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Ens. Eric Da'Pan, Tyriden th'Dani


Eric and Tyriden continue to discuss their time at the academy. Finally the conversation transitions into their enjoyment of music.


((Ship's Library - USS Independence-A))

::Mrs Courtney had been one of the most anal instructors Eric had had during his academy days. He respected her and he was always sure to address her as Mrs Courtney rather than as sir or madam. Whenever someone had tried to address her using the formalities of Starfleet address she would promptly interrupt, "I am a married woman of great influence. You will address me as Mrs. Courtney." Fair enough.

Looking back again at her sternness, Eric realized that it had actually added to the academy experience exactly the sort of divergent thinking that was expected of all starfleet officers. When she was not harassing the cadets in astrophysics 101 she was torturing them with replicator theory in advanced engineering class. He recalled one young ensign, the man now stationed as chief of science, who had a lot of difficulty with replicators. "Mr. Breeman," Mrs. Courtney had said to the man on more than one occasion, "How many times do we need to discuss basic bimodal spatial transforms along the zeta axis before you finally get it? Anyone with an advanced degree in hyperbolic topology should have no trouble with this!"

Eric had remained silent during those lectures. He hadn't known what the hell all that stuff meant either, so he'd decided to keep to himself. He could see that Tyriden's antennai were standing erect now, a smile crossing his face. Oh yes, he'd been at the mercy of Mrs. Courtney as well.::

Tyriden: Mrs Courtney. Advanced Astrophysics 101.

::Now they had more common ground. This would work a lot smoother. He wondered which section Tyriden had been in. It certainly hadn't been his.::

Da'Pan: Haha, you remember that too? Yeah the one I had was hilarious

::Now the Andorian's head was cocked to the side.::

Tyriden: Astrophysics was not my strongest subject in the Academy. I had to recreate the gravity well experiment several times before getting it right... Mrs Courtney was not all too pleased, if I may add.

::There were a lot of movements now on the fellow ensign's face and head. Eric hadn't met a lot of Andorians and the ones he had were usually superior officers or lecturers. He was in unfamiliar territory now but still he could manage. Maybe a few more open questions?::

Da'Pan: Well I think I can help you with the ... gravity .... ::Was he losing Tyriden?:: well.

::Tyriden looked like he was still lost in thought. A dreamer. Eric had met a few of those in his time too. Dreamers came in all kinds of colours, shapes, and sizes. Some were running from themselves. Others were running into themselves. Some even liked to stop and smell the oneironautic flowers growing in their own heads for no reason. It had taken Eric a long time to learn the art of daydreaming without anyone noticing. That kid in the academy, the Breeman fellow, had a tough time of it. He'd sometimes be sitting there studying his replicator theory and on his third cup of coffee laughing all the while about some silly thing or other that had wafted his way from who knew where inside his head. That made people a bit leery of him. Of course he didn't notice. He was a dreamer. But Eric noticed.::

Da'Pan: Tyriden?

::Hm.. Still thinking?::

Da'Pan: Hey man, Independence to Tyriden.

Tyriden: What did you say? I am sorry. My thoughts seemed to have wandered to my Academy days... You were saying?

Da'Pan: oO Mine too Oo I was offering to help you with the gravity well simulations.

Tyriden: Yes, of course. I would appreciate all the help I can get in recreating the gravity well experiments. I will inform the team.

::That was fast. Still, Eric didn't have anything better to do here.::

Tyriden: Tell me, Mr Da'Pan. Do you like music?

::Definitely a dreamer. Either that or trying his own hand at probing Eric.::

Da'Pan: Well let's see. I like ---

Redfield: Hi, I hope I'm not Intruding I just stopped by to say hello to get to know some people around here.

::The voice came from somewhere beside him. A new medical ensign by the looks of it. This would make for a much more interesting conversation. Should he try to engage a bit more or just listen, getting the interesting bits?::

Tyriden: My name is Tyriden th'Dani lor'Vetra. I am with the Science department.

::They were turning to Eric and it seemed only fair.::

Da'Pan: You're not interrupting at all! I'm Ens. Eric Da'Pan, science officer and fellow victim of Mrs. Courtney.

oO Let's see if he gets the reference Oo

Redfield: Oh good. My name is Alexander Redfield ::He brought out a hand to shake Eric's and Tyriden's:: So what brings you two here at this time?

Tyriden: To read.

::It was true. He was here to read. But neither of them had done a lot of that so far.::

Redfield: Oh really thats Intresting, I'm here to catch up on some of my medical skills.

::Now that was interesting. Why would someone find reading in the library interesting? Eric decided to find out sometime later.::

Da'Pan: Catch up?

Tyriden: I have made an appointment for my prelim physical at 0800 hours tomorrow in Sickbay. Would you be doing my physical?

::Eric decided to listen as the two got to talking about the medical examination. If Tyriden was self conscious about not having gone for his mandatory physical yet the fact that Eric hadn't either and was sitting right in front of the new medical officer was great evidence that Tyriden had nothing to worry about. Actually the last time he'd tried to get anyone to perform any medical procedure on him was when he'd tried to get that inebriated doctor in the Free Spirit to give him a hypospray to boost his confidence in himself. It hadn't worked but it was worth a try.

Rogers: -^- Mr Redfield. Please report to the Bridge.

::Darn, he'd been called away.::

Da'Pan: It was nice meeting you Mr. Redfield.

Redield/Tyriden: Responses?

Da'Pan: I like folk music.

Tyriden: Response?


Ens. Eric Da'Pan

Science Officer

USS Independence-A

as simmed by

Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman


USS Independence-A


Not much to offer here in the way of commentary.

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