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Jessica the Writer


Jessica becomes upset after encountering the world of Desperot as it is presently. She believes that the away team was responsible for the destruction of the colony.


((Present Day)) ::Hey. Okay I see you're settled in so I'll get started again, I guess.::

((Colony City - Desperot)) So yeah, I yelled at the guy, like Hey! You listening? I mean I'm kind of ticked now because I thought he was a dinosaur, like he was about to eat me or something and now he's just some guy holding a scanner and talking about tree branches. You know how you get ticked when you think something bad's gonna happen and then nothing does and people are just talking like nothing happened?

So there's this weird woman with red skin, and she says, "I see her!"

Yeah, I guess that's good. I mean don't these guys have a clue here? So I yell,::

Jessica: My name is Jessica. Look, can someone please tell me what is going on?

::And the red skinned lady goes,::

Zita: Miss? We're from the Federation Starship *Independence*. Why were you scared just now? What did you see?

::I guess I'm not sure. I mean do I tell these guys I saw dinosaurs? Do I tell them they looked like dinosaurs a few seconds ago? Yeah that'll sound good. Still, I'm pissed.::

Jessica: What the hell do you mean what did I see? You guys were dinosaurs chasing me! Okay okay, I know you don't look like them but.

::Yeah this sounds great. Jessica's not insane, nope. So there's the other lady now. I think she was the one came roaring at me and asking if there was something where I was. So she's like,::

Ehlanii: I am Lieutenant Commander Karynn Ehlanii, First Officer on the *USS Independence*. We are here to respond to a concern that your colony had not been heard from in some time.

::I'm calming down now. No dinosaurs here. I'm not on a beach. So things are like cool now right?::

Jessica: We're okay. Wha! What?

::Dang. I look around now and holay! Dude the place is a mess. I mean frig, the sun's out and pieces of the track are missing. The dome's all messed up.::

Jessica: What happened?! What happened to our city? What did you do to it?

::I'm totally freaked now. Anyway, the red lady keeps changing colours now. Whatever, as long as she's not trying to kill me. And the other lady's trying to calm her down. I guess the redskin wasn't supposed to talk first or something. And now the other lady, Karynn, goes,::

Ehlanii: Ms. Jessica, do you have any idea what is happening or has happened to your colony?

::Now I'm crying.::

Jessica: What do you mean what happened? We--

::We were happy. That's what we were. We found happiness back here before they came. Now this USS Independence is here trying to take away our freedom from people. That's what the administrators would have said. And dammit I believed it. I believed. I believed until I had to be alone again, on a friggin beach chased around by friggin reptiles.

I mean Adminstrator said, "Don't trust anyone who doesn't live here with us," right? "They're the infidels, the unbelievers. They follow things taught by demons and are desperate to spread their demonic poison to us here in our hedonic heights."::

Anyone: Response?

::Yeah so I go,::

Jessica: Yeah, right, whatever.

::I'm pissed. I'm friggin pissed. I'm friggin sad. And I'm alone.

Now they're trying to contact their ship.::

Ehlanii: -/\- Ehlanii to *Independence* -/\-

::It's quiet. I can't hear anything. Just static. And wind.::

Ehlanii: -/\- Ehlanii to *Independence*, please respond. -/\-

::Nothing. Stuff's getting unglued now. I remember how we'd hang out all night. No pressure. No nothing. I'm just laughing now.::

Jessica: Haha, so you come to wreck our paradise and now you can't even connect ---

Anyone: Response

::Wait. They're stuck. They can't do anything. They're as screwed as I am.::

Jessica: You guys really are for real.

::It's coming unglued. Maybe if I let him just come out now. Maybe if I'm an imitator of Administrator outside Administrator's world.::

Anyone: Response

Jessica the shelf stocker

as simmed by

Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman

Chief of Science

USS Independence-A


In this sim Jessica begins to doubt her faith in Administrator and in his teachings. Initially she sees herself as the victim of a catastrophe caused by the away team. However, as they continue to fail to contact the Independence she realizes that they are now as isolated as she is.

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