The Brave Ferengi (Juneau)

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As Captain Oddas finishes her speech at Juneau's Award Ceremony, taking place on Lightside Station, she receives an urgent call from Bekanar’Klan.

After Juneau saved him and the rest of the Jem'Hadar from their Breen oppressors (Mission: Cloak and Dagger), Bekanar’Klan and his people found a new world to settle on, called Aturn VII. The planet however is also being claimed by a Ferengi DaiMon called Kaybay.

Realizing a battle against the Ferengi could draw unwanted attention to his people and their colony, he reaches out to the only Starfleet officer he knows he can trust - Captain Oddas Aria - hoping she will be able to mediate a peaceful compromise between them and the Ferengi.

Plot Summary

Part 1

After a well-deserved shore leave, the crew of the Juneau resume their daily routine on board the ship.

As the bridge crew gets acquainted with their new first officer, Lieutenant-Commander Cassian Iovianus, the Captain orders the Helm to set course for the planet Aturn VII. After giving the crew a brief summary of their next mission, she tasks the various departments with making the necessary evaluations and preparations.

During the mission briefing in the Observation Lounge, the crew discusses their findings on Aturn VII and the Jem’Hadar, yet they are still in the dark on the exact motivations of the Ferengi DaiMon Kaybay. As Bekanar’Klan explicitly demanded for Captain Oddas’ help, she informs the crew she’ll be heading the Away Team down to the planet leaving Commander Iovianus in charge of the ship.

As the Away Team beams down, they are greeted by Bekanar’Klan and his Second, Osasad'Mon, at the outskirts of their new home deep inside the jungle in the equatorial region of the planet Aturn VII.

Soon after both parties formally introduce themselves to eachother, it becomes quite clear to the Captain and the rest of her team that their presence on the planet isn’t welcomed by all of the Jem’Hadar.

Meanwhile on the Juneau, the bridge is alerted when a D’Kora class marauder enters the system. As they try to hail the Ferengi, all they receive as a response from their DaiMon Kaybay is a deed to the planet, claiming ownership of Aturn VII.

Unimpressed by this Ferengi tactic, Lieutenant-Commander Iovianus orders OPS to repeat their hailing on all frequencies every 30 seconds, in attempt to overload their comm systems and force a reply.

At the Jem’Hadar compound, First Bekanar’Klan explains to the Captain why he contacted her. Apparently DaiMon Kaybay was willing to let them stay on the planet, but in return the Jem’Hadar had to volunteer for his personal army. Tired of having overlords pulling their strings, they refused his offer.

Having finished his scans of the Juneau and realizing his vessel is no match for this mighty starship in battle, DaiMon Kaybay decides to answer Juneau’s hails. An awkward situation unfolds as it appears the DaiMon mistakenly assumed Starfleet had sent out a vessel to wipe out the Jem’Hadar in the Aavaro Wilds. As First Officer Iovianus informs him about their true mission on Aturn VII, the DaiMon cuts off the transmission spouting the Federation should honor Ferengi ownership of the planet.

Part 2

Down on the planet, Captain Oddas decides to split up the Away Team in two groups. One (Major Han and Ensign Kendrick) in charge of checking out the defense perimeter, together with Osasad'Mon, while the other group (Lieutenant-Commander T’Lea and Ensign Dekas) are ordered to survey the surrounding area.

After being abruptly cut off by the DaiMon, Iovianus understands that if they want their mission to succeed, he has to beat the Ferengi at their own game. He orders doctor Indobri, Lieutenant Commander Fiorr and Ensign Rytkönen to the Observation Lounge to sift through the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition, hoping they’ll find something that can end the stalemate in their favor. At the same time he orders Lieutenant JG Silveira and Ensign R’Kala to set up an evidentiary chain of four probes, monitoring and recording the activities down on the planet.

Meanwhile at the Jem’Hadar compound, Lieutenant-Commander T’Lea and Major Han manage to avoid a potential scuffle between Osasad'Mon and Ensign Kendrick as the young and inexperienced Security Officer felt it necessary to address the Jem’Hadar’s hostile attitude towards Starfleet’s presence on the planet. Ensign Kendrick is ordered by Major Han - who was also recently promoted to Juneau’s Second Officer - to switch places with Ensign Dekas.

As the Away Team re-arranges its composition, the Captain and doctor Rel discover a new piece of the puzzle as Bekanar’Klan reveals DaiMon Kaybay has had his own share of troubles, dealing with a Vulcan named Strapek.

When Major Han and Commander T’Lea and their respective teams are about to start their work, they are startled by gigantic furry creatures moving around in the jungle. Other than they are herbivores, the Jem’Hadar have little or no information on this indigenous species.

Part 3

Doctor Rel joins Commander T’Lea and Ensign Kendrick as they beam over to the entrance of the North Tunnel located in DaiMon Kaybay’s mining camp. Avoiding detection by Ferengi guards, they enter the tunnel.

Meanwhile the Captain contacts her XO aboard the Juneau to start digging up information on the Vulcan named Strapek, feeling he could have something to do with the DaiMon's eagerness to enlist the Jem’Hadar into his private little army.

