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Crew of the USS Columbia


Lt. Commander Kevin Breeman


This page contains relevant sims for the maintenance of the canon for Kevin Breeman's (and PNPC's which I write) character. It is not an exhaustive archive but rather a series of relevant events in which Breeman or one of my NPC's has been involved.

Sim Timeline

The sims on this page are not presented in chronological order. Instead they are arranged by topic and or character. For a listing of the sims in their order please see the Sim Timeline.

The Sims

Breeman's Sims

Childhood History

Emotional Maturity Story Arc

Operation Bright Star

Awarded with the Merria Medallion, Kevin Breeman was instrumental in retaking DS-17's computer system. Most of the sims presented here are from the perspective of other characters but the thing colouring/changing their perspective is usually the mechanical flies.


Most of these sims center around a dialog with T'tala, a Vulcan who errs in the direction of Emotion a bit too often. The dialog works well, I think, because it presents two characters who aren't what their respective species would necessarily consider normal.

First Forray into Command

Commander Breeman was briefly made first officer of Starbase 118 Operations. However during the Reikara crisis he soon realized that he was much more useful as the chief engineer than as first officer, so he quickly stepped down. The following sims document that arc.

Relationship With Savannah Taylor

Sahmson and Aodhnait

Mask of Sanity

Topical And Other Interest


Wendigo Gabrielle

Jan Droogendyk

Patri-Jia Kom


Ens. Eric Da'Pan