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::Theo caught sight of his reflection in the transparent aluminium window and- not for the first time since donning his suit- checked himself over. The suit fit perfectly and his hair was laid perfectly. A good job since there was enough product in it for five people. He had swept his fringe to one side in a preparatory style. The stubble he had allowed to grow into a quasi-beard had all been shaved away thanks to a last minute trip to a barber shop in the Commercial Sector's San Francisco District. He had gone back and forth about whether to keep the stubble or not, reasoning that without it, he looked like a 16 year old boy- not exactly something he wanted to project given his position in the station's command structure. In the end, however, he could not deny that he looked smarter without it and so he had had it removed. oO I'll just have to look like I'm too young for the academy. Oo. He nodded approvingly at his reflection, touching his hair for good measure. oO I look good! Oo he thought to himself.

Turning to the gangway that led from the departure lounge and towards the Meridia, he realized that he was not the first to arrive. A moment later, it dawned on him that they had seen his display of vanity a moment ago. He could feel the heat in his cheeks as they turned red with embarrassment.::

E-evening! Did you see that just now? :: he jerked a thumb to the transparent aluminum. - Theo Whittaker

FNS Headlines

Mission Summary

Act I: Set off for relaxing

I already accepted her invitation. That's where you come in ::his dark eyes sparkled:: I promised her that I wouldn't be the only guest. I need you to wrangle the senior staff - get them to come to dinner tonight. - Captain Sal Taybrim

The dinning room of the Meredia
Starbase 118 and her senior staff roll off from a much needed shore leave, and leapt into action saving a marvelous cruise liner from imminent death… Well from Targ urine that fried a good portion of their engine controls. For the Ops crew, it was a walk in the park compared to recent, and draining, events. The fine captain of the Meridia, Captain Doreln, invited the daring crew to a fun and relaxing dinner upon her impressive vessel. The starliner is no ordinary one, as it can transform itself into themed cruises by usage of is advanced holo technology. Today’s theme - murder mystery.

The crew are welcomed aboard full heartedly by the staff of the Meridia, through the rest of the guest remain leerie. Captain Doreln gives some of the senior staff a tour of the ship while the others remain in the lounge to drink and talk among themselves. Though it won’t be long before one Mersian Dels pops in.

Mersian Dels, a particularly tall Pelian, is a man who dabbles in mutant, cross-breed creatures. He played a part in the development in Teacup Tags. Now he ushers in a new species referred to as a Bell-Peeper, and attempts to promote it to the Ops Staff present.

As the night carries on, dinner is served, bringing the crew together for a bountiful dinner. Newcomer Harper Lyndsay arrives just in time to join them, though it doesn’t last long...

Act II: Set For Murder

::very sing-song:: Oooh Captain, my captain, something interesting has happened! -Z’zee

Smokers Lounge - where the first body was found. Mr Unfort chew Nate
Murder is in the air! Captain Doreln’s first officer, Z’zee, comes prancing in with some very interesting though very disturbing news. There has been a murder aboard their ship. One Mr Unfort chew Nate, one of the VIP guests. And to make matters worse, he was found by other guests. Who believe it to be part of their simulation.

Though there is one who knows better…

Captain Doreln turns to Starfleet to assist her in solving the mystery, and to do so before the guests become panicked. Luckily it seems like it might take a while for things to get to hairy. The crew jumps in feet first, Harper Lyndsay not allowed a moments rest.

Rustyy Hael, Aitas and Arturo Maxwell set off for the main holographic core to investigate the systems, making sure that there hasn’t been any tinkering or disruption in the programming. Major Tatash, Lt. Commander Vitor Silveira and Ensign Ziron Antraydin make a beeline for the bridge - or something close to that - to start a list of possible suspects. Captain Sal Taybrim and Lt. Commander Trel'lis must use their skills as diplomats to keep the population settled and feel out the remaining VIPs.

The group that remains, consisting of Theo Whittaker, Taelon, Ishani Kasun, and Harper Lyndsay head to the crime scene. They must search for clues while trying to get the other guests away from the body - the real dead body.

Things on the station are also far from slow. An emergency call and beam-in leads to more signs of Orion Syndicate handywork. Lt. Commander Baylen Anders and his adopted son are brought upon Starbase 118 after being chased from their captors, whom they just barely escaped from. They are sent to Sickbay for medical attention.

Thing start to get heated as more members of the murder mystery fan club are found dead! Akel-Teke, found by Commander Theo Whittaker, in a winter wonderland. The only witness, a Barzen woman who fled the room. He’s sure to be looked at as a suspect due to the inopportune timing.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Dartmoor, is met with a drastic fate. Killed as the lights went down in the presence of many others. Dragon, another writer fled the room before questions arose, realizing that the murders are real!

