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The Artemis was dispatched to the Da'al homeworld to assist with relief efforts following a meteor impact, which left approximately 10,000 Da'al dead and thousands more wounded and/or unhomed. Shortly after arriving however, the team starts noticing - and then experiencing - strange behavioral modifications.

Plot Summary

After receiving orders from Starfleet, the Artemis arrived at the Da'al homeworld, responding to a meteor impact. The damage was catastrophic, so the newly minted CO, Commander Addison MacKenzie established three response teams:[1]

Team Adea:

Upon beaming down, the team met Jiah Kleebohn, a Da'al female clearly out of her depth, but trying to manage everything. After a brief tour of the area, a distressed Da'al male named Dusan Tornahd appeared, frantic and clearly seeking something. Kleebohn told Tornahd in no uncertain terms that he was not permitted in the area before having to dash off to deal with a disturbance. Tornahd, still somewhat skittish, ran off toward another group, leaving the Artemis team alone to discuss the situation before Kleebohn's return. When she returned, somewhat more level-headed, the team had begun setting up support supplies. With Kleebohn's guidance and the assistance of a couple Da'al support workers, they set to work establishing a distribution center for the new supplies.

As supply distribution stations were being finalized, a crowd of Da'al civilians began moving toward the away team, clearly agitated. Kleebohn, already growing impatient with the team, was nearing the tipping point. When she'd just about lost control of the situation, Silveira steps forward, gathers the attention of the crowd[2] in order to assert some kind of order to the distribution of supplies. Once this is moving, Kleebohn pulled Commander Adea aside and accused him and the team of everything from negligence to deliberate interference in relief efforts.

Things escalated quickly, and as the amassed Da'al looked on, Kleebohn flew into a rage, which triggered Adea into a reciprocal one. Lieutenant Silveira did his best to stop the situation from getting completely out of hand, eventually tackling the Commander, but losing his phaser in the process. Kleebohn picked up the weapon, unaware it was a stun-only device, and fired on the two support crew who were just returning, then upon Adea himself. Ensign Jovenan acted quickly, and called for an emergency beam-out, erecting a quarantine and containment forcefield around the transporter alcove as soon as the team arrived.

Now aboard the Artemis, Commander Adea's mindless rage was turned upon Silveira. In their impromptu wrestling match, Genkos managed to draw a hidden blade and stab Silveira in the shoulder. Jovenan let herself out of the confinement, ran to the controls, and reasserted the field. After contacting sickbay, she beamed Silveira directly there, leaving Adea trapped but unable to cause more harm to others. Jovenan then called a security detachment to the transporter room to subdue the XO and bring him to sickbay as well.

When he came to, Adea found himself strapped to a biobed where Lieutenant Morgan had patched up Silveira and was now trying to get to the bottom of Adea's erratic behavior. After scans and some deliberation, he administered a drug to the Betazoid, which seemed to have the desired effect. (Thread continues in "Conclusion" section)

Team Yalu:

Commander Yalu's team opted to take a shuttle from the Artemis to the meteorite impact site. Once they'd landed and disembarked, the group was "greeted" by Kef'in Dari. Dari was curt in his appraisal of the group, but seemed competent in his own way. After setting the away team the task of erecting a barrier to cordon off the area, Dari went to discuss other matters with his colleagues while Ensign Jones ran off to establish a transporter site for incoming wounded with the triage center.

After about an hour's work setting up a forcefield safety barrier, a Da'al man appeared: bedraggled and in search of his family. The man introduced himself as Dusan Tornahd. The team went with Tornahd to Ertas Square - the only location Tornahd could think to look for his family. While there, Tornahd's partner was found dead, partially buried under the rubble of a shop, but no trace was found of his two children.

