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Gabrielle the Feline


Gabrielle gets high on catnip and has many visions.


((Corridor – USS Independence-A))

((OOC: Brice and I agreed to sim Eddie together so I am not hijicking him. He is not normally like this but when that catnip takes over.....))

::Eddie clawed into the carpet as the kaleidoscope fish swam by. Somewhere nearby the sun whispered into his ear,::

Sun: Eddie. I have much more food should you be willing to make a sacrifice.

::Yeah, this was it. He wanted food. He needed food. He would climb the walls thousands of times just for one morsel of tuna. He would cross an ocean of used syringes just for a taste of the fleshy meat. But no. All he had to do was to make a sacrifice to the sun.::

Eddie: Sacrifice? Sacrifice what, man?

::He saw a pyramid materializing into view, a single cat's eye staring right at him from the top of it. Somewhere in the distance a spider with the head of a goat said,::

Max: I must take my leave, I believe I am needed elsewhere.

::and sprouted wings and flew off to be with the chief general of the moon. Just then a horde of pink-winged flies that barked like dogs began to buzz around Eddie's head. ::

Eddie: Gah! Go away!

Flies: Bark! Bark! Bark! Woof! Buzz! Woof!

::Gabrielle looked at the clearly disturbed feline. She knew just what to say to him. She knew not why this worked but the effect was always the same and Eddie was like a lamb under her tender mercies whenever she said it.::

Gabrielle: If you wish to experience anew my radiance,

::She began the now ritualized invocation of the other cat's desire for more food,::

Gabrielle: Then ye must rend unto me the crown which adorneth thy head. Come and acclaim ye Ra, the lord of heaven, the Queen, the Creator of the gods, and adore ye her in her beautiful form at her rising in the Atet boat.

::Eddie saw the sun blazing brighter now.::

Eddie: Oh you're so awesome! You created all the gods, maaahan! You like.. make light.

::He felt the crown topple from his head.::

::And Gabrielle, once again assured in her victory, took from Eddie the divine plant, giving him a scrap of tuna fish to chew on.::

::Eddie grasped the life-giving meat and partook.::

::Gabrielle placed her claw into the small canister of divinity and drew out the magical herb. Sniffing on it, she could see before her the doorway to eternity groaning and creaking.::

::She stepped through and found herself standing there. Standing. She took the form of a two-legged, a tattered skirt hung down her legs and a blouse covered her torso. Her hair was messy and unkempt, a lone strand falling in front of her face as the brown eyes gazed around at the vista of moon-lit beach around her.::

::Suddenly, the moon spoke. Truly this was an oracle.::

Moon: Are you going to hurt me? Or try to keep me cooped up?

::And a cloud drifted over the moon, covering it and saying,::

Cloud: Come one, what are you? Why are you invading my ship, Lunch?

::She held her hand up to her forehead, trying to get a better look at the moon. Why would it say such a thing?::

Gabrielle: Who are you? Are you a spirit of the forest? Have you come to grant me guidance?

::There was no response. She said louder::

Gabrielle: I demand to know who you are! What is the divine message which you have to give to me that I might impart it to my feline host?

::But the moon hung there, motionless, the cloud still covering it. Occasionally the stars would twinkle and make noises like the two-legged. Yet Gabrielle, having taken the form of the lowlier animals, still could not make out the sounds they made nor the meanings of their communications. Drifting about, like music amongst the lofty and forgotten spheres, echoes of sounds from a time that was nowhere and a place that never was....::

Star1: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... tththttthat.... bblll.........

Star2: iiiiiiiiitttttt aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

::And as the cloud gently held the moon there, it was illuminated by its brightness, making the following profound pronouncement concerning the nature of all terrestrial things:

Cloud: You don't taste like lunch.

::And at this moment, at this single instant in time, Gabrielle knew. She knew beyond base reality itself, beyond the darkest depths of the ancient holes which were pierced in the firmament of sky which backed the moon and the cloud, the single unified theory of the universe. And it was simply that Sarion, the one everyone had understood to be its originator, had not originated it....

Smiling, Gabrielle skipped about on the beach, a wood-cut necklace now hanging from her neck and small sandals on her feet, until she passed out into an ecstatic oneness with the universe.::

Gabrielle the Feline and Eddie the Feline Both decidedly Intoxicated

as simmed by

Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman Chief of Science USS Independence-A


This sim was written with the intent of experimenting with perception. Here we see a cat magically transforming into a human person. As a human she still possesses the regal mannerisms that were so characteristic of her cat self but her human personification is that of a tettered woman who behaves almost like a hippie. This is in stark contrast with the aristocratic feline Gabrielle.