SIM:Cdt Breeman - The Trouble with Surreptitiously Beaming Living Doormats Into Engineering

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Kevin Breeman


Kevin investigates the flattened tribble.


OOC: Apologies for minor discontinuity in dialog/reverie account :)

(( HALL outside Engineering ))

Parker: ::in a low tone to Kevin:: Everything all right?

Breeman: W-What?

oOTime to return to reality, Kevin!Oo

Breeman: Oh yes, I'm fine. I was just.....

oODon't say lost in thought, it's unprofessional!Oo

Breeman: Nothing

oOOh man!Oo

::Kevin tried to carry himself in a more dignified manner.::

::The doors hissed open to reveal what looked like a flattened Tribble on the floor.::

Parker: ::dryly:: Well, I'm afraid that whoever or whatever that was is a bit beyond the help of my medkit.

Breeman: What is that? A doormat? It looks kind of like a flattened Tribble...

Turner: <Tag?>

<Tag any>

::They entered, led by Turner. Kevin turned to his right, and proceeded to open the storage locker above one of the utility consoles, retrieving a tricorder. The Engineering section was empty, to his surprise. He aimed the tricorder at the "tribble" and scanned. The creature seemed to have a circulatory system that pulsed with the warp core.::

Breeman: I wonder if it's attracted to our warp field.

::Kevin ran a bio scan::


Breeman: Its muscular system isn't really ideal for this environment. Ugh... It's a good thing nobody is trying to work in here. But it will get very bad if I have to repair a warp core breach. What if I step on sir?

Turner: <Tag>

::If the creature was threatening, it certainly would not be a threat in gravity. But who beamed it here? And why?::


Cdt Kevin Breeman


USS Centrix



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