He corrected himself. You don't even know if it's a person, he thought. It could be a bomb or an alien, or.... Horrifying scenarios rushed through his head, as his mind reeled from one disastrous possibility to the next.

Was it a monster? Was it an irradiated survivor from some doomed spacecraft? Was it a..... NO. Kevin's mental compensation immediately swung into action. You're a starfleet cadet, soon to become a starfleet officer. You embrace the unknown. You chose the risk at the same time you chose that uniform. When you decided to put on that communicator you announced to the rest of the galaxy that you didn't just want to live the simple, normal life, restrained and afraid of what might happen if you step into the unknown.

Already he was beginning to feel better. It was like having a wise superior officer looking over his shoulder and giving him moral support. But still, the doubt was there in the back of his mind. That wise council is only as wise and experienced as you are.::

oOAnd this holodeck is only as scary as its creators made it to be. No, it's only as scary as I allow it to be. I've got more to worry about from the evaluations from my superiors than I do from whatever is in Engineering.Oo

::As the turbolift continued on its way, Kevin thought back to his introductory philosophy class. "What's the ontological status of virtual objects?" the professor, an elderly and peculiarly sociable Antosian, had asked during one lecture. He enjoyed tossing out these questions of life, the universe, and everything at the class. This question in particular always made Kevin's mind whir with pleasure. To it he could formulate a thousand responses, some of which were questions::

oOWhat's the ontological status of unperceived objects? What about objects on this holodeck? What was it like before there were holodecks? What was the ontological status of the imaginings of truly creative people who mingled amongst their own creations as though they were holodeck characters? Why are only fictitious beings generated outside of one's self not considered symptomatic of insanity?Oo

::Kevin eyed the Vulcan-looking woman. She was probably more qualified to contemplate these questions than he was. He made a note to ask her the 'ontological status' question later once this simulation was over...::

::The turbolift doors opened::


::Kevin followed Turner, T'Meni, and Parker toward the door to the warp core and engineering.::

::The doors hissed open to reveal.... nothing. No, wait. They looked down and saw what looked like a flattened Tribble on the floor.::


This sim introduces Breeman's "Mentor engine." The mentor engine is a series of positive encouragement and disciplining thought patterns Kevin ingrained into himself during his time as an academy student, after an academy instructor named David Owens took him under his wing.

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