Then the Bell-Peeper struck again, Chasing poor Mr. Barb to the bridge in order to snatch the man’s toupee! Meanwhile, Commanders Rustyy Hael and Aitas have a monster just outside the hologram core’s room…

Act III: Set off to find the killer

Act 3 quote -Person who Said it

Things go from bad to worse to downright silly. An octopus sweeps through the ship, scooping up one Ms. Ardel. Dragon flees the scene in a fire of anguish. Tatash and Vitor Silveira work diligently from the bridge of the Meridia, while everyone else immersed themselves into the murder mystery!

Rustyy Hael and Aitas make a break for it, after Taelon arrives in the hologram core. They narrowly miss their demise as the short armed, fuzz, dino chased after them with everything it had. Luck for them the corridors were narrow. Janul does everything he can to keep Ca'Lin in check and from running off like his counterpart had.

Theo Whittaker receives unsettling news in the midst of the chaos about him, an old lover has returned. After such a painful parting, it seems like dangerous grounds. Rustyy Hael works with Taelon from two different locations to try and isolate the advanced technology and programming that has infected the ship’s main system, while purging it from the Meridia.

Trel'lis and Mersian Dels - an exoctic pet dealer - and Yuen have found themselves being chased by killer fire fireflies. They are forced into the nearest turbolift where Dels confesses about having ownership over some illegal animals. He’d been under suspicion from Yuen. Ishani Kasun entered, ready and willing to cuff the tall Pelian.

As if that weren’t enough trouble, Captain Sal Taybrim finds himself face to face the killer! And it turns out Dragon knew ~her~ very much. Mrs. Ardel in a bout of fury attempted to make her escape. Which turned very quickly into inexperienced Houdini work.

Dramatis Personae

Cruising for a Bruisin Characters
Name Species Status Created/Simmed by Bio
Elana Doreln Elasian Sal Taybrim Captain of the Starliner Meridia.
Jian Kuan Yuen El-Aurian/Human Federation Security Inspector Aitas A Federation Security Inspector who is undercover on the cruise, investigating Mersian Dels.
Mersian Dels Pelian Arrested Rustyy Hael Dealer in exotic pets.
Akal-Teke Zaldan Murdered Theo Whittaker Mystery enthusiast. Murdered aboard the cruise ship.
Mr. Barb Murdered Sal Taybrim Confident author. Murdered aboard the cruise ship.
Mrs. Emma Dartmoor Human In urgent care Ishani Kasun Elderly widow who considers herself an authority on murderers and continuously corrects the security officers. Attack aboard the cruise ship and then beamed to medical.
Ms. Tyris Ardel Human Imprisoned Aitas A wealthy aspiring author in her 60s, murderer.
Bell-Peeper Bell-Peeper Created species Rustyy Hael Mersian Dels created it by interbreeding a Bellian and a Peeping Zuk. Something like a chimpanzee with no hair, big eyes and weird feather on top his head
Dragon Human Author Rustyy Hael A gothic novelist, guest aboard the Meridia.
Ca’lin Terran Author Rustyy Hael Short story novelist, scared of the dark and real murder.
Z’zee Drexi Meredia’s FO Rustyy Hael First Officer of the Meridia
Arlia Anders Risian Theo Whittaker Single Minded Civilian

Crew Participating in the Mission

Officers taking part in the Mission
Name Position Notes
Sal Taybrim Commanding Officer
Theo Whittaker First Officer
Baylen Anders Mission Specialist Arrived 239410.09
Tatash Marine CO/Second Officer Returned 239409.25
Ishani Kasun Chief of Security
Vitor Silveira Chief of Operations
Arturo Maxwell Asst. Chief Tactical Officer
Rustyy Hael Chief Engineering Officer
Ziron Antraydin Engineering Officer LOA 239410.17
Harper Lyndsay Counselor Arrived 239409.26
Taelon Chief Science Officer
Trel'lis Head Diplomatic Officer
Aitas Chief Intelligence Officer
K'Mal Science Lab Technician Arrived 239410.04

Gallery and Quotes

  • Ooh yes, what a good idea! I have missed that delicious man! Where is he? - Arlia Anders
  • Arlia Anders is insatiable. The last time she was on board the station, I drunk too much, mistakes were made and well... we tested a few theories on inter-species... communication. Communicated hard enough that I ended up in sick bay with several 'sports related injuries'. If she can do that to me, what in the hells do you think she would do to you? - Tatash
  • ::noticing:: Naw, Crewman Boring doesn’t need to find all the girls. Just one girl.. Mrs. Boring and then you’ll have your own little bundles of jo...boring. It’ll be absolutely underwhelming and absolutely normal. - Chris Crewmen K’Mal’s roommate
  • ::through gasps:: I can't help it! ::another shriek.:: It is my programming! ::she explained through the hysterical outbursts.:: Eeeeeeek! - Elliana
  • =^= Sal... I'll be right back, I'm about to become a murder suspect. =^= - Theo Whittaker
  • Alia, why are we headed to a closet? - Sal Taybrim
  • I'll admit, I was hoping for an evening where the worst I had to worry about was finding a dress that didn't make me look pregnant. - Aitas