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Hunters! We have been given a good day to hunt! Blood will be shed! -Dempok

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: To Accept it is an Honor

Captain, what exactly are the rules of a Targ hunt?- Goven
The Pride of Duross Lodge

The senior staff of the great Starbase 118 - Ops finds themselves with an invitation they couldn’t refuse. Chancellor Dempok reaches out to his red headed friend, Captain [Sal Taybrim] with a once in a lifetime experience. A Targ hunt!

During the briefing, prior to their hunt, more details were revealed to the crew as to the alternative reasons for their presence on a Klingon hunting world. Dempok wishes to discuss some disturbing news in person, rather than risk it being overheard by undesirables. Captain Taybrim urged the crew to pay close attention to anything that seemed out of the ordinary. But more importantly to take the opportunity to enjoy Klingon hospitality and tradition. It isn’t often Starfleet are so welcomed to such rich tradition.

They set off for Tumar II at warp speed. Eager and excited for the hunt. Dempok and several other Klingons are there, ready to welcome and greet them. It is the night before the hunt and great feast. A dinner awaited them as well as exploring the woodwork and art of The Pride of Duras lodge. Food, lodging and good spirits could be the building motto.

Act II: Let the Hunt Begin

Hunters! We have been given a good day to hunt! Blood will be shed! - Dempok

It is the next morning, the day of the hunt. Some of the crew struggle with hangovers from partaking in a little too much bloodline the night before. But the crisp, fresh air and the sound of booming stomping is enough to get anyone’s blood pumping.

The teams are set and ready to go!

Captain [Sal Tayrbim] accompanied Dempok to oversee the hunt from a high Mountain View. Along with commanders [Aitas], [Elspeth] and [Trel’lis]. It is here that the Klingon Chancellor wishes to speak to Captain Taybrim about a disturbing problem that his empire now faced. There’s a terrible poison being shipped in, one particularly deadly to Klingon’s. He wants it stopped, his people safe and those responsible gone. But for some reason, dealing with it head on is causing problems within the Empires ranks. This is just as bothersome.

Meanwhile, The team lead by Commander [Ishani Kasun] are off to explore some ruins. But before they get too far in, they run across a face with strikingly familiar features. A young girl named Cyri, out exploring while her father works. She was accompanied by three Jurassic looking animatronics. Commander Kasun, [Arturo Maxwell], [Vitor Silveira], Ensign Gazkra and [Antero Flynn] decide to investigate a little further, as something doesn’t seem quite right.

Marines lead the way! [Michael Valentino], [Kro], And ensigns [Goven] and [Adler] make their way to find themselves some Targs. The hike was long and the scenery like something out of a fairy tale. Or better yet, an old Terran film. They stumbled upon a set of ruins, one whispered to be haunted. Like all good adventurers, the team decides to investigate. Before they get to far, they are greeted with an extra pair of Ensigns,, fresh from the academy [Ari Tullus] and [Jillron Laxar]

So it’s left to Commander [Nijil]’s Team to really make a statement about Starfleet strength. The primary team left to hunt and bring in dinner. No Targs no feast after all. Paired with Ensigns [Deigo Beyett], [Samual Braddock], Janul - and not so late arriver [Kalara Avran]. A good group with good strengths to really make a stand. And older Klingon travels with them to help guide them through the almost ritual like process. Though he seems more set on rattling off tales of old then helping. Especially when the team comes face to face with a hits out howling, barking, roaring, growling Targs who know this hunt better than the officers.

Huge Targs and their Litters, These beasts get to massive heights and weights

Act III:

'IwlIj jachjaj!  ::He bellowed:: 'oy' DaSIQjaj! (May your blood scream, may your turn pain to pleasure) - Dempok
Captain Taybrim delves deep into the concerns of Chancellor Dempok, taking them on as his own. There isn’t much information to be had, nor can Sal do much at the moment. As they wandered the hills and well walked paths, the team is joined by a new counselor [Olen Daniels]. Kro and Valentino’s team have been dropped into a Klingon’s puzzle where they must watch for clues to solve the mystery of the ancient ruins. They are faced with riddles and hidden pieces. Commander Kasun feels it in her bones. Something is off, this little girl they found who looks like someone she knows. She can’t quite put her finger on it, but she isn’t the only one. But Cyri is less than forthcoming. With some bribery and insistent pushing, the young girl finally takes them to her father… Lost to time, Lt Commander [Taelon] is the man Cyri calls father. An emotional moment breaks out between the two sides. A crew that feared the worst and a man who endured years of hidden secrets. Taelon’s wife isn’t so pleased when she uncovers the truth - stabbing him in angry protest. Cyri is left confused and scared, clinging to her father. With Taelon injured, the team transport backs to the USS Narenda where they meet Ensign [Reema Poq]. A new medical officer ready to impress. She treats the man without question, her fast skills ensuring he’d live. [Deigo Beyett] and Janul had been split up from the rest of the team during the chaos of herding Targs. Leaving [Nijil], [Samual Braddock], [Kalara Avran] and their Klingon guide to finish up taking down and bringing back fine kills. Three large Targs were their prize for their efforts. Ensign Avran heads off with the Klingon, who insisted on letting the ‘younger men’ handle the massive mammals. Which wouldn’t be such a great idea, as the two found themselves being chased by a Firespitter. But it was followed by an unintentional swim. Which was like a free bath, before returning to the lodge. One by one, the teams return all with glorious and wild tales from their latest adventure. A great feast was had in their honor, and all those who participated in the hunt. Much drinking and song went on into the night.

Dramatis Personae

Edge of Glory Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Koral house of Kanjis Klingon Hunter Nijil Rival hunting team
Marla house of Kanjis Klingon Hunter Nijil Rival Hunting team
Dempok Klingon Chancellor Sal Taybrim Chancellor of the Klingon Empire. He called for Cpt Taybrim and his crew for more than just a good hunt.
Klynn Klingon Huntung Guide Nijil An old klingon warrior with little else to do then help guide the younger generations in the art of hunting as well as fill anyone who will listen head’s up with tall tales.

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Elspeth First Officer
Baylen Anders Mission Specialist LOA 9/13
Ishani Kasun Chief of Security
Samuel Braddock Security Officer
Arturo Maxwell Chief Tactical Officer
Diego Beyett Tactical Officer AWOL 10/10
Vitor Silveira Chief Ops
Conrad Adler Com/Ops Officer Transfer to Apollo-A 9/24
Bastil Goven Engineering Officer
Kalara Avran Engineering Officer Arrived 9/25
Nijil CMO Formerly Attikus Rundstrom
Alexander O’Connor Medical Officer AWOL 10/10
Brann Off Medical Officer Arrived 9/29 - LOA
Reema Poq Medical Officer Arrived 10/24
Olen Daniels Counselor Arrived 10/2
Bran Maro Counselor Transferred to Apollo-A 9/24
Jillron Laxar Science Officer 10/3
Trel'lis Head Diplomatic Officer
Angelo Valentino Marine
Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer
Solaris McLaren Intelligence Officer Transferred to Apollo-A 9/24
Ari Tullus Intelligence Officer Arrived 9/25 - AWOL 239510.28
Antero Flynn Civilian Consultant

Gallery and Quotes

  • Valentino: =/\= I vaguely recall the haunted myths of Tumar II. I better make sure my Muon trap is charged up to capture the ghosts.
  • Kasun: :: She nodded. :: Might as well. :: Amusedly to Flynn. :: You know of any risian tricks to getting people to like you?
  • Dempok: Hunters! We have been given a good day to hunt! Blood will be shed!
  • Klynn: A Targ’s battle cry. You should get ready -