Vailani Zoyara

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USS Ronin
Vailani Zoyara
Position Flight Operations Officer
Rank Lieutenant Junior Grade
Species Bajoran
Gender Female
DOB 237712.05
Age 23
Birthplace Jalanda City, Bajor

Vailani Zoyara is currently serving as a Operations Officer aboard the (USS Ronin). Zoy, as she is known to her friends, is an ambitious officer who has spent her life within the confines of a Starfleet starbase or starship. Her father, General Vailani Tovan, is a well-respected General within Starfleet Marine Corps.


  • Height: 5'6
  • Weight: 134 lbs
  • Hair: Light Brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Build: Petite and slim


Zoy shares quarters with Luxa. They have very different personalities, and they merely tolerate each others' presence.

General Vailani has been the most signficant influence in Zoy's life. He was a demanding father, always striving for his children to be the best. Zoy seeks his approval more than anything.


Zoy was raised, along with her five brothers and sisters, within Starfleet starbases and ships. Her father, General Vailani Tovan, left the Bajoran militia during the Dominion war, and joined Starfleet so that he can aid in the war effort as a security officer and eventually landing within the Starfleet Marine Corps, and rising through the ranks fast.

Her mother, Vailani Pol Chael, was also in the Bajoran militia, having been a resistance fighter during the occupation of Bajor by Cardassia. She left service once she began to have children, preferring to focus on her duties as a mother and attempting to live a more spiritual life on Bajor. When Tovan joined Starfleet and the Dominion war ended, Chael joined Tovan with the children to live within starbases and starships for years. Eventually this would lead to her unhappiness, and she would return to Bajor when Zoy was a young teenager leaving Zoy and her siblings to complete their education within Starfleet.

Zoy has a lasting resentment to her mother, but embraces her spirituality as a way of connecting with her as well. It is clear to anyone that Zoy is the apply of her father's eye and she idolises him and his achievements.


Zoy is ambitious, intelligent and often a little entitled - she's a Starfleet brat. She's never met an obstacle that she's been unable to bend or push out the way by using her connections, or by sheer will. This tenacity can often be abrasive to some, but useful to others.

Service History

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Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 2395 - 2399 Starfleet Academy
Ensign SD 240003.03 - 240009.20 USS Artemis-A
Operations Officer
Ensign SD 240009.20 - 240116.04 USS Ronin
Akira-cgi copy.jpg
Operations Officer
Lieutenant Junior Grade SD 240116.04 - Present USS Ronin
Akira-cgi copy.jpg
Flight Operations Officer

Awards & Service Ribbons

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Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon Year or Stardate
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.

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