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Wendigo Gabrielle, Jose Fangjian


Gabrielle gets high on catnip and finds that someone else is now playing her previous role as incarnated human in the altered world of catnip trippiness


((Jose Fangjian's Quarters - USS Independence-A))

::Phobos. Deimos. Phobos. Deimos. Fear? Terror? Trepidation? These were more than abstract concepts or moons of Mars. They were Jose's life, his passion, and the objects of an undying obsession throughout his life.

Of course, now Jose was enjoying himself observing his cat's reactions as he gave her some catnip. Gabrielle had always been a feisty and rewarding cat.

Meanwhile and unbeknownst to the scientist, Gabrielle was exploring uncharted oneirological waters aboard the ship that sailed the sky, hull planking licked by the waves of eternity.::

::Who dared steal away her altered self, Gabrielle demanded of no one in particular -- the entire universe was, after all, subject to her will. This was humiliating. Here she was, standing. No, not standing. She was following after the manner of all cats and walking on all fours atop the poop deck of the ship as it sailed on into the night, toward an island whose coastline once had been more inviting.

The moon now was a foggy memory, its face obscured from view.::

Gabrielle: How dare you? I demand that you show yourself to me lest ye should provoke anew my wrath!

::But the moon remained steadfast as a rock, ignoring her.::

::Soon the ship came ashore and Gabrielle found herself compelled to step into the water and soil her luxurious coat of hair. This was atrocious. No, a broken claw would have been atrocious. Why this was a train wreck! Where was her skirt? Where was her blouse? Where were the trappings that would have made her a two-legged at least in form? They were gone and all she could do now was to spy something odd near a forest in the westward distance.::

::Slowly coming out from the water and onto the beach, she trotted angrily toward the thing, the animal. It was a lowlier form. How dare it? It was sporting the very sacred vestments over which Gabrielle herself possessed exclusive right and dominion.::

Gabrielle: I demand that you release those sacred garments!

::The woman stood and started to laugh at Gabrielle. This was an absolute and blasphemous outrage!::

::Now the trees were fading away and she was beginning to pass out, barred from changing into a two-legged. As the doorway to eternity began to close, she felt a profound sense that this was the last time she would be able to don that garb. She was dethroned, kicked from the realm of the two-legged forever.

Back on the ship, the wood beneath her creaked, and computers bleeped, and she felt her two-legged's fingers scratching at the top of her head. There would be no joyous dancing or misunderstood revelations tonight. Gabrielle would have to be contented with her dominion over her two-legged and over the other realms aboard this vessel in space.::

Gabrielle the Feline and

Jose Fangjian, the Computational Psychologist

as simmed by

Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman

Chief of Science

USS Independence-A


This sim is designed to close the loop between Gabrielle and Jessica. The reader can see the similarities between Gabrielle's incarnation on the beach and Jessica's own appearance.

In this sim, Gabrielle finds the "Jessica apparition" laughing at her now in a place similar to Jessica's final destination.

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