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Kevin Breeman


Kevin realizes that Cadet Koloth's modifications to the sensors did in fact have a positive effect. Meanwhile, an intruder beams into engineering.


((Bridge: Engineering Station))

::The crew looked apprehensive, but efficient nonetheless. He heard the woman::

T'Meni: Yes, sir. There is a discrepancy in the span of time required for the communication to reach Deep Space 2. According to our data, the communication was transmitted at 0803 hours. It traveled at 34.5692 percent maximum efficiency for 2.7937 light years. The communication then rapidly resumed transmission at the standard velocity.

::T'Meni's observation suggested to Kevin that one of the subspace radio stations might have been affected by whatever was out there too.::

oOHm.. No response from the captain thus far. I suppose now would be a good time to take initiativeOo

Turner: Cadet Breeman, did those modifications to the sensors work?

oOOuch! They were expecting me to make the mods without asking for confirmation!Oo

::So Kevin redistributed the power and changed the scheduling of automatic sensor sweeps. Then he looked at the internal sensor modifications and ran the long-range scan as ordered. Kevin, expecting to find fragmented data, was surprised to find that the data were all intact. the internal sensor net was in fact rendering a very detailed picture. Maybe Koloth was on to something.::

KEVIN: Sir, the long-range scan has been improved significantly.

::Kevin made a note to congratulate Koloth later on and then turned to Turner.::

Koloth: Sir, I've picked up what looks to be a faint pattern of an annular confinement beam that originated somewhere off our starboard side it¢s impossible to isolate due to the power redistribution. I have reason to believe that while the internal sensors where offline. :: He paused for a moment, grimacing he continued :: an intruder has beamed aboard the Centris.


Turner: Breeman, try to pinpoint the location.

KEVIN: One moment....

::Kevin was about to set up a toggle between the long-range sensor integration and internal sensors proper when he realized Koloth had done it already. Switching the toggle, Kevin ran a full sensor sweep inside the ship, looking for any life signs that were out of the orginary. Engineering.::

KEVIN: Someone beamed into engineering. I'd better get down there.

::Kevin stood up and headed toward the turbolift door.::


Cdt Kevin Breeman


USS Centris


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