In the near distance, the team saw a small but growing knot of people. Their growing agitation had kicked up a cloud of dust, which rather than dissipating in the breeze, was coalescing and beginning to pulsate with increased frequency, mirroring energy signatures detected by Lieutenant Yellir. As the crowd grew closer, Tornahd grew more and more unsettled. After reaching a frenzied tipping point, the Da'al man picked up a length of pipe and began smashing everything he could reach. As he ran off to join the mindless hoard, Lieutenant Yellir had a moment of panic, and ran down a side street into a residential section of Tecra.

Yalu's team pursued the Lieutenant, knowing to give chase to Tornahd was a fool's errand. When they caught up with her, she'd come to her senses, and they began to find a suitable location to "hunker down" for the night where they could be relatively safe from the still-approaching mob. They found a residence in which the windows and doors appeared to still be in tact, and walking in, discovered the air to be nearly free of the otherwise ever-present dust. As the team set about various tasks to improve the situation (establishing power and running water, chief among the tasks), Ensign Jones detected life signs from the floor above them. When they investigated, they found a young Da'al boy named Teolin trapped under fallen furniture. He had a few injuries to his ankle, but appeared to be unaffected by the Da'allium in the dust outside. This solidified the theory Jones and Jovenan had been working on, connecting the Da'al telepathic/telekinetic ability to the presence of the unnatural molecular compound. It was becoming apparent the Da'al ability prevented the compound from breaking apart as it should have, but in turn, the compound was causing erratic, aggressive behavior in the Da'al.

With a stasis device stabilizing Teolin's leg, the boy was freed, provisions made, and Lieutenant Yellir had restored limited power. This power was enough for the team to pick up a search ping from Commander MacKenzie's team. (This is continued in that mission sub-section)

Team MacKenzie:

Commander MacKenzie's team met with the Interim Secretary for External Relations - one Erbil. Erbil escorted the away team to a private chamber shortly after their arrival, in order to have a closed-door conversation. The Da'al man requested they Starfleet officers appear before the Great Council in order to expose the Interim Security Minister as a member of a faction whose aim it was to undermine the Da'al government through the assassination of him, the Interim Prime Minister, and anyone else who opposed their brand of government reform. Secretary Erbil had pressed a button before divulging this information that he thought to be one which would give them absolute privacy. He quickly (but not soon enough) noticed the button he pushed was the wrong one. He left the room briefly to assess the situation, and when he returned conceded that appearing before the Great Council would be "too formal," instead suggesting the away team meet with various factions in smaller meetings, where they could convey needs with which the offworlders might be able to assist.

After Lt Sydin transported back to the Artemis, MacKenzie and Dakora remained to continue discussions with Erbil. After a short time, Lt Dakora picked up on a shift in the conversational tone. What had started as a simple request for help post-catastrophe had turned to a request to intervene/interfere with internal politics, but was rapidly growing more hostile than was warranted. When the tension had reached a tipping point, Dakora sought to restore calm with a bracing slap. This was responded to by a double slap from Erbil. Calm now somewhat restored, the trio heard phaser fire from outside. After investigating, it looked as though the Gendarmerie was firing on a civilian mob - both unprecedented in Da'al society.

Lieutenant Dakora was beginning to feel the effects of ... something at this point, and feeling his restraint slipping, handed his phaser to the Commander, not wanting to become a liability. Minister Erbil grew ever more agitated, but as the mob outside crashed through the outer walls of the building, self preservation overrode any animosity, and he fled, leading MacKenzie and Dakora through a hidden doorway and down into a dungeon-like series of hallways. For a short time, the ruse of prisoners taken seemed like a good idea, but quickly proved too little. The trio raced toward an exit where a Hopper (non-orbital planetary transport) stood waiting. In this vessel, they quickly left the peril behind.

After several hops, the computer aboard the hopper detected a Federation signal coming from a residential sector. Erbil carefully landed on the roof of the building with a thud. As Commander Yalu's team emerged from the lower levels, Erbil was surprised to be reunited with his grandson Teolin. The arrival of the hopper however, was enough to alert the nearby mob of senseless Da'al to their presence. In a rush the now significantly larger group hopped away from the shelter, heading toward the Government Center in hopes of finding something that could be of use there.

