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Breeman, Kevin


Kevin considers a fellow cadet's modifications of the long range sensors to pipe into the internal sensors to be questionable at best.


Koloth: Power isn't the only consideration here. :: He paused, a blank appeared in his mind where the Cadet's name should be. :: Mister?

KEVIN: Breeman. Kevin Breeman. And you--

Koloth: As I was saying, the long range scanners aren't equipped to handle the resolutions you're talking about. But perhaps that's something I can help with. We can try to reroute the long range scanning input through the ships own internal sensor network. They would be down for :: Koloth ran a quick calculation through in his mind, :: lets say a generous five seconds, after which we should have a pretty good view about what's in that sector.

::Kevin sat perplexed. He didn't know whether to laugh or be afraid. This Klingon science officer's knowledge of the sensor networks of a vessel was in need of some updating. Rerouting the long range scanner input through the internal sensors would do little. Attuned as they were to high-resolution scans of objects inside the vessel, there would be little the internal sensors could do with the long-range data that the long-range scanners themselves weren't doing.::

Jaxx: <Response?>

::Before Kevin could say anything there was Koloth, modifying the sensor arrays. Kevin wasn't sure exactly how it was that Koloth had managed to do it but he was working with the ship's resource allocation subsystems and re-routing sensor input. So Kevin decided to amuse himself by watching as the short-range sensors responded with static or completely inappropriate extrapolations of the data. After all, he hadn't heard the go-ahead from Jaxx to proceed with the power redistribution. Instead, he heard Turner.::

Turner: Mister Koloth follow me, I would like to speak to you a moment.

oOProbably going to go chew him out about the sensor grid while I handle getting this ship's sensor's back in order againOo

::Kevin was startled to find Koloth staring him right in the face and saying::

Koloth: :: In a low voice :: Don't worry about me I'll be fine, I've got those scanners rerouted for you so don't wait up for me.

::No, Kevin thought, I'll just have to un-do the damage. He found it very difficult to suppress the smile that would, undoubtedly, provoke the Klingon. When Koloth winked, Kevin nearly burst out laughing. Still, he had to wonder. To be fair, it was technically possible to re-route the sensor data as Koloth had suggested. However, it would take a lot of work re-calibrating the internal sensors to process the long-range data.::

::Composing himself, Kevin turned to face Jaxx.::

KEVIN: Sir? Shall I re-distribute power? ::Carefully, he added:: Also, the sensor modifications may result in some unexpected side-effects. Artifacts perhaps in the reconstructed picture the internal sensor grid returns. If you wish I can work on honing the internal sensor grid to more accurately render the long-range results.

::To be sure, Koloth had presented him with an interesting problem. The internal sensors, as they were, were indeed unfit to handle the long-range data. But with some tweaks and some additional extrapolations, they could be made into a kind of virtual reality simulation of distant space. Had anyone tried this before? Alas, he was on a roll again. Perhaps Koloth was as well? Before he decided to describe his insights he thought better of it, deciding that Koloth was being hauled away for the same tongue lashing Kevin would receive if he spent too much time in the hypothetical.

And so, he simply waited for Jaxx to respond to his suggestions, all the while eying and sizing up the rest of the crew.::

Cdt Kevin Breeman


USS Centris



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