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Sedrin's past, when he tried to commit suicide


Sedrin - Borrowed Time - Tags Marari

((OOC: A bit of work here just to make you guys hate the villain and maybe tell u a bit about the villain. I apologize if it's a tad strong in parts. I take full responsibility.))

((Ops - DS-17))

::Seated patiently at the flat tactical display, Sedrin watched the battle unfolding. Predictably the Federation vessels were attempting to silence the tractor beams as they licked at them out from the station.::

Oleth:: Logistical reports sir.

::He took the small data pad from the Klingon, read it over, and handed it back to him. B company was holding up well against the onslaught. His expeditionary forces were making their way cleanly toward the enemy, hindering their advance.::

::Just then he caught a glimpse of a starfleet shuttle bursting in a flash of light. The glint hearkened back to his first glimpse of the sun after so many years underground. His craft had been flying up into the haze that surrounded his homeworld. He saw only brown for a while, looking around himself at the confines of the cockpit, alone. In a singular burst of life-giving energy the ball of nuclear light emerged before him, clouds clearing around it.

That had been his last taste of freedom for years.::

((Flashback - Viculesa Prison Colony, Somewhere in the Delta Quadrant))

Safina:: Why didn't you give us a chance?

::The woman had sat across from him in the prison cell as she had always done for so many years. Sedrin held the razor to his wrist, letting the blade glide across it once more.::

Safina:: I can't stop you.

Sedrin:: It's hopeless. There's no one alive any longer that would understand... my kind.

::The petite woman with elongated ears looked up into his eyes. For over a year now she'd come each day and sat across from him in this cell, talking with him. Gods only knew why she came. Was it because he was the only Vaadwaur, the only remnant of the once mighty empire?

The blood slowly oozed from his wrist, drops splashing on the table like so many plasma bombs striking civilization. The woman, a look of desperation in her face, said,::

Safina:: Well why don't you do something to make your people proud then? Get up! Do something! Stop sulking! Make yourselves KNOWN!!!

Sedrin:: I CAANN'TT!!!!

::She looked him in the eye one last time and stood up. The force field around the cell briefly lowered and as she stepped out Sedrin knew he would never see her again.::

::Perhaps it was the force of her words. Perhaps it was his own lack of resolve. He set down the razor and let the guard find it and confiscate it. The beating had been short, his ribs aching while blood mixed with spit had drooled from his mouth.

Over the weeks while his wrist grew infected and he felt the throbbing pain as puss mingled with blood while the self-inflicted wound slowly closed.::


::Now he was doing something. Now he was showing everyone who had thought him weak and miserable that he was a member of nature's chosen master race. He looked down at his wrist, where the scar still remained as a reminder of his own superiority over everyone -- and most of all over himself. He was glad he'd spared himself that day. It was borrowed time to finish this singular task, even if it meant he had to chase the Federation through every fiery death he'd ever imagined at his mother's side.::

::He felt in his heart each plasma bomb that rained down on his homeworld. Each he took and piled atop the prospect of Federation rule until his chest burned and smouldered with a rage that threatened to explode at the slightest provocation.::

Marari:: Adjutant-Warbringer Marari to Tactical Commander Sedrin. I have returned. I am en route to Ops... please prepare a private chamber, we have critical matters to discuss.

Sedrin:: Critical matters... We're in the middle of a war and you want to discuss critical matters.

Marari:: Response?

::He swung his arm over the computer display, dragging the meeting icon over to the second waiting room, designating it as a high-priority location. The computer beeped compliance and he strode from the display panel.

Two captured and brainwashed women in Federation uniform stood at attention, their uniforms slightly un-done at the chest. He would be back for them later.::


Sedrin, Third Sector Tactical Commander Occupying Forces DS-17

as simmed by

Lt. Kevin Breeman Chief of Science USS Ronin


Sedrin's sordid past is revealed. He ignores the urgings of an Ocompan to make a life for himself and instead tries to commit suicide. Ultimately unsuccessful, his attempt leaves his wrist with a scar that occasionally becomes infected.

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