En route, Ensign Jones explained his theory to Commander MacKenzie, then with Lieutenant Yellir's help, began modifying the stasis device from the medkit MacKenzie's team had brought. This couldn't have happened sooner, for just as final adjustments were being made, Lieutenant Dakora took a turn for the worse. Whether because of higher concentrations of Da'allium in the dust here or Erbil's increased agitation, it was unclear, but soon, the Intel officer was locked in a wrestling match with Lieutenant Osuna. Dakora, not having his phaser but being physically stronger than the Chief Security Officer, put up an astounding fight, but was eventually stunned by Osuna's weaponry. With Dakora incapacitated and now that Yellir and Jones had finished modifying the device, they tested it on Dakora. While there is always some risk in testing new/unconventional technology, this test worked, and though still unconscious, Dakora's brain waves were returning to early-mission state.

Now with their destination at hand, they had to determine a way to broadcast the same signal at a level that would effect all the currently-mad Da'al. Lieutenant Yellir suggested connecting the device to the hopper's engine, which once attuned to the proper modulation, would upon overload cause a massive shockwave, essentially permeating everything and everyone within the affected area. The medical ramifications would be disorientation, possible nausea, and a headache for the history records, but would also disrupt the Da'al's influence over the Da'allium, which would allow the compounds molecular bonds to break apart naturally, rendering the substance inert. Once the Da'allium was gone, the theory was its effects would vanish as well. MacKenzie gave the go-ahead, and the duo got to work as soon as they landed.

But because a day in Starfleet isn't complete without an immediate and particularly perilous deadline, no sooner had the hopper settled than a new mob was seen - this one accompanied by large construction vehicles - moving slowly but surely in their direction. With this new sense of urgency, Commander MacKenzie led all but Yellir and Jones away from the hopper toward the closest government building in the hopes this would draw the crowd away from the craft and give the two remaining officers enough time to perform the modifications to the craft. The plan worked ... mostly. About 75% of the crowd followed the larger group, who once inside the complex, sought to devise a way to boost their bioreadings, drawing more of the mob away.

Back at the hopper, Lieutenant Yellir completed her modifications, performed a test of the circuitry, then initiated the overload. As soon as she and ensign Jones began sprinting away from the time bomb that had previously been a transport vessel, the remaining mob contingent spotted them and gave chase. When the craft reached critical, the energy surged through the modified stasis device, causing a catastrophic (but planned) failure of the engines, resulting in a sizable explosion and violent shockwave of fine-tuned harmonic resonance that disrupted the Da'al's telepathic link with the Da'allium momentarily. The results were threefold: (1) the shockwave knocked down every person within 100 meters of the small crater (all that marked the former position of the hopper), (2) the accompanying disorientation and nausea for those within the same proximity created a "puke fest" event, and (3) the Da'al's link to the compound was severed, allowing it to break apart, neutralizing the threat. The only problem was, the range of this action was extremely limited.

Hearing the explosion and feeling the resultant tremors, MacKenzie and the rest of her group returned to the site to meet back up with the two would-be pyrotechnicians. (This is picked up in the "Conclusion" section)


With the ground team reunited, MacKenzie began asking about a solution with a larger area of effect that didn't involve blowing anything else up. The team began throwing out ideas, but in the midst of this conversation, prompted by the explosion, the Artemis beamed the entire group (including Erbil and Teolin) aboard. This development allowed the team to receive (and provide) medical treatment.

Sickbay, at this point was extremely full. Cmdr MacKenzie ordered Dakora and Osuna to remain in the transporter room until two new Ensigns (Savel and Kader) arrived, at which time they would beam down to the planet in order to retrieve the shuttlecraft. The rest of the party headed to sickbay. Once there, MacKenzie debriefed Adea, Silveira, and Jovenan. After patching up Jones and Yellir, Lieutenant Morgan was brought up to speed by Jones on just what was affecting Cmdr Adea. Yellir adjusted a new device, which Jones then used to unscramble Adea's brainwaves.

