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Kevin Breeman, Savannah Talor


Kevin Breeman and Savannah Taylor visit the holodeck just after the conclusion of the mission "Heavy Metal."


((Holodeck 7 - Starbase 118))

::As they walked together along the open and empty beach Kevin felt odd as he told Savannah about his transition back over to engineering after his short stint at command. This was not usually the way he was used to seeing things go career wise. Of course it wasn't like he wouldn't ever move to command again, but he felt more comfortable managing engineering, such as it was, for the time being.::

::Finally, Savannah concluded,::

Taylor: Enjoying the job is important.

::Cautiously and perhaps somewhat playfully Kevin broached the subject of hacking during one's school years.::

Breeman: So... Did you uh... ever hack into anything like ... you know who?

::Savannah giggled at that and Kevin laughed as well. He felt a certain amount of relief. Oh come on, he thought to himself, it's not like you're going to be punished for doing something like that all those years ago.::

Taylor: Not my area of expertise really. I'm more of a pattern locator.

::Kevin nodded.::

Breeman: Cool. Patterns are good.

::She laughed at the simple statement and said,::

Taylor: I can handle just about any weapon you throw at me,

and I can get in your face if I need to, but the more intricate aspects of

Intelligence took some time to adjust to.

Breeman: Really? It seems cool. But a bit scary too to see some of the things like... yeah. Have you been there long?

::He did his best to talk about Sahmson as though he were some kind of unmentionable elephant in the room. He and she had both shot and, apparently, killed it, but there was an unwritten code that still mandated nobody speak of it.::

Taylor: I've not been wearing black for long. Actually I took on the new

color shortly before they deployed the new Marine division here. They said

I'd be a good liaison.

::She snorted slightly and Kevin smiled as he looked at her brilliant-coloured hair as it caught the sunlight. She rolled her eyes and Kevin grinned again. Chuckling, he said,::

Breeman: I don't have any complaints about how you've been fitting in to the role.

Taylor: What about you? You seem to have a gift when it comes to these things.

::Kevin stopped walking and they stood there. He grinned mischievously and said,::

Breeman: Well let's just say I... had a bit of practice in my school days.

Taylor: Practice, eh?

Breeman: Well, I occasionally would do some of the same things he did. You know, hack into the message digests and things. It was a challenge so I needed to try it.

Taylor: I can see that.

Breeman: I tried to make sure I just didn't pay too much attention to what I saw. Once I got in I knew I'd solved the puzzle. ::Absently he said,:: You know?

::He gazed into her eyes and it seemed like everything stopped then and there. The wind tossed her hair slightly as the sun reflected perfectly against her greenish eyes. He'd never felt like this looking at a woman before, as though his entire direction in life was now changed. Humanity blossomed in him as he was sure it did in her.::

::Whispering, Kevin said,::

Breeman: I'm glad we came here.

::Savannah stepped forward and Kevin watched her eyes, feeling her hand clasping at his free hand. There was a brief gust of wind and her hair moved slightly, playing in the light of the twin stars sitting just above the distant horizon. Her eyes were a deep emerald colour as she moved closer to him. Whispering, she said,::

Taylor: Me too. Whose idea was it to buy the program again?

Breeman: Brek, I think.

Taylor: Remind me to thank him later.

::She was slowly moving closer and Kevin himself stepped forward slightly. By now his nose was nearly touching hers. Whispering, he said,::

Breeman: I will.

::Her hands in his felt perfect. God, she was beautiful.::

Taylor: Kevin?

Breeman: Yes?

Taylor: You should kiss me now.

::Tilting his head slightly he leaned in and he closed his eyes as his lips met hers. It felt as though everything in his life was coming together around Savannah, while at the same time his anxieties about whether he could ever fall in love or be a good match for any woman anywhere melted away.::

::After a brief while his eyes opened and he drew back to look at her again.::

Breeman: Savannah?

Taylor: Hmm?

::He leaned forward and kissed her again and then said,::

Breeman: I love you.

::He could do nothing else.::

Taylor: I love you too.

Composite Of Sims from the perspective of

Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Breeman

Chief Engineer

Starbase 118


This text is a composite of three different sims, two by me and a third by Captain Nicholotti simming Savannah Taylor.

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