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Jessica the Writer


Jessica finds herself encountering the away team on Desperot but under curious circumstances


((Present day))

::Hi. I guess I should start by saying my name is Jessica. And I guess you want to know how I managed to get here after living for so long in that place. Okay, well let's turn back the clock a bit.::

((Desperot Colony City))

::I got up in the morning and put on my skirt and blouse. It's a nice outfit, my favourite, kind of worn I guess. But seriously, brown's always in, or at least it was back then. I checked my watch and oh man. It was like 8:02. I was so dead. I didn't even have time to do my hair!

So there I am, just getting into Jezzie's. No, it's not what you think. I mean come on. I just work the till and stock shelves full know.

So I'm just walking in, getting ready for my shift. There's these two Catians who are so friggin slow. I mean how long does it take to walk across the place? I'm trying to get to work and these two cats are just taking their own dang time.

There's the regular crowd, guys who've lost wives, guys who've lost jobs, guys who're just there for kicks. Billboard ops guys who are too drunk to fly. You know.

Cart: You're late.

Jessica: I know, I know. I promise I won't do it again!

Cart: You can start by cleaning up the puke in the downstairs bathroom. Oh yeah and there's a new shipment of stuff in.

::So I head to the back to the washroom. Okay this is where stuff gets weird. So I walk into the door and it's gone – the bathroom I mean. Now I'm standing on this beach. The moon's out there too and I know this can't be right. There's no moon in the city. I mean it's just a domed city right? We have a sun but the Millers put that up a few years ago with a bit of help from the Crafties and the Rats, you know?

So the moon's shining down and it feels so wild. I almost want to start dancing or something. Just let loose for a while cuz I'm out of the humdrum.

But then I turn around and there's these giant dinosaurs staring at me. I mean I guess they were dinosaurs. One of them suddenly roars straight down at me. I almost wet myself and I'm thinking my stomach's gonna twist itself into a pretzel, kinda like the ones on the bars at Jezzie's.

The ground's like shaking now and the roaring keeps going. But it's not a roar. It's just...talking. The dinosaur I mean.::

Dinosaur1: Lieutenant Breeman - is there any chance there is something right there?

::Yeah there's something right there! It's me!

Oh man. This is totally messed up. I do a double take, like.... What.. the frack? This is the dumbest dinosaur I've ever seen. I guess it's the only one I've ever seen too.

And now another dinosaur comes up from behind. I can hear this deafening squealing sound. It can't be the dinosaur; it's way too high-pitched. The noise keeps going and I want to run but I can't. Every time I start to move they stay in front of me. It's like I can't get out of their sight. The noise gets higher and higher and the dinosaurs are getting smaller and smaller and...changing.

The giant one that asked if there was something where I was is my size now and she's... She's a woman now. The squealing is gone and there's this guy and some other guy that looks like a turtle and a couple other people too.

And the guy's saying::

Breeman: Yes. It's appears to be humanoid. This reading is a lot stronger than the tree branch was.

::Huh? Tree branch? Have these guys been sniffing some of fastener glue from up top? I guess I should talk I mean I thought they were dinosaurs. So now I'm all in his face, like::

Jessica: Hey!

::and the guy jumps back and says,::

Breeman: It appears that all of the particles composing this individual have phased into our universe.

::But the woman looks like she's off somewhere else in la la land kinda, you know? And then they're all like,::

Mike/Nickels/Zita/Ehlanii: RESPONSES

::And so I say,::

Jessica: My name is Jessica. Look, can someone please tell me what is going on?

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Jessica the Shelf Stocker

as simmed by

Lt. Jg. Kevin Breeman Chief of Science USS Independence-A


I decided to try something new with this character - namely writing her from the first person perspective. I did this in order to explore from the inside someone who is not who she says or even believes she is.

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