As Major Han and Ensign Dekas inspect the colony’s defense perimeter, they decide to rig up some deterrents on the less likely paths into the Jem'Hadar colony.

Inside the tunnel Ensign Kendrick is bitten in the back of his neck by an alien tick-like creature. As he feels no immediate side effects, the Away Team decides to carry on with their mission when suddenly Kendrick notices Vulcan symbols written on the walls and ceiling of the tunnel.

As they go further down the tunnel, they notice a bright light ahead of them. Doctor Rel detects a humanoid lifeform. Before they’re able to track the lifeform down, Kendrick starts to feel unwell. The bite wound in his neck starts to grow until it bursts open and hundreds of little alien ticks dart away in the dark. Moments later he drops unconscious.

Commander T’Lea orders doctor Rel to stay and monitor Ensign Kendrick’s medical situation. As she herself continues further down the tunnel to find the source of the bright light, she suddenly finds herself standing opposite a Vulcan male named Povan. The Vulcan seems to be intoxicated by some kind of drug and immediately acts violently. T’Lea barely manages to deflect his attack as the Vulcan rushes off further down the tunnel. Before she’s able to pursue Povan, she’s stopped by doctor Rel.

Part 4

In the Observation Lounge aboard the Juneau, the crew seems to have hit a dead end. Lieutenant-Commander Fiorr suggests to Commander Iovianus that they should start looking at finding a better deal for the Ferengi for them to give up their claim to the entire planet.

On the Bridge of the Juneau, Lieutenant JG Silveira and Counselor Tierney are searching the ship’s database on the Vulcan named Strapek. With a bit of luck and the help of Ensign R’Kala they find two persons who fit his description: a former Starfleet officer and a geologist. To their surprise, information on both of them is limited. There isn’t even an ID picture of either of them. But what’s even more fascinating: where the data on the geologist stops, is where they find the first data on the Starfleet officer. This leads them to the logical conclusion that whoever Strapek is, the geologist and the Starfleet officer seem to be one and the same person.

Meanwhile back on the planet, Ensign Kendrick has regained consciousness. With the help of Commander T’Lea and doctor Rel, he manages to get out of the tunnel only to find three Ferengi Guards standing at the entrance of the tunnel. It appears that the Vulcan Povan has alerted them of Starfleet’s presence. After a brief scuffle where T’Lea severely wounds her forearm by a Ferengi electric whip, the Away Team is suddenly beamed over to the Golden Feather – DaiMon Kaybay’s ship.

Unaware of the situation at the Northern Tunnel, Major Han and Ensign Dekas continue their work setting up decoy defense systems under the watchful eye of Osasad'Mon when suddenly a small creature runs into Major Han before disappearing in the underbrush.

In the Brig of the Golden Feather, with two members of the Away Team in need of medical attention, DaiMon Kaybay is offered a deal by Commander T’Lea.

Back on the planet, Captain Oddas asks First Bekanar’Klan for all data on the DaiMon’s transmissions during his earlier visits to the planet. As she combs through them, she finds that some of the signals lead to the Ulu system. A system in the Aavaro Wilds still uncharted by Starfleet.

Part 5

On the Juneau, Commander Iovianus and the bridge crew have traced down the missing Away Team to Kaybay’s vessel, the Golden Feather. As they try to figure out a way to get a transporter lock on them, Iovianus informs the Captain down on the planet on the new development.

Alerted by the disappearance of Commander T’Lea and her team, Major Han and Ensign Dekas finish their work on the decoy defense systems and head back to the Jem’Hadar base camp, to Captain Oddas.

Meanwhile Lieutenant-Commander Fiorr has found a way to hack into the Golden Feather’s computer systems. Readying the Juneau for a rescue operation, Commander Iovianus selects a team of Marines to prepare for a boarding action.

Back on the planet, Captain Oddas and First Bekanar’Klan decide to contact this mysterious Vulcan named Strapek in the Ulu system. As the conversation unfolds, the Captain learns that Strapek is in the lucrative business of arms dealing. Apparently DaiMon Kaybay wants his own piece of the pie, trying to establish a base of operations in the Aavaro Wilds. Having just learned one of his merchant vessels suffered a mechanical failure, he suspects Starfleet and the Jem’Hadar to be somehow in league with the Ferengi.

As Major Han, Ensign Dekas and Osasad'Mon hike back to the Jem’Hadar colony, they find their path suddenly blocked by a pack of dangerously looking omnivores. Osasad’Mon’s first reaction is to shoot one of the creatures, but he’s stopped just in time by Dekas. As the Ensign convinces him to fire a warning shot, the omnivores scatter away, clearing their path through the jungle.

On the Golden Feather DaiMon Kaybay has run out of patience and orders his officer, Rost, to flood the brig with a truth gas in order to get the Starfleet officers to tell him what they found down at the mining complex on Aturn VII. Commander T’Lea quickly devises a plan to get her team out of their imprisonment. Using a faux Vulcan nerve pinch, Ensign Kendrick and doctor Rel drop to floor, creating the illusion of being unconscious. As the DaiMon lowers the forcefield, both Ferengi are quickly overpowered by Kendrick and Rel.

