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Ens. Eric Da'Pan, Tyriden th'Dani


Eric Da'pan and Tyriden discuss the harsh tutelage of Mrs. Courtney at Starfleet Academy


(Ship's Library - USS Independence-A))

Tyriden: Oh, I am sorry to intrude. I did not expect to find anyone in here at this hour.

::It was a mild intrusion at worst. Eric had been thinking back on his friend back at the university of Olympus Mons but that, like all memories, could wait for another day, another occasion. He looked up to see an Andorian staring down at him, his antennae perked and directed toward his head. It was a tad overwhelming but come on. He was just responding to instinct. Not having antennae himself, Eric had to resort to being an excellent conversationalist in order to learn about the people around him.::

Tyriden: What are you doing in here?

::Eric chuckled slightly, wondering that himself.::

Da'Pan: Just reading. ::Now it was Eric's turn to do a bit of scanning.:: What brings you here?

Tyriden: I am the new Science Officer, Ensign Tyriden th'Dani lor'Vetra...

::Eric smiled and sincerely hoped the man didn't expect him to address him with that lengthy name. Still, people were proud of their names and it was nice to remind them that you remembered them.::

Tyriden: You can call me Tyriden if you like. I just reported for duty earlier today.

::Well it wasn't exactly an explanation as to what he was doing in the library but that was okay. Eric could work with this. Actually, he could work with anyone whose mouth was moving.::

Da'Pan: Really? Welcome to the Independence, ensign. I'm Eric Da'Pan. I just got here myself.

::Smiling, he stood up to shake the new ensign's hand and then asked again,::

Da'Pan: What brings you here?

::It was an open question. For all he knew the officer would interpret it as a question about why he'd joined starfleet or maybe why he existed. It was cool to ask open-ended questions because it made it a lot more difficult for the other guy not to get engaged in the conversation. Would he show himself as a dark person by giving some existential answer? Would he take the literal route and make you fish a bit more?::

Tyriden: I want to read up on simulated gravity wells. My team may need to recreate one to test a hypothesis... I notice you are also a Science officer.

::The literal route. Fair enough. And gravity wells.::

Da'Pan: Gravity wells? Oh yeah, I'm a science officer. What do you need to create a gravity well for?

Tyriden: It is regarding the electrical discharges. We are currently analyzing the computer readings from Cmdr Cody's console...

::Eric thought about that a moment. Talk spread fast among the scientists aboard. He'd known about the incident with Commander Cody a while now but he had been more occupied with analyzing the latest reports from a probe deployed out to a nearby globular cluster.::

Tyriden: Why are you reading about stellar nurseries, Ensign Da'Pan?

Da'Pan: I did my doctorate in star clusters. They're a bit like stellar nurseries. Just thought I'd use my off duty time to catch up on reading in the field. Hey, where are my manners? Have a seat.

Tyriden: Response?

Da'Pan: I could give you a hand constructing a gravity well if you'd like.

::It was a bit late now for Eric to come up with some really good conversational moves so maybe he'd wait until later. Who knew, maybe Tyriden would be up for some work on a simulator together.::

::He fell into the cadence of his first year physics instructor back at the acedemy, almost mocking her. She had been almost irritable whenever the topic of simulated gravity wells came up. "Now every time I teach this lesson," she had said, "the students forget this one thing!" He'd known what was coming because he'd studied simulated gravity wells during his astrophysics education. "For crying out loud, purge the surrounding area of all other possible electromagnetic readings for the best results. People always forget this and then I have to re-teach the lecture to them every time after they detect a supermassive black hole in a region of space with nothing more substantial than a few dust particles. It's always the same."::

Da'Pan: The trick is ::He began, falling almost mockingly into the cadence of the instructor at the acedemy:: to make sure the surrounding area is purged of all other possible electromagnetic readings.

Tyriden: Response?

Da'Pan: Haha, you remember that too? Yeah the one I had was hilarious

Tyriden: Response?

Ens. Eric Da'Pan

Science Officer

USS Independence-A

as simmed by

Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman


USS Independence-A


Getting into more detail about Starfleet academy and some of the interesting teaching methods that are used there.

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