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Sahmson, Aodnait Cair


After his release from the brig Sahmson meets Aodhnait hoping to convince her to continue in her relationship with him.


((Civilian Transport Pad - Starbase 118))

::She stood between two pillars, about ten meters from a kiosk terminal where you could pick up reproductions of various concert performances from Terra's history. She'd been there once or twice but now it looked as distinct from everything else as one more tile on a ceiling might look.::

::"Where are you going?" Makral's question from an hour ago still hung about her head. "Nowhere," she'd said idly and walked away. She knew he'd be here soon, that she'd see his face and the labyrinth across his forehead. She was trying mentally not to get lost in it again.::

Sahmson: Aodhnait!

::She turned and saw him running toward her, his arms out-stretched. Behind him was a blonde-haired woman she didn't recognize. She bit her lower lip and then looked up a little, past him, then back again.::

Sahmson: What's wrong?

::He was walking now, eyeing her questioningly, still holding out his arms. Aodhnait stepped back.::

Aodhnait: ::Quietly:: Sahmson?

::He looked into the alien woman's eyes, registering strange variations in shape and even colour in the muscle fibres that radiated out from the dark pupils. Her lips were shaking now. He lowered his arms.::

Aodhnait: I don't know who you are any more.

::Sahmson felt his face grow cold.::

Aodhnait: I feel like I never knew you.

::A tear ran down his cheek and he said,::

Sahmson: Aodhnait, I... I resigned. ::He shook his head and said,:: There are things I did. But I'm not a criminal. I love you.

::He reached for her again but she took another step back, shaking her head slowly. Tears were beginning to stream down both sides of her face.::

Aodhnait: I don't know you.

::Sahmson stepped back slightly. He felt his grip tighten around the strap of his shoulder bag.::

Aodhnait: I'm sorry, Sahmson. I'm scared. I have to go, okay? I have to move on.

Sahmson: I know, Aodhnait. I'm sorry I lied.

::He turned around now and looked back toward the two guards and the intelligence officer. He looked at a few passing Bajorans, and a Terran. The Terran looked at him oddly. He had a long white beard and a peculiar small hat on the top of his head. Soon he continued on to wherever he was going.::

::Sahmson walked forward toward the transport and, reaching the threshold of the door, stopped and turned once more to look back toward Aodhnait. She was gone.::


Former Security Officer

Starbase 118




Starbase 118

Both Simmed by

Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Breeman

Chief Engineer

Starbase 118


I decided this was a nice way to retire the character of Sahmson while also continuing with the Biblical references I'd been using throughout my work with the character.

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