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Patri Jia Kom


Patri and her would-be rescuers are captured as they attempt to escape.


((Bridge – Dreadnaught))

::As the FTU crew went about their work, Patri thought about her personal mission, about her anger and about her rage. She wanted to kill Cyrus. She wanted him to see his own blood writing a litany of his crimes on the walls of a cell he occupied. She wanted him to suffer for the crime not just of being Grendellai but of being a slaver.::

::Slowly the ship began to de-cloak.::

::Cyrus the pack leader of the armed assault on the Phoenix. He was as much responsible for Patri's creation as her own parents. When she'd gotten wind of his arrival at the station and of his intentions from sources all over the subspace nets, she knew this was her chance to avenge herself on the...creators.::

::She could feel the warp engines beginning to establish a stable field around the ship.::

::She'd carry her prey up the mountain of her childhood, carrying it to the altar which stood there at the top. She was only there to interrogate him. He had something she needed. He had the truth. No. He had none of it. He was just another dog, a filthy cur deserving to die like all the rest of them.

She thought of the death of Cyrus, of her charge into the placid but foreign kingdom of her now occupied brain, at the center of which he stood – the universal Grendellai. She saw herself now, knife in hand, an unconscious Cyrus laying atop the altar of history. She drilled the knife down toward him and plunged---::

::Patri was thrown from her reverie across the bridge, landing against a wall. Looking up she could see something – was that a utility trunk? – falling toward her. Fresh in her mind still was the altar atop the mountain. Crack, split in two, impact, knife plunging into everything she hated, fiery compassion embraces and exalts everything else. Gone.::

Cody: I don’t have time to conduct a former inquiry, Miss Patri, so I will get right to the point. Why did the FTU here attempt to rescue you, and why did you circumvent this ship’s security protocols?

::Patri opened her eyes and found herself lying on the ground inside a cell in the brig again. The voices had gone for now and all that remained were the echoes of some guy demanding to know why--- No wait he was really here.

She looked up and saw a uniformed officer. She let the words register.::

Patri: You tell me. They like what I do, I guess.

::It was true that she didn't know why. Of course, Patri could have mentioned that this wasn't the first time that a quasi-criminal element had come to her rescue because she was an....asset.

But right now she was too tired for this. She didn't care anymore about anything – not now. ::

Cody: Responses?

Patri: And your security? Well you've got me so isn't that enough?

Cody: Response?


Patria-Jia Kom Hacker and Information Pirate as simmed by Lt Jg. Kevin Breeman, Engineering Officer USS Independence-A

((Brig - USS Independence-A))

Patri: And your security? Well, you've got me so isn't that enough?

::Patri was starting to wake up now. She could see outside the cell at least three officers. Two were senior officers and the third, a slick-haired young man, was an ensign.::

::The officer who had been quetioning her began again.::

Cody: I see you're not amendable, while understandable, I hoped might be set aside for cooperation.

::Patri could see what was happening and it was all too predictable. Just before and during her capture she had had a change of heart. Kill the Grendellai? Force one to die for an incident that had taken place what... fifteen years ago now? The smashing of chairs against a bedframe had been replaced with the smashing of more immediate things. Utility trunks. Someone's need for her to do a job. An FTU ship ostentatiously dubbed the Dreadnaught. Her fixations on revenge. And now her dreams.

But was that a bad thing? Was it really so bad? Yes. It was bad because she had no certainty about anything. She knew that some day she would be back on the trail of the Grendellai. Some day she would hate them as vigourously as she'd hated them over these past few weeks. And she couldn't do a damned thing about that. It might be tomorrow. It might be year from now. But the random emotions would come, the arbitrary passions for this or that object, held in check by nothing because there was nothing in the human brain which could hold such things in check. At least that's what Patri had told herself over the past ten years.

She'd learned about the neurochemical imballances which triggered so many psychological ailments. She'd learned about the brain stimulations which could induce experiences from the sublime to the terrifying, perceptions of events that were never real. Had they ever been? A psyche was a fragile, delicate balance. There was no heart or soul. Only neurochemical processes which could be upset at a moment's notice. An amygdula that walked a tightrope between elated stupidity and morbid depression. Now she'd fallen into another gorge of foolishness, chasing around a dog man to avenge herself on his entire race. ::

oO Give your head a shake Oo

::Spoken too late::

Patri: Look man. Just do what you have to do. If you want to ship me to jail somewhere then fine. My situation is the same as it's always been and nothing you or you ::she pointed to the other lt cmdr:: or this guy with the slick hair ::Pointing to Luciano:: do to me will fix it. I wanted to get at the dog but I failed. So laugh, yell, whatever. I don't care.

Cody: I prefer to solve situations before they worsen. Once more, I will ask. Will you explain why the FTU attempted to remove you from this ship?

::The guy didn't let up. Patri didn't care. She held onto the only island in the storm, a concoction of Judeo-Christian doctrines and illusions which she'd constructed with the help of chaplains, shrinks, and nuts across the galaxy. First it had been some of the patients in Science Station Tango Sierra and then it had been on Nimbus 4. Hell, they'd thought her a saint when she'd been incarcerated there.

But that didn't help in the long run.

How do you stay off the revenge loop? One day at a time. What she actually said was,::

Patri: I don't know. ::Head slightly shaking and eyes widening for a sardonic dramatic effect:: Okay?

::Just then she thought she heard something again.::

oO ....reset themselves...brig... Oo

oO Not this again...Oo

::Patri hoped the officers would go away, as she prepared to meditate in order to focus her attention away from the intrusive thoughts from....somewhere.::

Patri-Jia Kom Hacker and Information Pirate USS Independence-A

((Brig – USS Independence-A))

((OOC: Patri isn't dying. She'd just falling unconscious))

::Patri listened as the cocky slick haired guy went on about how he would tear apart the FTU ship. What did she care? She had failed and she didn't even care about that. Not now, anyway.::

Nickels: I c'n have a little talk with our two friends here in the brig an' see if they have anything they wanna share with us an' report to you right off the bat if somethin' interestin' comes up.

Nickels: An' I'm just SURE somethin' will.

::Patri was somewhat interested actually. Of course what they would have to say would turn out not be very interesting. “We needed her to break into a high-level database.” “We needed her to open up the long-lost archives of such-and-such.”::

::Patri was a prized asset on the black market, a skeleton key lent out to the highest bidder. She was a non-human resource acting the part of ---::

::There was a flash and a searing heat now in the back of her head. Voices which had been there only a moment ago ceased.::

::Her mouth opened and then shut, as the white sterility of the Brig faded into a grey apathy beyond ambiance.

A shadow closed over her. She could almost feel the clutches of it around her as though something large were surrounding and enveloping her. Gray. Black. Darkness.

Voices from everyone and no one faded. For a brief moment Patri thought that she was aware again, that she was standing somewhere. It didn't last and before she ascended gently into a better night she thought she heard one last sound: A knock.::

The End

Patri-Jia Kom Hacker and Information Pirate As Simmed by Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman Engineering Officer – USS Independence-A


This sim came about as a result of a marathon sim which I wrote in an attempt to get Patri's story going again. I decided to put Patri's character to rest in this sim as attempting to convince people to allow me to have her back would have been too much work and would likely not have gotten me much. So I tried to write a sim that would convincingly close Patri's narrative and do so in a manner that was in some wise edifying to the audience.

Ultimately, Patri reasons with herself that trying to exterminate the Grendellai would be a cause that would return to her time and time again and that it wouldn't get her anywhere. This sim is actually a compillation of several that make up a story arc that completes the Patri story in and of itself in a way that satisfied me and hopefully my fellow players.

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