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Kevin Breeman


First sim with Breeman.


((Bridge, Engineering Console))

KEVIN: One moment, sir

::Kevin called up the forward sensor array on his engineering console. He remembered his academy training.

"Gravitons are your friends," Professor Leslie Havermoth had said in his introductory quantum analysis class. "Where there's gravitons there's matter and each one of them produces a tiny eddy." And that produced graviton waves like the sound waves used by ancient Earth submarines to detect objects around them.

Havermoth had shown a slide of a black hole imaged using graviton imaging. The thing was as clear as day, beaming gravitons all around it like the sun's light rays.

If he could find a way to detect the gravitons from further away by inferring their positions and velocities....

But already Kevin was beginning to see some problems. How to detect a graviton that far away with all the spatial debris that would be in the way for light-years. Sure it wasn't that much, but the main deflector did project a strong protective field and that agitated the gravitons that characterized massive objects in space.::

Too many ideas were now flooding into his conscious mind at once. He tried to manage the brunt of information and knowledge he'd received from professors, who'd in turn condensed it down from hundreds of thousands of star logs and research projects. But then he remembered a friend once telling him, "You get on these rolls and you run into things without thinking hard about what they'll cost. One day you'll be on duty and you'll make a mistake not because you're stupid but because you looked too closely in only one place."

oOFor Pete's sake! Why not start with Occam's Razor?Oo

And so he set his foray into quantum physics aside for the moment and concentrated on the ship itself. The simplest answer would, for now, have to be the correct one.::

oOWe aren't looking at much on either the port or the starboard sides, so...Oo

KEVIN: Sir, I can reduce power to the starboard and port sensor arrays and divert it temporarily to the forward array. I can also decrease the interval between automatic scans. That should allow us to pick up more graviton fluctuations that might help us detect any subtle changes further away.



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