Part 6

As they continue their path through the jungle, Major Han and his team are suddenly attacked by one of the planet’s colossal vegetarians. Osasad’Mon acts quickly and starts firing at the creature, soon followed by Major Han. After a couple of precision shots they manage to shoot down the big furry giant and neutralize the threat. Ensign Dekas suspects there are forces at work in the area, something that cannot be seen by the naked eye, agitating the local wildlife.

Commander Fiorr, from his station OPS station on the Juneau, manages to create all kinds of malfunctions aboard DaiMon Kaybay’s ship. Meanwhile the rest of the Bridge crew discusses their options to get T’Lea and the other two missing members of the Away Team safely back aboard, while at the same time trying to find a way to end the conflict between the Jem’Hadar and the Ferengi before things run out of hand.

On board the Golden Feather, Commander T’Lea tries to negotiate a truce with DaiMon Kaybay, offering to help the Ferengi solve their ship’s technical problems.

Back at the Jem’Hadar compound, Captain Oddas and Bekanar’Klan invite the Vulcan Strapek to Aturn VII in an attempt to clear things up with the Ferengi.

Part 7

Realizing his options are limited, DaiMon agrees to release one of his hostages in exchange for Commander T’Lea’s help with the necessary repairs to keep his vessel afloat. Much against his own wishes, the Commander orders Ensign Kendrick to return back to Juneau to receive treatment for the tick bite he suffered earlier.

As Captain Oddas and First Bekanar’Klan await the arrival of Strapek and his men, they are joined by Major Han, Ensign Dekas and the Jem’Hadar Second, Osasad’Mon. Together they make the necessary preparations for the meeting with Strapek.

On the Bridge of the Gold Feather, DaiMon Kaybay contacts the Juneau. Unwilling to compromise, First Officer Iovianus orders the release of the Away Team and forces the DaiMon to beam over to Juneau to start negotiations with the Jem’Hadar. The DaiMon reluctantly agrees, hoping to finally put an end to entire situation so he can focus back on his business endeavors.

Meanwhile Strapek arrives at Aturn VII and beams over to the Jem’Hadar compound, together with his Betazoid assistant named Heth. The Captain and her team are ready to beam over to the Northern Tunnel to do some further investigations. She invites the Vulcan and his colleague to join them.

Part 8

Back on Juneau, Commander T’Lea and Ensign Kendrick both receive their much needed medical treatments by doctor Indobri and doctor Rel.

On Aturn VII, Strapek gives more information on the tunnel complex. Apparently the abandoned mining tunnel was used as a storage depot. His assistant Heth mentions that one of their couriers had tried to explore the tunnel, but eventually decided to return back to the surface after discovering warnings of possible traps. Realizing there is only one way to solve this mystery, Captain Oddas decides to head down the tunnel herself.

Alerted by Commander T’Lea of a potentially hazardous device located in the mines, with the help of their Ferengi guest - DaiMon Kaybay - the crew manages to boost their external sensors to track the movements of the Away Team down on the planet.

Just like the T’Lea’s Away Team before them, the Captain explores the mining tunnels, discovering the Vulcan symbols written on the ceiling and walls. As they move further and further down, they finally discover a small device with an annoying humming sound.

Strapek suspects it’s the control console for a multi system force field stolen by one of his former haulers, a Vulcan named T’Ven. He must have used the system to build a vault inside the complex. Suddenly they are startled by the bellow of one of the larger creatures on Aturn VII. Together with Ensign Dekas, the Captain starts looking for ways to shut down the console.

Down in Sickbay, Commander T’Lea and doctor Indobri discuss the Romulo-Vulcan’s medical situation. With all pharmaceutical treatments exhausted, T’Lea is forced to face the reality of her situation. She cannot hold off Pon Farr forever.

Back on the Bridge, Commander Iovianus is contacted by the Captain who orders him to prepare an emergency beam out.

As Major Han and his team prepare themselves to take a stand against the alien creature, Ensign Dekas manages to shut down the console.

No longer detecting the energy source that’s blocking their transporter system, Lieutenant Commander Fiorr manages to beam the Away Team, together with the Jem’Hadar, Strapek and Heth, over to Juneau.

Part 9

Back on board the Juneau, the Captain manages to work out an agreement between all parties. The Jem'Hadar will allow the Ferengi mining access to mines away from the colony - under the watchful eye of their own orbital weapons platform. They also agreed to allow Strapek mediate some border disputes between the two parties, with the understanding Starfleet can step in as necessary.

Starfleet, with the outstanding work of the Science and Medical departments, found the connection between the fungus and the creatures on the planet. The fungus, a type of hallucinogen, seems to thrive in mining environments and the excrement of the vegetarian primates found - it seems one of Mister Strapek's ex-business associates discovered this and decided to go into business for himself.

After successfully rounding up the mission, the Juneau sets course towards The Spike where they are set to rendezvous the USS Grace Hopper for a transfer of equipment, personnel, but mostly knowledge.