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Kevin Breeman


Conclusion of Breeman's cadet cruise


::Hurrying to the Bridge, Toni and Breeman stepped off the turbolift, and went to their stations. Andrus smiled at her as she took her place beside him. She smiled back knowing what was to come.::

::Kevin decided his explanation was falling on deaf ears. Had he wandered way off of the actual explanation? The computers were functioning perfectly. Computer science had been his specialty.::

Koloth: Topologically speaking, circles are the same as squares.

::Kevin smiled to himself. What hell it must have been for the people in the 20th century, when the sciences declared themselves superior to the creative disciplines. What barbarians dualists were. The sciences and the arts. Bah, what a stupid distinction.::

Koloth: Topologically speaking, people are the same as bears.

oOI've never thought of it that way, but if it rhymes....Oo

::He envisioned a bear transforming into a human. At first the nostrils and the mouth threw him off, but he realized that both were connected to the bronchi and the gastrointestinal systems respectively -- the latter forming the hole in a doughnut to which humans and bears were both equivelent.::

Koloth: Topological spaces will expand your point of view.

::Size didn't matter, for sure.::

Koloth: 'Cause topologically speaking, I'm just the same as you. It's true…

Koloth: :: In a load voice tinged with surprise :: It's Homeomorphic, of course!

:: The other members of the bridge crew turned to face him and he grinned back at them. ::

Koloth: On the view screen people.

:: Koloth placed a sensor image of the surrounding space on the forward view screen for all to see, the sub-space current being highlighted. ::

Koloth: The anomalies have created a trefoil knot in space, a moving current in sub-space that's removed from our own space. I believe that our HCO officer has uncovered the truth about this area of space. :: Again he nodded appreciatively to the Cadet. ::

oOSo I was on to something!Oo

Koloth: 800 or so years ago two races warred using augment virus agents, much like earths own eugenics wars. Except one virus, the one Brenna found to be infecting Lieutenant Kay overwhelmed the populations of both people. Their leading scientists called an end to hostilities and tried to find a cure to the virus. Not being able to cure the virus they were able to mutate it and managed to find a way to keep peoples DNA encoded in living cells, in other words the intruder. The life form that mutated from this virus had unique physiological properties so they created an artificial environment in which they could survive :: he pointed to the swirling sub-space current demonstrating the point. :: I expect the station found a very small anomaly that had escaped from sub-space and someone devised a means of exposing the life forms environment to our space. I suspect the Reliant stumbled into this environment and the crew were infected by the virus.

Jaxx: Computer...end program.

::As the scenario, along with his PADD, dissipated the excitement of discovery faded, and in its place arose anxious anticipation. He knew the final judgment of his and the others' performance would soon be coming. He hated seeing other people lose or otherwise have their hopes dashed. And he hated having his own derailed.::

::Toni stepped forward, looking at each of the assembled cadets.::

Turner: This class has been unusual. ::she looked for a moment at Breemen:: We watched some of you mature quickly, standing your ground, while doing your jobs perfectly. I applaud your efforts during a very difficult mission. ::moving her focus back to all of them:: Soon you will be settling into your ship assignment.

oOI passed!Oo

Turner: I wish you well where ever your missions take you. I will leave you with something I have learned from experience... treat your command staff and crew mates with respect at all times. They will be the ones who make you or break you. Remember that you are not in this alone, and the one you may offend today, will either be fighting at your side or covering your posterior tomorrow.

::Taking a few steps forward to stand within a arm's length in front of Koloth.::

oOWhat's she doing?Oo

Turner: ::outstretching her hand:: I'll take that parchment please. Maybe someday I'll find someone who realizes the true meaning of it.

oOWeird. Is Koloth still in trouble for modifying the sensors? I hope not. That K2 graph was pretty cool to work with...Oo

Koloth: :: Gently with a smile. :: I hope you do, Commander.

Turner: :: Hinting at a smile herself. :: Thank you.

Jaxx: Please do not leave this list. You are welcome to use the replicator and make yourselves at home until the announcement is made. Ladies... Gentlemen... it's been a pleasure. My best to you always. ::smiles, then moves toward the door.::

Commander Turner...I believe it's your time to buy the coffee.

Turner: ::turning, with a questioning expression:: Are you sure? Seems like I bought last time.

::Kevin walked toward the replicator::

Breeman: Computer, Bengal Tea.

::The tea materialized and Kevin drank it, mulling over the events of the past while in his head. Koloth, now dozing in a chair, was a most peculiar Klingon Kevin had ever met. To be sure, it was a misconception that all Klingons were warriors, or that they were threatening. But still, Koloth seemed like Kevin in that he had a knack for the unorthodox. Meet chaos with chaos, Kevin had taught himself early in life. The real world is pure chaos--::

Koloth: So, anyone figure out what the point of that simulation was?

Parker: ::her sarcasm gene came out.:: The point? I had kind of assumed it was the final test of the Academy to see if we graduate and become ensigns, but I could be wrong.

Koloth: <tag>

Parker: The cloth she gave you was curious. I assumed it was part of the program.

::Kevin raised an eyebrow..::

Koloth: <tag?>

::Tea in hand, Kevin walked over to Koloth, hoping to strike up a conversation with him.::

Breeman: At the face of it, I'd agree with Parker, about the simulation I mean. Still, they threw some funky curveballs at us. I hope you're not offended ::Carefully now:: but I really didn't expect those sensor modifications you made to work. Where did you learn of that trick?

Koloth: <Response?>



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