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Crew of the USS Columbia


Lt. Commander Kevin Breeman

Lieutenant Commander Kevin Breeman is currently assigned as chief science officer aboard the USS Columbia.


  • Height: 5 foot 9 inches
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build:

Defining Features and Characteristics

  • Carriage: Fast, almost stomping, walk. Gets faster as he thinks
  • Poses: Taps his nose when deep in thought


Kevin's most salient idiosyncratic behaviour is his tendency to pace when thinking or when trying to solve a problem. The more excited he gets about something the faster he will end up walking.

Kevin dislikes smalltalk and finds it difficult to understand why people would be interested in such things as the weather or the current state of sports teams. In the past this tendency would usually result in his drifting into his own thoughts when someone started to talk about something he was not interested in. Of late, however, Kevin has learned to become more interested in other people's small talk as a kind of mechanism to open one's self up to the development of interpersonal relations.


A rather quirky and verbose human, Kevin is very imaginative and philosophical. This has been both a curse and a blessing in that it allows him to find less obvious solutions to problems, but often at the expense of the common sense that most other people take for granted.

From an early age Kevin was fascinated with computers and programming. He also grew enamoured with the workings of mechanical systems.

Psychological Profile


This profile has been compiled from research both into the mission archives of vessels throughout the fleet and also into the Starfleet psychology database.


An excessively cerebral and inwardly-directed personality has left Kevin somewhat impoverished emotionally, as was discovered on stardate 238609.16.

Kevin finds it difficult to cope with combat situations. He finds that the emotion of these situations overwhelms him. When asked about this once he commented that perhaps it was a byproduct of his rather quick mind. A mind that can think fast and intensely can also feel the same way, he reasoned.

Unfortunately a refusal to cry in public hampered the ability to get over things faster after a mission to retake the USS Phoenix from its Ixvapyan captors. Work to get Kevin comfortable with public emoting began with a counselling session aboard the USS Independence-A on stardate 238609.16 and he now feels more comfortable with it. His extensive use of metaphor as a means of promoting personal emotional health has helped in this matter.

Kevin's adolescent fear of interacting socially has had a curious effect on him in his adult life. He often sees meeting new people as akin to first contact situations but on a smaller level. This, in his own words, has given him an alien sense of newness when he gets to know someone else. For him, he is not just meeting someone new but getting to know a completely new sentient life form.

He tends to make extensive use of positive self talk, having learned to do this from a quasi mentor named David Owens.


On stardate 238708.08 Kevin's mother informed him that he was a high-functioning autistic. This was something Kevin found difficult to accept for a time, believing that it meant that he would not be able to serve as a Starfleet officer. On stardate 238711.09 this problem came to a head when Kevin was transferred to the USS Victory. He found himself breaking down and doubting himself while discussing his condition with the Vulcan crewman T'tala.

With T'tala's assistance Kevin was able to re-think what was essentially an already-treated condition and to get on with being an officer.

It should be noted that Kevin's 21st century grandfather was also autistic. The man kept a very detailed journal whose eccentric and even insane contents occasionally give Kevin reason to doubt the benefits of being diagnosed as an autistic. Throughout his childhood he had an interesting relationship with the journal, spending much of his time reading through old entries and finding himself identifying with his grandfather, until finally he destroyed his copies of the text at his family home.

Religious Views


Religious/spiritual views: Mysticism based on Judeo-Christian belief systems. Kevin has tended to waver between what might be dubbed atheism by mainline Terran blends of Judeo-Christian religion and a moderate form of protestantism. He tends not to discuss his religious views with people in general but evidence exists that he employs religion at times as a psychological stabilizing mechanism.


Kevin grew up with friends and family whose spirituality was descended from a predominantly protestant Christian background. While occasionally tempted by their sense of community, Kevin never really joined his more conservative friends in their strict adherence to ancient Christian customs, preferring instead a cross between mysticism and atheism as his outlook on matters spiritual.

Once, when asked by a friend why he described himself as an atheist despite believing in God, Kevin said that he was an atheist with respect to most of the versions of God any Christian or other religious person had presented to him.

It was while in college that Kevin's views briefly became a problem. In a speech concerning the Christian communities in the region where his school was located, Kevin condemned the views of most of the members of those communities as out-dated and antiquated, claiming that their view of God was insulting in that it placed someone supposedly awesome enough to have created the entire universe into an Earth-sized box. As a direct result of this speech, Kevin received a formal reprimand on his transcript for inconsiderate and slanderous speech.

Since then, Kevin's concerns over spiritual matters have not been as prominent. His cosmopolitanism with respect to the varieties of species of which the Federation is comprised has given rise in him to a moderate protestantism which he sees as beneficial to himself as a human but not necessarily something which ought to be evangelized as some Christian sects of the day might.


