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Kevin Breeman, Savannah Talor


Kevin tells Savannah Taylor of his feelings toward her during a meeting to discuss a recent spate of attacks on the starbase at the hands of the Reikara terrorist organization


((First Officer's Office - Starbase 118))

::The meal and the work had gone well so far, Kevin being at first yet again uncertain what to say. Eric would have told him to try to get to know Savannah better. He'd begun by asking her about her life in the marines.::

Breeman: Why did you decide to join?

::She seemed to pause a moment in thought. She seemed oddly upset about something and then said,::

Taylor: Home wasn't a very nice place to be. ::She paused.:: I left home on my 16th birthday, which was, coincidentally, the day my dad gave me a black eye.

::She quickly shrugged and Kevin felt a tinge of pain. He whispered,::

Breeman: I'm sorry to hear that.

::She smiled slightly and said,::

Taylor: Don't be too sorry. Things get better.

::Kevin smiled and then he realized he had to tell her. The barrier was pushing back at him and he felt as though his entire self might crumble against the might of... fear? norms? her reaction.::

Breeman: Well I... Yes... I think...

::He paused. There was no going back now. It felt as though he'd passed through a door which had closed behind him.::

Breeman: Savannah, I haven't been entirely honest with you. I think I... ::His voice was beginning to shake slightly.::

have taken a liking to you. In a deep way.

::Slowly Savannah began to smile. The smile grew.::

Taylor: It's about time.

::She smirked and Kevin cocked his head slightly. He let out a confused laugh and said,::

Breeman: Really?

Taylor: I think I've been trying to say that for a while now, but I never

find the words.

::She looked at him somewhat strangely, as though relieved but also perhaps a little scared. Kevin felt his own fear merging oddly with a variety of other emotions all flying about within him. He imagined Mars during an intense dust storm, before the terraforming operations, and saw the dark rocks from deeper below the surface coming to light and giving the world a dark and even green look.::

Taylor: And I didn't want you to, you know, go away. I have a knack for pushing people away.

::He looked back at her in disbelief. Slowly and quietly he said,::

Breeman: I... can't can't seem to.. go away.

Taylor: And now, with fate breathing down on us, I guess it's better that it's all out there.

::He nodded, feeling the gravity of the situation and a renewed sense of the need to resolve it. The woman across the desk from him seemed glad that he'd finally voiced his true feelings for her.

Slowly, Kevin stood and walked around the desk. He felt altogether uncertain of himself and yet also certain that he had to do this. On reaching Savannah he leaned over and kissed her gently.::

Breeman: Yes. I agree.

Taylor: Response?

::They set to work examining further reports, Kevin feeling giddy and at the same time determined. As he contemplated the oncoming projectiles he at once felt dread. Here was the possibility of losing Savannah and that terrified him. Then he felt his training come back in, reminding him that he should not put personal needs ahead of command. It had taken until now for him to realize what that really meant and how close such a thing was to being impossible.::

Breeman: Well.. It looks like there's a lot of subprocessors in the un-used sections of the starbase... We'll get through this.

Taylor: Response?

Lt. Cmdr. Kevin Breeman

First Officer

Starbase 118



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