This done, MacKenzie ordered Jovenan to accompany Jones and Yellir back to ground zero of the meteorite impact, where the forcefield barrier fence around the crater would be calibrated and employed as a loudspeaker of sorts, broadcasting the same harmonic frequency from the hopper, hopefully with the same benefits but less vomit.

Conclusion Away Team 1:

After beaming down as close to the field generators as was safe, Yellir, Jovenan, and Jones walked the half-kilometer to a command tent, next to a medical shelter, held the required supplies for the transmission of the harmonic frequency that would disrupt the telekinetic/telepathic feedback loop that was responsible for the secondary situation on Meranuge IV. With only about 150 meters before the trio arrived at the tent, Ensign Jovenan detected Da'al life signs in the medical tent. The team proceeded as quietly as possible. It seemed like they would be able to carry out the entire operation without having to engage, but the final adjustment to the stasis device required it to "seat" into place, which resulted in a loud click. This sound alerted the Da'al man in the medical tent, who charged the group. Even as they were about to stun the oncoming attacker, Ensign Luxa Lorana, a brand new arrival to the Artemis took the man out with her own phaser.

Crisis averted, the trio-now-quartet completed their task, and the Da'allium was eliminated from the atmosphere.

Conclusion Away Team 2:

Elsewhere on Meranuge IV, the shuttle Galaktoboureko and the two officers Braga and T'Nil needed to be recovered. Commander MacKenzie ordered Lieutenants Dakora and Osuna as well as two new Ensigns: Savel and Kader to locate and return all three. The shuttle was fairly quick work to find, as it hadn't moved far from where it landed. The challenge however lay in returning it to an upright position and making sure it was flight-worthy. The Da'al, gripped by madness, had rammed the small craft with a large machine typically employed in moving large quantities of soil and rock. They quickly discovered however, that were the construction equipment to be moved, the shuttle would rock down, bringing enough rubble and debris on top of it to prevent it from taking off before they could board and launch the ship.

While Dakora manned the "mountain pusher," the rest of the team climbed into the shuttle, preparing to move as soon as they were able. Once inside the shuttle, Ensign Savel located the missing officers a short distance away. They attempted to let Dakora into the craft, but the bolts for the door had been damaged, and wouldn't open. In order to escape an oncoming mob of Da'al, Dakora raced off down an alley while the rest of the team rose up out of reach of the still-altered Da'al.

Lieutenant Dakora chanced upon the same hideout Ensigns Braga and T'Nil had chosen. Upon arriving, it seemed as though the Vulcan Ensign was somewhat effected by the Da'allium. This was remedied just then by a wave of some energy that swept through the area (see Conclusion Away Team 1). With the Da'allium gone and the (sub) mission accomplished, the three beamed back to the Artemis as the Galaktoboureko limped back under its own power.


  • Jiah Kleebohn, Disaster Response Coordinator
  • Erbil, Interim Secretary for External Relations
  • Dusan Tornahd, Middle-mgmt at Turyon Heavy Industries
  • Kef’in Dari, Meteorologist