  • Reading
  • Thinking
  • Programming
  • Inventing programming languages
  • Inventing fictional civilizations


  • Mother: Jan Breeman
  • Father: Alvin Breeman
  • Siblings: 1 Brother

Personal History

Kevin's conception of himself as a reader
Kevin's conception of himself as a reader of fiction. Produced as part of an assignment for creative writing class
  1. 235810.27 - Born in Toronto, Canada
  2. 237103.12 - Competes in Northern BC Winter Games Phenomenological Representation Tournement
  3. 237809.02 - Attends liberal arts college pursuant to a computer science degree
  4. 238002.02 - Formally reprimanded by college dean for labeling certain hypothetical metaphysical beings un-creative in a speech
  5. 238109.10 - Enters Starfleet Academy
  6. 230405.24 - Commences advanced survival skills training drill with cadet Mbeki
  7. 230408.26 - Completes advanced survival skills training drill with cadet Mbeki
  8. 238601.11 - Completes starfleet training and moves on to training cruise
  9. 238501.19 - Completes training cruise and is stationed on the USS Independence-A as an engineering officer


Throughout much of his childhood Kevin was interested in astronomy. He liked reading about planetary geology and about the stars. He was enamored with simple machines and pulleys and he liked reading about the ancient automobiles that had been used on Terra during the 20th and 21st centuries.

He spent a great deal of time alone and absorbed in himself to the point that many saw him as strange and eccentric. Unfortunately he was often teased in high school, which led him to be even less prone to social interaction.


During his highschool days, Kevin fell in love with computer programming and decided to work as a programmer the rest of his life. The craft of programming seemed at the time to be a great companion in a world of people making fun of and taunting him.

Kevin attended a small liberal arts college / university for his computer science undergraduate degree. His primary focus there was the application of computers to solve mathematical problems and to create fictional realities.

Shortly before graduating, Kevin decided that a life on Earth working as a computer programmer didn't sound as appealing to him as a life exploring. So he applied to and was accepted into Starfleet Academy.

Reputation at the Academy

During his academy days Kevin was well-known for his programming ability. He would, on his spare time, develop programs to augment the entertainment facilities of whichever dorm he happened to be staying in. Attempts by security officers to bar him from accessing the systems tended to result in his hacking around their precautions. Nevertheless, the faculty of the academy did not consider Kevin's security violations serious enough to warrant his dismissal. They also saw his creativity as potentially valuable in the future officer.

Kevin always carried with him a colony of nanites in a container. He saw them as a kind of swiss army knife. With the unintentional evolution of the Smileys, Kevin had to rethink this idea and so he allowed both B and 8 serve as that swiss army knife, though Kevin tended to frown on their roaming his current assigned ship without his supervision. On stardate 238609.23 he sent them to the Daystrom Institute fearing their inability to serve as starfleet officers like the rest of the crew who were actually authorized to perform the kinds of repairs that the smileys loved doing.

Unorthodox Problem Solving

During his final cadet cruise, Kevin was able to demonstrate the success of Cadet Koloth's appending of long-range sensor data onto the internal sensor inputs by recourse to graph theoretic topological homeomorphisms.

Favourite Courses in School

Creative writing

Kevin took creative writing under the famous Walter Horne. In that class he learned the importance of keeping a detailed journal of his personal history. He also found the course a welcome distraction from the remnants of whatever existential angst he might have had as he entered the academy after deciding against a career in computer programming.

Finally, as part of an assignment to produce an artistic representation of his own perception of himself as a reader of literature, Kevin took a schematic from an ancient space probe and, comparing himself as reader to the probe as explorer, modified the image. Many of his peers commented that perhaps the work betrayed an overly mechanised imagination in the young officer or perhaps a lack of understanding of his emotional side.


Kevin was taught philosophy by an elderly and sociable Antosian. One of his favourite lectures was one on ontology, in which the professor discussed the ontological status of virtual objects from various perspectives throughout the history of Earth and other civilizations.

Service History

Kevin's career as a Starfleet officer has revolved both around science in and of itself and applied science. Thus Kevin has a wealth of experience as both a chief science officer and a chief engineering officer. For further details the reader may consult his professional history page.

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons

Area Under Construction

Favorite Hangouts

Engineering Lab 1179


When Kevin is working on a difficult problem he often likes to visit an engineering lab/office on deck 1179. This laboratory has been nicknamed his "second office", as he tends to spend long durations there working out a problem. The room is populated with several free-floating artificial intelligences that inhabit the screens. Unlikely many of the labs in Starbase 118 the AI's are not permitted to leave their display screens in the lab on deck 1179. Instead they move about from wall panel to wall panel, inhabiting a simulated world displayed behind them.

The laboratory is fitted with one of Starbase 118's great holographic computing environments. These systems permit users to work on problems without needing to be at an actual computer panel. Rather the computing environment is projected, usually in the form of a cube, that can move about with the user wherever he or she may prefer to roam. Kevin snapped the image to the right a few weeks after arriving for duty at Starbase 118. Note the cubic interface, on which are displayed status readouts of several experiments that were ongoing as part of a joint effort by both the Engineering and Science departments.

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