Jiah Kleebohn

Simmed by: Hiro Jones

  • MSNPC name: Jiah Kleebohn (JIE-uh KLEE-bahn)
  • Age: 28 (Terran equivalent)
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 185 cm (6' 1")
  • Appearance:
    • Skin: Dark gray (almost slate - one of the darkest shades on Da'al) skin with reddish undertones
    • Eyes: silvery eyes with flecks of purple
    • Hair: mid-back length black hair that opalescens purple in the right light
    • Carriage: Graceful, but direct (young mom that's trying desperately to hold on to her dancer's grace vibes)
    • Job: Disaster Response Coordinator, Humanitarian Relief
  • Bio: Jia Kleebohn was born and raised in the mountains in the southernmost reaches of Da'al. By the time she was 15, it was clear she had a rare gift for dance. She moved lithely and fluidly whenever she moved, but never more than when she danced. She met the love of her life (Telin) in her last year at university, both studying social engineering. They were married a year after graduating, and shortly after had a child (Yarulia). Over the next five years, Jiah advanced within the governmental system, relocating closer and closer to the capital city of Vman with each promotion. At the time of the meteor impact, she was 5th in line for the top seat of her department, and as such lived just outside Vman. All 4 of her superiors in the department were either killed or gravely injured in the disaster, leaving Jiah to spearhead the aid response.
  • Miscellany:
    • Likes: Terran chocolate, being on/near water, instrumental music - especially stringed instruments, spending time with her family
    • Dislikes: Alcohol, the thought of space travel (it's the endlessness for her), strong acrid smells (like smoke)
    • Triggers: loud animal noises (barking, braying, etc) make her jump every time and put her on edge for hours afterward.


Simmed by: Yogan Yalu

  • MSNPC name: Erbil
  • Date of birth: 233404.15 (65)
  • Species: Da’al
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Height: 178 cm
  • Bio: Erbil is the Da’al interim secretary for external relations, the equivalent of a foreign minister. Since the Da’al stridently hold to a policy of non-alignment, there’s not much for Erbil and his underfunded, understaffed office to do. Most of his job consists of sending automated messages that say things like, “Not at this time,” or “We shall advise if circumstances change.” Due to the Da’al’s lack of formal diplomatic relations with most interstellar polities, Erbil also functions as de facto ambassador-to-everywhere. Erbil is a perpetually nervous, hand wringing government bureaucrat. He is the Da’al embodiment of the Peter Principle (that employees are promoted based on their success in previous jobs until they reach a level at which they are no longer competent, as skills in one job do not necessarily translate to another). He has reached the level at which he is no longer competent, but is hell bent on no one finding out, as he is close to retirement.

Dusan Tornahd

Simmed by: Talos Dakora

  • MSNPC Name: Dusan Tornahd
  • Age: 41 (Terran equivalent)
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 175 cm (5' 9")
  • Body Type: Average
  • Relationship Status: Longterm Partnership
  • Family: A spouse:Kyin (female), a son: Ari (12yo) and a daughter:Yiny (14yo)
  • Skin: Silvery gray
  • Eyes: Light Grey
  • Hair: Shoulder length but typically kept in a top knot.
  • Carriage: Lumbering, Tired, Downbeat
  • Job: Regional Logistics Coordinator for a Large Machine-Tooling Manufacturer.
  • Bio: Dusan holds a thankless middle-management position at Turyon Heavy Industries. He has clawed his way up the corporate ladder and has risen probably as high as he will ever manage. With hard work and sacrifice, Dusan has managed to eke out a comfortable life in what equates to the suburbs of Tecra. He cares deeply for his children but is trying to come to terms with a growing feeling of distance from his spouse. Away on a business trip to Vdam when the meteor struck, he arrives on the outskirts of the city to learn that his house was within the impact zone. The whereabouts and status of his family are unknown.

Kef’in Dari

Simmed by: Ashli Sydin

  • MSNPC Name: Kef’in Dari
  • Age: 30s (Terran equivalent)
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6’ 9”
  • Relationship Status: has a relationship with his virtual assistant but has to reset it every few months because even the AI gets fed up with his crap
  • Family: a sister infinitely more successful than he is
  • Skin: Silvery gray
  • Eyes: Light Gray
  • Hair: Gray
  • Job: Team Leader - Science - Meteorologist
  • Bio: At first glance, Kef’in is perceived as charming. He knows how to read the room and to ingratiate himself with the most important individuals. After graduating university with mediocre grades, his career progressed unnaturally quickly and he found himself leading a team of meteorologist in one of the leading meteorology institutes. His team did not alert anyone of the impeding meteor. Maybe they didn’t know. Maybe someone miscalculated something. It’s a mystery.